Roy Lupton

Hunting Hares with Golden Eagles

Another awesome video from Fieldsports Britain:

We are launching eagles on hares in Lincolnshire, George Digweed on wild boar in Sussex and we are out with the Banwen Miners foxhounds pack in the Valleys of South Wales. It’s a packed programme this week, with incredible footage of hares’ tactics when faced with Roy Lupton and friends’ flying eagles. Meanwhile, George Digweed has been after a wild boar for months, and finally has his chance. And who says foxhunting is snooty when men come up from the coal pits, shower, change into hunting pink and ride out with hounds?

Cat vs Fox – night vision in action

The latest episode of Fieldsports Britain is bloody interesting:

It’s not just night vision. Roy Lupton and his friends have found a way of turning night into day. As a result they see a lot more wildlife action than they ever have before, and a lot more foxes to shoot, too. Meanwhile, we’re at the Shooting Show with George Digweed and Andy Crow. And David Taylor visits Peter Wilson and his family at home in Dorset, find out about winning gold at the London 2012 Olympics, about shooting the new Holland & Holland Sporter and we even take time to watch the South Dorset Hunt going past.

The night vision story at the start is real interesting.

Pheasants, Foxes and Night Vision

Found this great hunting video about the South of England. Well worth the time for those on holiday still.

The fox squealer and night vision part using them to knock down foxes is cool.

Pigeon-shooting fanatic Andy Crow is out on a spectacular south-of-England driven pheasant shoot, where he shoots his best bird of the season. He offers his tips for pheasant shooting and how to behave. Meanwhile, Roy Lupton is playing with a homemade night-vision kit. The parts only cost a few quid. He tries the DIY set-up on rats, rabbits and foxes.

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