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Crim hugging halfwit QC defends dud judge

The other day I wrote about a dud judge buying the sob story of a vicious little thug.

Yesterday a crim-hugging halfwit QC rushed to defend the dud judge…and he thinks judges should never be criticised.

A Queen’s Counsel has defended a judge after claims she gave a “pathetic sentence” to a teenager who brutally beat a man and left him for dead in central Havelock North.

Russell Fairbrother QC said in a letter to Hawke’s Bay Today yesterday that comments by Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesman Garth McVicar about Judge Bridget Mackintosh were “wrong”.

Mr McVicar said the sentence imposed on Jacob Broderick was a “slap in the face” for the victim and that Judge Mackintosh had “given some of the most pathetic sentences this country has seen”.

Broderick, 18, was sentenced to four months’ community detention, 200 hours’ community work and nine months’ supervision in the Hastings District Court on Wednesday for his part in an unprovoked assault on a 33-year-old man in the early hours of August 3 last year.

Described as a “thug” by the victim’s sister, Broderick did not face the same fate as his co-attacker, Falcon Kaine Walsh, who was jailed for two years and six months by Judge Tony Adeane.

Does this mean we can put him in prison for 27 years?

Tame Iti is like Nelson Mandela or so his lawyer would have us believe.

High profile criminal defence lawyer and beaten Labour Party MP Russell Fairbrother claims:

“Are you going to convict Tame Iti on an incomplete picture painted by the Crown?” Fairbrother asked the jury.

Instead, he said, Iti is an important leader in the country’s history, comparing him to Nelson Mandela.

“History is full of people getting half a story, having a preconception, reaching a conclusion which is often punitive, and then regretting it,” Fairbrother said.

Next Russell will be blaming a murder on the Treaty of Waitangi.

Russell has come a long way

Russell Fairbrother has come such a long way since being booted from office:

A senior AUT employee who stole more than $665,000 from his employer frittered it away on a lavish lifestyle including a luxury car, holidays, wine and food.

Jonathan Kirkpatrick was today sentenced at the Auckland District Court to three years and two months in prison.

The 53-year-old had earlier pleaded guilty to seven charges including false accounting and using a document to obtain a pecuniary advantage.

Kirkpatrick, who had been in charge of the day-to-day running of AUT’s Business Innovation Centre, wrote 82 invoices made out to companies he owned for work that was never done.

The offending began in 2002 and continued until he was discovered in July this year.

Judge Alison Sinclair said the money was “frittered away” on a car and holidays, as well as wine and food in the restaurant Kirkpatrick owned.

She said the eventual cost to AUT and its insurer, which investigated the fraud, was more than $1 million.

“You have nothing to show for all the money you took from AUT and I’m reminded you also continued to draw a salary.”

When Kirkpatrick started at AUT, he was on an annual income of $90,000.

He was on $150,000 a year when, in July this year, he went to Thailand on a holiday and was found out.

Defending the former partner of ex-Labour MP Tim Barnett. I note that the offending would have been during the time of his relationship with Tim Barnett.

I'm a woman hating freak and my Dad is embarrassed

That is if you believe the mad ravings of Russell Brown and fat git Mikey Havoc in their weekly twitterings on bFM.

RB: You would think it would but boy Mikey, some of the right wing bloggers and their commenters on that story, were just, have you no decency.

MH: Well I tell you what I know about some of those right wing bloggers, pack of fuckwits some of them

RB: Oh yeah, yeah the worst of them actually is a guy called Cameron Slater, ah, who blogs as Whaleoil, uhm he’s the son of the former National Party President John Slater, who I gather is quite embarrassed by his son’s activities, but boy what a woman hating freak that man is!

Not only do these tools have a go at me they also  have a crack at John Banks, Aaron Bhatnagar and Cameron Brewer.

Well this woman hating freak whose father is embarrassed about his activities also gave you some bucks for your son’s home schooling when you put out the begging bowl, so who is the fuckwit now, arsehole. I’m of a mind to ask for it back but that would be uncharitable, so I’ll just do what I hould have done long ago and remove any links to Russell Brown from my site and never post a link to any more of his drivellings ever again.

I will now also place you and you fat fuck mate in the firing line. In fact here is a challenge for you, i know Russell won’t take it up because he is a blouse but Mikey might, in 12 weeks I get in the ring, it’ll be after the election so how about huh? you big fat fuck, it’d do you good, the training and the discipline. We’ll sell tickets to it and the proceeds can go to Russell’s kids home schooling fund. Come on how about it, you think you can handle getting in the ring with a right wing blogger, one of the pack of fuckwits? It’s for a good cause, surely you can’t deny that? Come on Mikey, how about it. Do you think you can smack one of those fuckwits over?

Bitter and Twisted

Cr. Aaron Bhatnagar has blogged about card carrying Labour lap-dog and former Councillor Christine Caughey’s parliamentary submission on the 2007 local body elections.

There is some pretty scary stuff from her submission that gives an insight into how Labour supporters think, in particular about blogs and other new media.

She isn’t particularly enamoured with blogs;

“Advertising by way of blogging, use of Wikipedia or similar, are two examples where abuse may occur. Wikipedia does not appear to have adequate structures in place to monitor and control abuse of the system. Regulation to control the type of use of the internet for political/campaigning purposes should be put in place and made explicit in candidate information booklets.”

Riiiight!, so because I bashed her mercilessly in the election for her numpty ideas and lack of intellectual depth plus drew attention to her flip-flops and hypocrisies I ust now be controlled and monitored!!!! I laugh at her ignorance about trying to control the internet. A certain fool and her numpty lawyer found out all about that recently.

She must be channelling Hugo Chavez with the next pronouncement from her;

“There is inadequate monitoring of media and its role to provide balanced reporting and equity in coverage. Complaints to the media by candidates or parties who may be disaffected, can lead to further imbalance in reporting.
There is need for an independent monitoring body to assess and to report on the balance of the media during the lead up to elections.”

Scary stuff…..note how socialists like those two words “control” and “monitoring”. Good riddance to her and her ilk.

The pity is that labour have appointed such a fool with these bizarre ideas to the new Transport Funding Board. Oh well another to add to the list for chopping after the election.

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Cathy Casey is a fool

This morning I posted about the silly witch Cathy Casey resigning from her position on some useless and un-needed council committee.

Little did I know that Cathy was in fact grandstanding about her resignation. The committee doesn’t actually exist and hasn’t existed for more than 6 months.

So she was resigning from nothing.

Typical Labour/CityVision, the big lie seems to permeate all levels of these lickspittlery.

What makes this little episode of grandstanding gone wrong worse is the penchant of journalists to post press releases as news. Every now and then with a little fact checking you wind up looking silly. I thought the NZHerald Staff were better than that.