PM opens election year with plan to cut house costs

PM opens election year with plan to cut house costsHelen Clark will start Parliament's election-year debates today with a proposal to use Crown land to reduce the cost of housing by increasing the supply of homes.
She will also unveil measures to give non-Government organisations…
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Oh fantastic, Labours grand election strategy is to tank house values by opening up crown land to increase the supply of housing.

I bet the neighbours of this newly opened up Crown land will be just joyful with anticipation of the massive drop in the values of their houses with massive "Crown" housing estates opening up next door.

So let's recap Labour's election strategy so far

  • Gag the opposition with restrictive free speech laws
  • Put in a tunnel and at the same time bowl 150 state houses in your electorate
  • Implement toll roading to pay for the tunnel
  • Tank house prices by massively increasing supply by freeing up Crown land
  • Increase mortgage rates to keep a lid on ramantmpant inflation caused by profligate public spending
  • Give the peon's tax cuts that will increase inflation that will increse mortgage rates on the rapidly decreasing valued houses

Yep, looks like a winning strategy…..for National.

They're coming for your choooldrin

Antisocial test for children backed – 25 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Cindy Kiro, remember her, she is the one that wants a file on every child has backed provisions for testing for antisocial behaviour and then having the “chosen” choooldrin re-educated.

Except she and the inventors of this intervention in parenting call it by different names. They use things like “measures to vet young children for targeted help” and “going to tackle the problem early to stop it escalating into something that will definitely have a serious intervention later on.” and “identify children who were at risk of developing severe behaviour problems”

All that means is that schools and the government are going to tag children for intervention which really means taking your kids away and re-educating them.

They say they will only concentrate on abnormal behaviour, not typical tantrums or selfish behaviour, would be targeted. So, just to extend the thinking on that does that include homosexual behaviour, most people would class that as abnormal behaviour, what about Sikh children who wear little bobbles on their head, surely that is abnormal, Exclusive Brethren girls wear scarves covering their head, more abnormal behaviour. In South Auckland not carrying a knife to school, whilst also stupid, is also considered abnormal behaviour…….what about telling the school that Daddy gave you a kiss goodnight…..that surely is abhorrent behaviour, I mean what on earth is a father ( a potential rapist) doing alone in the bedroom of his children!!! Abnormal behaviour…..good god, that child is being corrupted, he/she should be in a single parent family at the very least…mark them down for intervention.

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More faux outrage from the sub-Standard

More shoddy reporting from The Herald at

As more proof of the silliness of the left there is all this is the hysterical shrieking from the leftists that two researchers used to work for…..shock….horror…a National MP’s campaign. The joke is once again the outragers are anonymous cowards who are upset that someones previous activities aren’t disclosed while they themselves fail to disclose who they are, who pays their salaries to blog pretty much full time and who they used to work for.

So what, dickheads….it doesn’t make their message any less valid.

Have we reached the point in our society that anyone with opposing views to the left now has to carry a card to hold up declaring where and when they were employed anytime prior to the “enlightenment period” which “began magnificently in 1999”.

Hmmmm Germany 1930s meet New Zealand 2008 where the thought police are watching your every move.

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Rather good fisking of a spiteful, nasty, little socialist

Another Day, Another Bizare NRT Post « Something should go here, maybe later.

Scrub me old mate, I owe you a beer.

i was going to write up a reply to IDIOT/savant about his calling me a Nazi. But Scrubby me mate has done a bang up job himself in destroying any lingering credibility the spiteful little bastard ever had.

Here is just a list of his version of the world;

Worst of all, when you follow the self-referencing links of hatred, he ends up quoting irrelevant labour party spin, that never never had any credibility from the second it was published.

I would have responded but like all good socialists he has done the blog equivalent of putting his fingers in his ears to stop from hearing anything other than his own echo by stopping comments.

All I need now is the nambypamby brigade to do a posting each to round out a fruitful day of poking pins in pinko’s eyes.

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Back to the "grassroots"

After nine years sucking off the public tit and achieving precisely nothing for anyone other than prisoners, stoners and criminals Nandor Tanczos has finally packed it in. Good riddance. The mans sole aim in life seems to be imposing the type of Socialist system his father was lucky enough to flee from in Hungary on New Zealand.

Wellington will be a safer place without him.

Cullen tells emailer to join NZers in Aussie

Cullen tells emailer to join NZers in AussieFinance Minister Michael Cullen told a man who was worried about how many people were moving to Australia to "please join them".
The abrupt remark surprised Bay of Plenty businessman and National Party member John Middleton, who…
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Oh dear, looks like there is another email disaster from a minister and this time it is none other than Michael Cullen gifting a PR disaster to National.

