Rowing Ratbag’s parents drop law suit

The St Bedes rowing saga rolls on with the ratbag parents of the ratbag rower now dropping the case.

Two fathers who took legal action to prevent a Christchurch school from barring their sons from a national rowing competition will not pursue the matter.

In a statement from the St Bede’s College board of trustees, lawyer Garth Gallaway said the parents of rowers Jack Bell, 16, and Jordan Kennedy, 17, would not take any further legal action.

Legal action had been expected after the school tried to bar the teenagers from the Maadi Cup last week.

An interim injunction granted by the High Court allowed the boys back on the school’s rowing team after the principal axed them from the regatta for breaching Auckland Airport security.

Gallaway said the boys’ parents, Shane Kennedy and Antony Bell, would not pursue a substantive claim against the school.

“This means that the parents will not be taking this further through the courts, which in my view is entirely appropriate,” he said. ? ? Read more »

Saturday General Debate

The media say it was the Golden Hour…on the Golden Pond…not since 1960…what do readers think?

Or is it cool…that at the moment we are 7 places ahead of Australia on the medal table:

Violating the no dickhead rule

Sydney Morning Herald

This Aussie rower violates the no dickheads rule:

Australian rower Josh Booth was detained by police for allegedly causing damage to a shopfront near London last night.

Australian chef de mission Nick Green said Booth fainted while at the police station and was taken to hospital. He was released a short time later and was not subsequently charged by police.

“We understand there was alcohol involved,” Green, who received a phone call about the incident at 3am London time (noon AEST) today, said.

Booth is a member of Australia’s men’s eight rowing team, which finished sixth in the six-crew final of the men’s eight at Lake Dorney, Eton yesterday.

Green described the matter as an “unfortunate incident” but said he would wait until the matter had been closed by police before determining any disciplinary measures against Booth. He said Booth was now back at the rowing athletes’ village near Eton Dorney. Green added that he was not aware if Booth had been on his own when the incident allegedly occurred or with Australian crewmates.

World Class at Being Boring

? Vice

I want to see a freak show Olympics where atheletes use every drug known and untested to max out their performance…the current Olympics with their insistence that the atheletes are all drug free 9which they aren’t ) is simply boring…let’s see just how fast someone can run the 100m. But basically the olympics and most of their sport are simply boring. Basically they are non-commercial sports…for purists:

The London Olympics are a festival of athletics for athletics? sake, a carefully choreographed celebration of branding, and an international pissing contest among global powers. They are all about pageantry and?control?for the duration of the games, London has essentially?transformed itself into a totalitarian state. Anthems will be played, what would normally be an unseemly amount of nationalistic chest-beating will be allowed, and at the end of it, the countries with the most money to blow on training programs will emerge at the top of the medal leaderboard. You can be upset by any or all of this, or proud, but by the end you?ll almost certainly be tired by the whole fucking thing. That?s because the Olympics are amazingly boring.

We don?t normally watch gymnastics and weightlifting and swimming and diving and dressage and the triathlon, because these things aren?t any fun to watch. At the highest level, they?re incredibly impressive athletic feats that tax the human body to its utmost limits, but so what? When I?m sitting on my couch, my awe at an olympian?s physical prowess wears off after a minute; after that, I have no idea which 14-year-old gymnast is doing what better, or how, unless one of them falls, and from the couch, the triathlon is nothing but a couple hundred people doing something horrible I?m glad I?m not doing. The TV angles on swimming reduces racers to splashes which look like they?re all basically even with each other. Running events are either thrilling and over in ten seconds, or insufferable chores that go on and on and are about as exciting as watching grass grow (sex joke goes here, amiright ladies?). Archery sounds cool until you see it. Ditto for fencing. Rowing doesn?t even sound cool. Dressage is just?watching horses walk around. Volleyball and ping pong are surprisingly entertaining, in a stoned-at-2-PM-what?s-on-TV kind of way, but watching an entire game (or set, or whatever) gets dull about the time the weed wears off.