Rowan Williams

Better than buggering little boys

Good grief…first word problems people, first world problems, still at least whining about insider trading in the Anglican Church is better than buggering little boys in the Catholic Church, so things are improving.

A British MP has raised the prospect of insider trading in the Church of England after a last-minute flurry of bets with bookmakers on Justin Welby becoming the Archbishop of Canterbury.

A string of bookmakers stopped taking money on the Bishop of Durham to succeed Dr Rowan Williams earlier this week after a sudden run of money on the favourite even before media reports that the decision was imminent.

Some good advice from the Archbishop

The Telegraph

The Archbishop of Canterbury has some good advice and he and his Church grapples with same-sex marriage. He is right…people do need to deal with their own feelings instead of projecting those feelings onto others. Weird, eh? Nope, not really, it is common sense…unless you are at peace with yourself you won’t be at peace with others:

Christians need to overcome their own feelings of embarrassment, shame and disgust about homosexuality, the Archbishop of Canterbury has insisted.

Dr Rowan Williams acknowledged that the Church was still “scratching its head” about where it stands on issues like same-sex marriage despite its vocal public opposition to the Government’s plan to legalise it.

In his most frank public comments to date on the subject, the Archbishop accepted that the Church was in a “tangle” over homosexuality.

On one hand many Christians may themselves be “wrestling” with their own sexuality while others appeared to display only strong feelings of revulsion, he said.

The issue of women bishops – due to come to a head at the Church of England’s General Synod in York next week – was another matter which helped give the impression that sex was “the only thing the Church is interested in”, he remarked.

His comments came during a discussion day for a group of Christian teenagers at Lambeth Palace.

The event – entitled “Help, my friends think I’m mad” – included discussions about how the Church is viewed by the outside world.

Acknowledging that many people view Christians as “weird, “mad” and “primitive” he told them: “As somebody who doesn’t spend all his time with other Christians, I’m quite conscious too of the fact that people think that I’m weird and we’re weird.”

Fragment or turn people off the church?

The Telegraph

It looks like the Anglican Church is facing the some issues. It could be argued that the Labour party is a pretty good example of what happens when you fragment.

However a Church is a little different in you are dealing with matters of faith not public policy. nd so in opposing “fragmentation” you are actually turn your cheek to providing spiritual succour to the masses.

A fixation with gay rights, feminism and separate racial identities is threatening to “fragment” British society, the Archbishop of Canterbury has claimed.

Dr Rowan Williams warned that identity had become a “slippery” word and that, while much had been achieved for minority groups, it was time to focus on the common good.

He also attacked a culture of dependence on welfare handouts, which he said was harmful to society, in an address to members of the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff.

Addressing a group of teenagers during the visit, he also spoke about the possibility that Britain could break apart as Scottish and Welsh nationalism grows in importance.

Dr Williams, who is stepping down as leader of the Anglican Communion later this year, has made a series of outspoken interventions since announcing his resignation.

He signalled last week that he plans to use his final months in office to speak out forcefully on issues which on which he feels passionate.