New Zealand v Wales Game 3


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As per usual, guess the final score before the game starts, and if you’re closest, you get bragging rights for the week.  Read more »


I guess Winston won’t be calling on Sky TV for a donation next year

Winston Peters is on to another winner, free-to air-sports. 

Winston really is having a blinder at the moment, tapping accurately into middle New Zealand.

New Zealand should copy Australia and make “sport of national significance” available on TV for free, New Zealand First’s Winston Peters says. Is it an idea whose time has come – or an idea that’s now out of time across the ditch?

Most rugby fans would have been happy enough with the All Blacks’ win against Wales in last weekend’s first test, but New Zealand First leader Winston Peters wasn’t happy with the playing field for fans.

On Radio Live‘s website that day, he said the All Blacks could only be seen live these days by “the more cashed-up members of our society”.

Test tickets were too expensive and fewer than half of New Zealand households now subscribed to Sky Sport, which has had exclusive rights to broadcast live All Blacks games for nearly 25 years, he said.    Read more »

New Zealand vs Wales


This is the spot for chatter about today’s game.  Please leave Backchat for people who aren’t interested.  Also, leave the scores OUT of Backchat, in case someone doesn’t want to know the final result yet.

I hear the TAB have stopped taking bets earlier today as the ABs were paying $1.01 for the win.   The win is probably inevitable, but I hope Wales can at least give us a scare or two.

Wales have never lost a game.  They just finish the 90 minutes with the other team on more points.  Read more »


Wales will play to win, win or lose


Sam Warburton will give his players a simple message when they attempt to turn back the clock against world champions New Zealand in Saturday’s first Test – who dares, wins.

The Welsh skipper, fit to return to action in Auckland after a six-week stint on the sidelines with a shoulder injury, wants his team to be bold as they attempt to become the first team since France in 1994 to beat the All Blacks at Eden Park. Read more »


Not all Poms are big girl’s blouses

The poor wee diddumses who want to ban tackling in Rugby are getting a bit of pressure.

Campaigners seeking a ban on tackling in school rugby have been on the receiving end of a backlash which included homophobic and sexist abuse, while one supporter claims that he was told not to attend a key event this weekend.

In what he views as a punitive measure after speaking this week in support of the proposed ban, Adam White, a board member of the England Rugby Football Schools Union (ERFSU), said he had been asked not to attend a prestigious rugby schools event this weekend at the Allianz Stadium, the home of Saracens, where he was due to act as a safeguarding officer.

White told the Guardian on Wednesday that restrictions along the lines of those proposed in an open letter signed by 70 doctors, health experts and academics were the only way to keep young people safe.

He said: “I am extremely disappointed that there already is the closing down of discussion in the RFU [Rugby Football Union] of some voices. It is quite evident that they are trying to lead the narrative on this and are perhaps not happy to listen to opposition.”

The RFU said White had offered to step down from the safeguarding duties, adding: “This was not instigated by the ERFSU or the RFU. There is no action presently being taken against Adam as a result of his media interviews this week. He is free to express his opinions, although it should be emphasised that he is not speaking on behalf of the ERSFU board.”

While the campaign has sparked passionate debate, a lead signatory to the letter said some of the criticism he had received included homophobic abuse.   Read more »

Perhaps Liam Messam should stand for Labour?

Liam Messam, a rugby player, seems to think he knows an awful lot about international trade and has declared that the TPPA should be axed…you know because he is a rugby player and we should listen to him.

Another high profile rugby player has spoken out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, ahead of its expected signing in Auckland next month.

All Blacks and Chiefs star Liam Messam has taken to social media to criticise the huge trade deal.

“Ummmm think I’ve been living under a rock but this TPPA is some BS,” Messam tweeted to his 103,000 followers today.

His message was tweeted more than 50 times and received more than 100 favourites.

