Weaponising the complaints process and intimidating sponsors

Where have we heard this before? ?It’s now a standard strategy of those who are lefty liberal disrupters.

The ministry’s head of Animal Welfare Compliance, Chris Rodwell, said he couldn’t comment on the footage as it was being investigated, but admitted the current codes of welfare were difficult to enforce.

“We are developing some regulations, what you’ll find is that there’ll be some regulations in development which will allow us to have some extra teeth in terms of the enforcement.”

NZ Rodeo Cowboys Association president Marty Deans denies any electric prodders were used on calves at the Mid Northern Rodeo. Read more »


What is their end game? Who benefits? Who is paying?

Hans Kriek and his vegan terrorists have struck again, taking out advertisements in UK papers in order to commit economic sabotage.

What they are doing is tantamount to a crime.

An advertisement condemning New Zealand’s dairy industry for its treatment of calves has been run in Britain’sThe Guardian newspaper.

Animal welfare organisation Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) arranged the advertisement, which depicts a bloodied calf inside a glass of milk with the caption “New Zealand dairy contaminated with cruelty”.

It also poses the question, “Are you consuming New Zealand dairy cruelty?” ? Read more »

Cry me river of tears SAFE


Oh boo ho, SAFE continues to bang on about the welfare of animals.??Typical activist ploy, shoot a whole bunch of b-grade actors from Shortland Street in black & white, then use it to solicit dosh of the bleeding heart liberals in Mt Eden. TV3 should know better.

It?s a bit like all those Hollywood actors complaining about gun laws in the States. Problem was there was a slight issue of credibility, when nearly all of them were quite happy to?star in movies shooting the crap out of things. ? Read more »

SAFE – are they a charity or just charity muggers?

We’ve all seen those charity collectors dressed up as animals holding boxes and soliciting cash. Are they really a charity, or just another bunch of charity muggers or chuggers as they have become known?

I have asked myself if SAFE is not just the animal equivalent of Greenpeace.? After all the SPCA does all that real work while SAFE struts around tut-tutting. ?Like Greenpeace, SAFE is a nice little earner for a registered charity engaged in what seems to be political lobbying activities.

If you go to the Charities Commmision website:

You will find its financial records there as a download an eye opener (it was lodged 10 November)
Full time employees: 9
Part time employees: 4
Number of paid hours worked in total by all employees in an average week: 439
Number of ?volunteers in an average week: 28
Number of volunteer hours worked in total by all volunteers in an average week: 68 ? Read more »

Vegansexuals call on parliament to create a Commissioner for Animals


Christchurch couple Nichola and Hans Kriek are vegans who won’t root non-vegans

As a fan of the outdoors and hunting, one group of people polar opposite to me are loopy Vegans. At the extreme edge are?even loopier vegansexuals.

Hans Kriek porned himself in-front of the Primary Production Select Committee last week, deeply concerned over the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill.

You may know Hans Kriek from the nutter animal welfare activist group SAFE. He now wants the Government to start a Commissioner for Animals.

To cut a long story short, Kriek essentially wants equal rights for all animals. Perhaps he wants to give them all a name as well, particularly those sows and chickens popping out eggs all day.

Good ole Eric Roy asked Kriek about wild pigs and how they could be hunted without dogs ? a near on impossible task in my view. Kriek fell into that one, calling for an expert committee to be set up to find ways to?hunt?control wild pigs because he thought hunting pigs with dogs was cruel. Eric Roy told them to HTFU, telling them that was a principle without substance. ?? Read more »

What is in the NZ mystery safe?

Walter Hickey at Business Insider reports:

frghdA mysterious vault found in the basement of a New Zealand home has Reddit users salivating over what could possibly be inside.

On Friday Reddit user dont_stop_me_smee?posted an album?on the Pics subreddit, explaining that a friend of his moved into a former drug house and found a huge safe and that they wanted to get it opened.

Surrounding the massive vault are ten inches of solid reinforced concrete on all sides, and curiosity about the contents have reached a fever pitch on the massive news and entertainment site.

Immediately, several Reddit users with advanced knowledge of safes chimed in with tips and suggestions.?Redditor Tof1911 quickly identified?the vault as a Sargent and Greenleaf dial 6630 and recommended opening it with either a stethoscope or a bore-a-scope.

Soon, the original poster announced that he?had set up a special subreddit?to discuss the safe and provide updates,?/r/WhatsInThisThing, which rocketed to over 60,000 subscribers in two days.

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