Rory McCourt

Inside the Young Labour war over Labour’s leadership

Some in Young Labour will be on Q+A this morning making the case for Labour to move to the left. The reality is they’re deeply divided.

Given the Young Labour National Executive is firmly in the clutches of Grant Robertson’s Wellington’s Mafia, it’s likely they’ll get in behind but not without backbiting from the Cunliffe-controlled Princes St Labour (PSL) branch in Auckland.

The factions in Young Labour are quite simple – Auckland (which backs Cunliffe) and Wellington (which backs Robertson). It’s Wellington that currently dominates the Young Labour Executive but the youth wing is far from united.

Camp Robertson

  • Reed Fleming – staffer in Grant’s office so is fighting for his job, especially after he we was eased out of the Labour leader’s office under Shearer.
  • Rory McCourt – VUWSA president and union-trougher. Elected via a nasty campaign helped by his mate Reed.
  • Arena Williams – Popular AUSA president. A Shane Jones fangirl who’s seen Robbo as a better bet. Has parliamentary aspirations sooner rather than later.
  • Levi Joule – regarded as principled third wayer. Failed AUSA politician. Tried to smear John Banks in 2011 and got exposed by this blog. Joule is on the outer in Princes St Labour because he doesn’t fit the Cunliffe mould of extremist leftism that he inspires in his supporters.  Read more »

Young Labour’s plan to tank VUWSA

Yesterday I posted about Young Labour hack Rory McCourt and how he has gone negative to win the VUWSA Presidency. He’s starting to get desperate because he knows that real students see him as another nasty drone who they can’t relate to, and many won’t vote for him for that reason. He thinks it’s his birthright as a Labour Party time server to get a cushy job preparing him for greater things.

But there is something Vic students should be even more worried about if Rory becomes President of VUWSA. I understand that VUWSA still hasn’t made the hard decisions necessary to balance their budget going forward. They have free money from the student services levy in the short term, but when that runs out it’s looking like lights out VUWSA. And it appears the University is already making plans to effectively replace them.

So what does Rory think about making tough decisions? Well actually,he doesn’t possess the capacity to think at all. He just turns to blind ideology.

Yup, according to Rory ‘living within our means’ is just a right wing conspiracy. And in his time on VUWSA this year he has demonstrated his philosophy of idiocy.

All members were in favour of donating the money, but because this would be extra spending, Treasurer William Guzzo said he was unable to say where that money would come from without consulting the association manager. Vice-President (Welfare) Rory McCourt said the executive should pledge to donate the money regardless of whether they could budget for it. He argued they should take the money from the reserves if they couldn’t.

So budgeting is not a concept Rory believes in, he just spends whatever he feels like. I’m starting to question why he is running for VUWSA President at all, he could replace David Parker as Labour’s finance spokesman straight away.

Young Labour gets nasty

Oh the joys of student politics.  Labour party hack, Rory McCourt is going negative and nasty as he struggles to get support for the VUWSA Presidency.

The tipline has obtained an email that Rory McCourt sent out to Young Labour members last week and it comes as he ramps up an increasingly angry and negative smear campaign.

In the email, McCourt pleads with Young Labour to support his agenda to “keep VUWSA red.” This is surprising as the union has been a continual screw-up under Labour leadership.  A more appropriate plea would be “get VUWSA in the black’.

Rory’s negative tactics just reeks of desperation – clearly he is getting tips from the mastermind of the nasty party, Trevor Mallard.

McCourt’s antics are dumb, sad and downright nasty. Just shows all the students at Victoria exactly why they need to get rid of this tosser, and put someone else in who can change this toxic culture.