Subsidies are evil

Subsidies are evil and give a false sense of security. In?Australia?successive governments have poured billions of dollars of subsidies into the failing car industry and even then it struggled to turn a profit.

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott argue a lot but agree on one point. The Prime Minister tells us “I think supporting the car industry is important for our nation’s future.”

The Opposition Leader says that “above all else, without a motor industry [this] is not an Australia that makes things any more and is not a first-class economy”.

Both declare they will continue paying taxpayer subsidies to a sector that has already received $19 billion in handouts and tariff protection over the past decade.

It’s odd because no one seems to have explained the centrality of car-making to Switzerland. Or Singapore. Or Norway. Or Denmark. None of these has any car manufacturing whatsoever.

WOBH, informing Investment Bankers since 2010

It looks like this blog is Forsyth Barr’s prime source of news, especially about their Saab driving, Korean hating, hit and run, road rage staff members:

The ERA heard Forsyth Barr staff heard about Hallwright’s road rage incident on the Whale Oil blog site.

Hallwright says he phoned Forsyth Barr managing director Neil Paviour-Smith to tell him himself.

That is disputed by Mr Paviour-Smith, who said he called Hallwright himself.

I can’t wait to see headlines like this next year:

“Shearer learns of his ousting on WOBH” -Herald Feb 15 2013

Tell Him He’s Dreamin’, Ctd

Guy Hallwright, the hit and run loser who drives a Saab doesn’t think a criminal conviction should affect his ability to keep a job. (NBR Online Subscriber Content):

Ms Beck argued Hallwright’s motoring incident did not bring Forsyth Barr into disrepute and media coverage of Hallwright’s trial was never critical of Forsyth Barr.

Hallwright’s conviction had nothing to do with his job.

Any loss of business at the firm as a result of Hallwright’s conviction had not been prooved, Ms Beck said.

“We accept Guy has been brought into disrepute but the employer has not.”

Forsyth Barr’s lawyer Peter Churchman said Hallwright had been put on notice, ahead of his conviction, that there were potential issues with his ongoing employment.

Forsyth Barr did not claim to have lost a particular client or missed out on new business as a result of Hallwright’s conviction.

And his dismissal was not to do with his ability to “crunch the numbers” as a research analyst.

“The issue is what perception the public might reasonably take from his conviction of a Crimes Act offence,” Mr Churchman said.

Silly Little Girl

? Cactus Kate

Oh dear…the daughter prissy little princess of Guy Hall-Wright, the fellow who ruined a hard-working Korean man’s life by driving his gay boat-anchor SAAB convertible into him and crushing his legs has had a moan about what Cactus Kate had to say about her hit and run Daddy.

Anonymous said…
Hi it’s the ‘princess’ here. My father did fucking stop. And I’m not a princess, i’m his kid, I was sixteen, and I had won the chance to record that day. He was there to play guitar with me, because I love him. We were attacked, we were panicked, and mr kim had blocked us in so that we could only get out one way. You need to get a life, Kate, and maybe some writing skills.

5:15 AM, July 13, 2012

All the highly paid PR advice they thought they had just went right out the window. Face palming will be going on right now as Guy Hall-Wright hasn’t yet ben sentenced and his little princess is seriously stuffing up his chances of a nice cushy home-d sentence.

I imagine the media will be all over the little princess now and her comment in the lead up to sentencing. It looks like there is not a single bit of remorse from anyone in the Hall-Wright family for running over some uppity asian…I love how she says they were attacked…hmmm…by the man with two broken legs and pelvis?? Perhaps not. They certainly don’t seem to be attacked by any guilt that is for sure.

Guy Hallwright’s real crime

? Cactus Kate

Cactus explains that though doing a hit and run is pretty bad, worse is driving a convertible SAAB. Surely even hit and run cocksmokers know they are boat anchors?

Forgetting the in’s and out’s of the case and his likely home detention and financial penalty, Guy Hallwright committed a much larger crime in my view.

While the stereotypical type A cool dude Banker drives one of these:

Hallwright is guilty of being caught driving a SAAB. A convertible SAAB at that.

The shame.