Royal NZ Ballet

I have a better idea, just close the Ballet Bludgers down

One of the biggest bludger groups in New Zealand is moving to a new home while their home base is quake strengthened.

The Royal New Zealand Ballet is “firmly committed” to Wellington and will continue to hold performances in the capital despite its performance venue closing for earthquake strengthening.

The St James Theatre, which houses the ballet, will be closing for about a year to undergo earthquake strengthening.

Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency spokesman Aaron Alexander confirmed the strengthening would start about this time next year. ? Read more »

Luvvie bludgers looking to bludge some more

What is it with the movie industry?

Always with their hands out for more taxpayer dosh to subsidise their already incredibly subsidised bludging lifestyle.

The film-makers behind Once Were Warriors are asking the public for half a million dollars to get another movie off the ground – and will reward investors with a stake in the production.

The team behind the classic Kiwi movie – including director Lee Tamahori and producer Robin Scholes – will also helm The Patriarch, with actor Temuera Morrison taking a starring role.

The adaptation of Witi Ihimaera’s 1994 book Bulibasha: King of the Gypsies is due to begin pre-production here in December, Scholes said.

It will be Tamahori’s first New Zealand film since Once Were Warriors. ?? Read more »

Chris Finlayson is the perfect Arts Minister

Chris Finalyson is perhaps the best Arts Minister one could find in the world. He loathes pretentious art.

The Parliamentary Art Collection, value $12 million, includes an artwork in shagpile that can only be described as a piece of its time.

That time is 1981 – the year of the underarm bowling scandal, the Springbok Tour, and the first hints of the trend that shoulder pads and big hair will become. The piece, Variation in Apricot, is considered ‘textile art’. It reportedly feels like touching a dirty dog.

Arts Minister Chris Finlayson’s immediate reaction is sotto voce: “S***, that’s awful.”

Then he gets closer and sees the plaque that says it was donated by the National Party caucus wives in 1981 – when Robert Muldoon was the Prime Minister.

“Oh my God,” he says, shamefaced at slighting the taste of such a group of women. He slams into reverse and hunts for a more diplomatic adjective than ‘awful.’

“It certainly is a unique contribution to the art collection in Parliament.

I couldn’t think of better lighting for it. It has been very carefully thought through.”

It is in a dark corridor of Parliament, in an area where no members of the public and few MPs would go.

There are other insults:? Read more »

Cinda-f’ing-rella? Not likely.

As you all know by now I am not a supporter of “the Arts”. ?I bottom clench when I hear the words “theatre”, “ballet” and “opera” because in New Zealand it means only one thing – the taxpayer is funding this cultural elite so their mates can go along, gush how wonderful it is and invite pretentious MP’s like Chris Finlayson and Charles Chauvel along to hob knob.

I have reviewed the worth of ballet before.?That is, there is none.

In tight financial times there are choices to make about what is essential and what isn?t. A symphony orchestra and a ballet company certainly aren?t essential services for a government to pay for. Think about all the beaches that could be saved and the hip operations that could be provided if we simply ditched these?anachronistic?pillars of a pretention.??

A mate of mine went to Cinda-f’ing-rella the other night. He had free tickets that’s why and took his daughter because his Missus was out of town. ?The closest he has ever got to Cinderella was a quote in Pretty Women:

A name you want a name, the pressure of a name. I got it Cindafuckenrela.

Anyway the good news (apart from seeing a National Party MP there he could laugh at) is that his daughter loved the show because she is a girl and every little girl flirts with the romance of being a ballerina until they almost all realise they are as un-co as their mothers are. ?The bad news is that the Missus now wants to go to the Palmerston North show. So not only did he had to go to the Wellington one he will be forced to drive the daughter and Missus safely to Palmerston North, because a gentleman would never ever let the Missus go there alone. Times that by 100 with the precious daughter.

Here is the full schedule.? The Royal New Zealand Ballet are touring. ?Now granted they will get more people to come and watch in Invercargill, Dunedin, Napier and Palmerston North than David Shearer could possibly dream of on his Healthy Heartland tour, but that is a very low base for a multi-million dollar production to work from.

Being a supporter of the Arts, I am surprised David Farrar has not reviewed it yet. Maybe it is even too girlie for him.

If you want to know how your hard earned dollars have contributed to this unprofitable group of prancers here are the details in the 2011 report.?Without the funding from the taxpayer the production could not happen.

So while schools in South Auckland cannot obtain extra funding to feed their decile 1 pupils, the taxpayer funds the Ballet to the tune of $4,384,000 per annum to dance to liberal cultural elite wankers.


Whaleoil Redux 2011 – Q1

Today is the last day of the year and what a year it has been. The chaos and mayhem I created was:

January 2011 – 151 posts

The new year started with yet another case of celebrity name suppression. Martin Devlin had thrown a tanty and decided to bounce on the bonnet of his missus’ car. With the ensuing media frenzy he eventually outed himself.