Honestly the arrogance of this guy knows no bounds. If Carter's email disaster to a young kid was bad this is worse because of its brevity and because of its arrogance.

There are rumours circulating that Cullen has lost his marbles, maybe this is the first outwards sign of it.

Time for Change.

State Housing 1: John Minto

Here at I’ll be kicking off a series entitled State Housing , now you can take a peak at how the socialist other half live.Chez Minto Every week I’ll expose the double standards of New Zealand’s champagne socialists who bemoan the bourgeois by day and live large by night. And who better to start with than veteran oxygen thief John Minto?

Socialist lickspittle and rent an outrage John Minto stained the pages of the NZ Herald earlier this month bemoaning the suffering inflicted by granting property rights to the poor. Most pointedly, he wrote :

[quote]"Property rights are there to benefit the wealthy and the middle class. They mean much less, if anything, to people in poverty."[/quote]

It's clear Minto is speaking from experience and I don't mean when he talks about poverty. Minto is a paid up member of the landed gentry he scorns, a champagne socialist whose concern for the poor obviously doesn't extend much past the delicately trimmed hedge of his practically palatial Sandringham Villa.

In 2003 Minto forked out almost half a million dollars – an amount that would take one of the minimum wage workers Minto purports to represent 45,000 hours of work to gather – for the cushy home-and-income (John "margins" Minto sweetens the deal by renting out a flat on the grounds of his 634m2 estate) in Sandringham. Judging from the neighbours, Minto could be in for a windfall of 650k+ if he were to cash in his assets and his darling working class. Let's just take a moment to consider the stats. In 2003 the average sales price in Auckland was in the mid to high two hundreds. It could just be that John was helping to socialise the means of accommodation one pre-1914 villa at a time, right?

For all his activist and protest-group cred, when it comes to the numbers Minto is nothing but a hollow man. A cheap, nasty, hypocritical, hollow little man who plots to foist untold poverty – poverty he neither knows nor has known – upon New Zealand by resurrecting the failed Socialist model of a command economy. Even hollow men should have the decency to keep up appearances, but Minto can't even manage that. The only façade Minto keeps up is the olive and red facade of his ill-begotten Sandringham villa. Scum.

Oh yeah, that'll work

Venezuela cuts zeroes from currency in hope of stalling inflation | Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

Perhaps Cullen could try this little stunt to arrest inflation.
[quote]Venezuela launched a new currency with the new year, lopping off three zeros from denominations in a bid to simplify finances and boost confidence in a money that has been losing value due to high inflation.

President Hugo Chavez’s government says the new currency — dubbed the “strong bolivar” — will make daily transactions easier and cure some accounting headaches. Officials also say it is part of a broader effort to contain rising prices and strengthen the economy.

“We’re ending a historical cycle of … instability in prices,” Finance Minister Rodrigo Cabezas said Monday, adding that the change aims to “recover a bolivar that has significant buying capacity.”[/quote]

Hmmm…I wonder if Chavez has thought it might be him that is the problem. nope unlikely, strangely he seems to have the same problem as Cullen, he has pumped increased amounts into social programs, reinforcing his support among the poor and helping to drive economic growth.

Funny how increased social spending creates inflation in Venezuela but not in little ole NZ.

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How close are we to Nazism?

Public praised for dobbing in man who flicked son’s ear – 15 Jan 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

This is the very fat end of the what used to be a thin wedge.

We now have Government functionaries praising our citizens for dobbing others in. With the muzzling of Free Speech and now with encouragement of dobbers and snitches we are getting close to having a government we have lost control of. The Police are no use they refuse to prosecute crimes and use excuses like “not in the public interest.”

I fear for where our country has got to and where it may end up.

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And the left thinks we are bad

Disgrace « KiwiBlogBlog

Check this comment out for how one leftist think the EFA should progress.

[quote]redlogix Says:
January 12, 2008 at 6:41 pm
I dunno, for a bunch of evil Stalinists we are a piss weak bunch of pussies. Personally I think the EFB will need to be backed up with some real action, and as with banning plastic bags I see the Chinese are once again leading the way:

” On Monday Wei happened on a confrontation in the central Chinese province of Hubei between city inspectors and villagers protesting over the dumping of waste near their homes.
A scuffle developed when residents tried to prevent trucks from unloading the rubbish, Xinhua said.
When Wei took out his cell phone to record the protest, more than 50 municipal inspectors turned on him, attacking him for five minutes, Xinhua said. Wei was dead on arrival at a Tianmen hospital, the report said. ”
Thats more like it!![/quote]

Nice and to think they always want the high moral ground

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