Russell Stanners

Curran in collusion with DomPost?

Dominion Post reporter and future Labour Party press secretary Tom Pullar-Strecker isn?t very good at hiding his dislike of the Government.

Yesterday he gave his future boss Clare Curran a free run in a story that appears to be based on a combination of hearsay and an interview with his keyboard.?

The gist of his story was that he and Curran have decided the Government should have already auctioned the 4G spectrum freed up by the switchover to digital television.

He then goes in to some bizarre angle based on a ?suspicion? by Labour there has been some kind of massive conspiracy that isn?t backed up anywhere with facts.

Pullar-Strecker than contradicts himself by writing:

?It was never envisaged the spectrum would become available to new users before the end of this year.?

And ICT Minister Amy Adams has repeatedly said the spectrum would be auctioned by September, which will give plenty of time for business and network planning.? Read more »

Pullar Files: Standing Over Vodafone

We learned this week that Bronwyn Pullar and?Michelle?Boag are accomplished at stand-over tactics.

They were successful with Sovereign Insurance and that was detailed first on this blog and then later by Close Up. They got busted when they tried their stand-over and blackmail on ACC, but unfortunately they cost Nick Smith his job.

But they have also played the double team over smaller issues and in other areas.

Date: Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 11:36 AM
Subject: Russell Stanners Mobile number/email address please
To: “Michelle Boag (Business)”
Cc: Cam Slater


I?m still getting the run around from?Vodafone?and had nothing but appalling service for the past three weeks.? It?s beyond a joke.

It basically started with wanting to close down my second phone line which has my fax and ADSL line on it, and switching the ADSL to my main phone line.? Whilst the switch was done was the connection hasn?t worked, and is worse that dial up.? I can?t use the phone line and the ADSL at the same time due to ?noise?.? (This is despite advising them prior to the switch that I had alarm monitoring on the same line and they reassured me there was no issue with that.)

Anyway all I need is a technician to rewire a plug and despite requesting it a week ago I have yet to get one, at my cost!? The latest is they?ve put it on hold until 2nd?July which is Thursday this week!? Talk about frustrating!? I must have called them over 50 times in the past three weeks.? USELESS.? Now they?ve put in another request to the provisioning team to prioritise it.? That has been done over three times now ? so that process is completely ineffective.? So despite getting off the phone with them I still have no idea when my broadband will be sorted.

Anyway I?m going to get a printout of all contact points with?Vodafone?over this matter since 1 November 2008 emailed to me.? Hopefully Whale Oil will blog it for me.

Useless bastards.

I?ve had a gutsful.


I didn’t run a story about Bronwyn Pullar’s customer service issues. But knowing that Pullar had sent all this to her stand-over expert Michelle and how she operates I gave the Vodafone PR guy a little heads up about it. He told me that she had been driving them all nuts and now he knew what she meant when she said it was going to get nasty for them.

When I advised Bronwyn that I had told the Vodafone PR bloke about it she replied:

I hold [sic] you told them I was a mental bitch, with a head injury who doesn?t cope with any form of stress, and has a tendency to get very violent when angry.? Just a shame I haven?t got a gun or I?d be down at Fanshaw [sic] street demanding service!

It seems that whenever Bronwyn has an episode she riuns off to Michelle Boag and then they do their little double team stand-over routine.

They have been running their scam for years. I wonder who else they have bullied?