I called time on the Royal NZ Ballet:

From the?latest available published accounts?for the Royal NZ Ballet.

For the 2009 year.

Ministry for Culture and?Heritage funding ? $3,959,000
Sponsorship and donations ? $2,010,000
Box office revenue ? $2,631,000
Total Revenue ?- $8,600,000

On these figures the Royal NZ Ballet bludges $1.50 for every dollar they raise in ticket sales. That?s right, you and I pay $1.50 for every $1.00 some liberal elite wanker pays to sit and watch ballet.

I interviewed Judith Collins for my Summer Series interviews. I am yet to decide if I will do another Summer series.

I outed the Albany Superette for selling P-Pipes. It subsequently was followed in the MSM days later. I next day I got my first legal threat of the year.

On January 9 I highlighted Sunday Star Times and their dodgy polling company Horizon. They never learned from that post and went on to become completely discredited with their methodology and results. It still didn’t stop Radio Live from featuring them, though I understand that Horizon actually paid Mediaworks to do it.

I drove halfway down the Napier-Taupo highway to meet Garth McVicar for my Summer Series interviews. Followed up a few days later with an interview with Trevor Mallard. I doubt he will do another. While in Wellington I also popped in for coffee with Celia Wade-Brown and talked about her victory in the local body elections.

I started asking questions about Len Brown’s 100 things in 100 days. Len Brown starts to desperately look for things to do in his 100 days. On day 79 Len Brown released 52 things he was going to do.

On January 20 I reminded Len Brown about his promise for a referendum on Maori seats. This was before the Maori Statutory Board blew up in his face:

He made this promise throughout the campaign, but has chickened out of a referendum.?On Q&A he was trying to buy himself some wriggle room.

On TVNZ?s Q & A yesterday, Mr Brown said a referendum on creating Maori seats on the council ?may well? be possible in the next three years

This blog has reminded him of his promise?here,?here?and?here.

Brian Rudman felt obliged to attack Len Brown and his failure of the 100 things in 100 days promise.

I had a beer with Chris Trotter for my Summer Series interviews. I also went to the Unite Union bunker and interviewed Matt McCarten.

I asked whether or not Labour was snooping on your emails. This story develops in later months.

I started my battle with the Teachers unions.

The good people at Kaimata Retreat get suspicious of a lying blonde tart and google Pearl Going. They subsequently contact me and I out her re-emergence as a bullshit artist.

After Phil Goff handed in his man card by dying his hair I started a series of hair do suggestions for him.

?February 2011 – 187 posts

Chris Hipkins kicked off the first SMOG of Labour with porn spam on Facebook profile.

On February 2 John Key said no to Winston Peters and set the election date.

Len Brown finally released his full list of 100 useless things he was going to do inside 100 days.

On the 6th of February Len Brown fell for the classic Michael Bloomberg train sting. Jonathan Marshall and a photographer bust Len Brown and his hypocrisy over riding the rails to work.

The pressure built on Len Brown over his little train ride double standard.

I told Nikki Kaye that she could have a gay Mardis Gras but only if the government or council didn’t pay for it.

Michael Wood announced on 11 February that he wanted to ensure that there were no penis lollies in Botany despite the fact that there were no penis lollies in Botany.

Trevor Mallard uses Red Alert to attack Jami-lee Ross as a “Tory lump of lard” and accuses him of being a “nasty piece of work”.

On February 15 I said that Carmel Sepuloni wouldn’t win in Waitakere.

On 16 February I highlighted for the first time the skulduggery that was going on in Rodney electorate for the National party selection.

It was in February that we had a rash of MSM writing articles completely unrelated to Hanover and Mark Hotchin but tied them in in either headlines or the body of the article.

The Rodney Selection skulduggery continued. At this stage it only involved a local and the electorate chair, it was however to go much deeper than this. I then outed the involvement of a former South African white supremacist in the manipulations in the Rodney selections. It took several posts to tell the story.

Having dealt with the local skulduggery in Rodney it then became apparent that that there was two separate cases of skulduggery going down. The rather inept local incident with Brent Robinson and then the involvement of the regional?hierarchy?in attempting to stack appointed delegates. The Rodney selection was then postponed.?It was to get much worse.

Serious muckraking was then deployed against Mark Mitchell. It was run by a sitting board member and involved a journalist as well. Things were getting very murky in Rodney electorate.

March 2011 – 187 posts

The Rodney selection was delayed so an audit of membership could be completed. On 4 March the selection process was cancelled and a new selection processed?launched?such was the level of skulduggery. A serious miscarriage of justice in selection was averted. The irony is the board member most deeply involved int eh murk now claims credit for halting the selection. This is hugely ironic because it was him that was visiting delegates with printouts of websites, a tactic that was later employed in Coromandel by the same board member on behalf of the same candidate.

