Ruth Chapman

Helping Labour Help Themselves, Ctd

There is a little battle going on within Labour for the Women’s Vice President. I thought I would help Labour members who may not have been sent their profiles.

The candidates for women’s VP are:
  • Gina Giordani (bio)
  • Sophie Rapson (bio)
  • Ruth Chapman (bio)

Gina is the Cunliffe candidate. If she gets any measurable support at all, it will mean the party membership want a putsch.

“I stand for 3 things: Unionism, Socialism and Feminism.”

Gracious me. Just what the voters are crying out for. She goes on…

“I am a competent woman.”

Hmm, can’t decide if that is sexist allegation that the quality of competence is rare in a woman, or if there is a troubling and undisclosed reason she needs to reassure us of her competence.