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NZ Herald editor believes a non-promising, essentially arseholey kid would also have been discharged

A promising young rugby player with a “glittering career” ahead of him has been given a discharge without conviction after admitting an assault on a man who was at a bar with his ex-girlfriend. The judge in the Wellington District Court said the consequences of a conviction would be out of proportion to the seriousness of the offence. …

Discharges without conviction are reasonably common for young first offenders for whom the shock of an arrest and prosecution might be sufficient to ensure they learn from a youthful mistake. But that should be the only ground on which a discharge is given.

To Teariki Ben-Nicholas, who played for New Zealand at under-20 level last year, Judge Peter Rollo said, “The information which is before me suggests you have every opportunity to pursue a professional rugby career at the top level, maybe even rising as far as the All Blacks if your development continues.” He also noted Ben-Nicholas was studying at university for a degree in law and commerce, “so I have the clear view that you are someone who should be given a second chance to reach your full potential without a conviction standing in the way of that”.

Exactly.  Had he not been a “promising” person, he would not have had a discharge without conviction.   Yet the Herald believes the same would be extended to anyone.   Read more »

McCaw is going out on top – class from start to finish




All Blacks captain Richie McCaw is expected to confirm the country’s worst-kept secret on Thursday by announcing his retirement from rugby.

Stuff understands the 35-year-old will officially hang up his playing boots at the announcement, a decision widely expected to come after he led New Zealand to their second straight Rugby World Cup title in England earlier this month.

Prior to and during the tournament, McCaw publicly stated he had deliberately not thought about or made any decision on his potential retirement so he could give the All Blacks campaign his full attention and focus. Read more »


Photo Of The Day

King George V presents the King's Cup to James Ryan, captain of the New Zealand Services Rugby Team, after the team's win in the Inter-Services Tournament at Twickenham rugby ground, London in 1919. Major General Charles William Melvill and another officer look on. The team some of whom have fern leaf emblems on their jerseys are standing in a line. A film cameraman appears in the background. Photograph taken April 1919 by Thomas Frederick Scales.

King George V presents the King’s Cup to James Ryan, captain of the New Zealand Services Rugby Team, after the team’s win in the Inter-Services Tournament at Twickenham rugby ground, London in 1919. Major General Charles William Melvill and another officer look on. The team some of whom have fern leaf emblems on their jerseys are standing in a line. A film cameraman appears in the background. Photograph taken April 1919 by Thomas Frederick Scales.

The Forgotten Story of

The First Ever ‘World Cup’

 In 1919, in the aftermath of WWI, a group of international rugby teams gathered in Britain for The King’s Cup, a tournament unprecedented in its time but little remembered today. Some rugby historians have dubbed The King’s Cup as the ‘First Rugby World Cup Tournament.’

On October 31, the two finalists of the 2015 Rugby World Cup will take to the hallowed turf of Twickenham for what will be the finale of, officially at least, the 8th edition of a tournament that began in 1987. But on the same pitch on April 19, 1919 – some 96 years ago – military teams representing New Zealand and Great Britain faced off in the final of what, for all intents and purposes, was a World Cup in all but name: The King’s Cup.

Along with the two finalists, military teams from Canada, Australia and South Africa took part, as well as an RAF side made up of players from various nations. It was a gathering of international rugby talent that had never been seen before.

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Rapey teacher and rugby coach sacked

A TOP NORTH Island school with Anglican traditions dating back more than a century has sacked a rugby coach facing rape charges.

The man’s identity cannot be revealed because of suppression orders relating to both criminal and Family Court matters – but it is understood he is facing one charge of rape and another of unlawful sexual connection.

The Teachers Council website shows the man’s teaching certificate expired in June this year and has not been renewed.

It is also understood he has been sacked from the coaching role he once held at the school where he previously was employed teaching English.

It is understood the man has been in the teaching profession for more than two decades, both here and overseas. He began teaching at his current school in 2011.

Details of the allegations against the man are shrouded in mystery, but it is believed they relate to a former partner.

The principal of the co-educational boarding and day school where the man used to work said he was no longer involved with coaching the school’s first XV side.

He declined to comment further, saying the man had name suppression.  Read more »