The day after Jami-lee Ross won the Botany by-election Phil Goff claimed victory for the Labour party.

Speaking of the Labour party, I helpfully make some suggestions for their coming campaign. They ignored them. We know where that ended up.

Trevor Mallard hits a snag using email.

I leaked an email from Perry Rush of the NZPF outlining how they were going to run a?campaign?against Anne Tolley.

The very first Txts from New York.

I reviewed my Savage 17HMR from Hamills.

Nice to have?

Thanks to Bill English and the PSA handily focussing on things that are “nice to have”, we can look with a critical eye over things like the Royal NZ Ballet.

Once it was bullets and bombs ? now the Royal New Zealand Air Force is flying in supplies of tutus and tights.

In a first for the air force and the Royal New Zealand Ballet, all of the ballet company’s sets, costumes and other essential material for its European tour in July will be flown for free to Britain.

The air force also offered to fly some of the 39 dancers and support staff for free, but this was turned down. Instead, the Royal NZ Ballet will fly to Britain in early July with Qantas on discounted economy class tickets.

Why are we subsidising our Ballet to dance for non-New Zealand tax payers? Surely our air force has better things to do that fly taxpayer subsidised liberal elite dancers to the UK. Is it really appropriate too that taxpayer funds are being spent on an airline that has demonstrated its unwillingness to be mates over Christchurch. Qantas aren’t our Mates, they shouldn’t get any money from taxpayers spent on them at all.

I wonder if they are OIAable and if they can tell us how much each pommy bastard is going to pay for his or her ticket, and how much the New Zealand tax payer is subsidising per ticket.

Some poor old granny in Christchurch is probably having to use a chemical toilet because we can’t afford extra people in to fix the sewerage system, but it is ok because we are giving poms cheap seats to the ballet.

I think the Royal New Zealand ballet are certainly one of things that are “nice to have” but given the squeezed financial situation our country is in one of the things that can certainly be chopped out.

Why won't the Royal NZ Ballet do something like this?

The Royal NZ ballet should do something like this, often.

One of China’s most famous ballet directors is testing the very limits of the country’s strait-laced attitudes by adapting a notoriously pornographic book for the stage.

The?Jin Ping Mei, or ‘The Plum in the Golden Vase,’ is a classic of?Chinese literature from the Ming dynasty that has been banned ever since the 17th century because of its explicit sexual content.

Its first English translator, Clement Egerton, found himself so embarrassed by the 70 or so sex scenes in the book, which run the full gamut of perversion, that he rendered them in Latin.

However, a dance production of the book premiered on Friday to a sell-out crowd in Hong Kong, after Wang Yuanyuan took on the work.

Mrs Wang is a former principal ballerina at the National Ballet of China, and choreographed both the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games and a dance performance at the celebrations to mark the handover of Hong Kong in 1997. She is known as one of the “three queens” of Chinese dance.

However, Mrs Wang admitted that there was little chance of staging her production of the?Jin Ping Mei on the Chinese mainland. Instead, she said her work as director of the Beijing Dance Theatre was squarely aimed at foreigners.

It would appeal to the average tax payer not just the?liberal elite wankers who usually go to the ballet and sit in heavily taxpayer subsidised seats. With shows like that they would get the important blue collar Kiwi bloke along for a bit of “culture”.

Calling time on the Ballet

With all the wailing about saving a beach but no suggestions about how to actually provide for the corporate welfare for the developers who have their hands out it rests with the Whale to provide some alternative funding options.

The thought of going to the ballet probably never enters the minds of most New Zealanders. It is just legacy entertainment technology that would be better off left to die a natural death. Or they could take a lead from Homer Simpson, and make it appeal to the average person in the street.

From the latest available published accounts for the Royal NZ Ballet.

For the 2009 year.

Ministry for Culture and?Heritage funding – $3,959,000
Sponsorship and donations – $2,010,000
Box office revenue – $2,631,000
Total Revenue ?- $8,600,000

On these figures the Royal NZ Ballet bludges $1.50 for every dollar they raise in ticket sales. That?s right, you and I pay $1.50 for every $1.00 some liberal elite wanker pays to sit and watch ballet.

The only thing possible to say in their defence is at least they aren’t as big a bludgers as the NZSO. Or for that matter Outrageous Fortune, the fortune of which was ours spent on a few actors that arent good enough to make it on the global stage or they would have buggered off long ago.

If Labour wants John Key to save a beach that the rich people promoting the saving of could buy outright with their spare change then I suggest they start picking the pockets of the liberal elite and start cutting out their entertainment in the form of the NZSO and Royal NZ Ballet.

In tight financial times there are choices to make about what is essential and what isn’t. A symphony orchestra and a ballet company certainly aren’t essential services for a government to pay for. Think about all the beaches that could be saved and the hip operations that could be provided if we simply ditched these?anachronistic?pillars of a pretention.