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Team Whaleoil are in big trouble… potentially

I wonder where this will go over the next few months? ?A recall perhaps?


WhaleTech: Galaxy S4 takes down the iPhone 5’s last unique selling point

The?Samsung Galaxy S 4 has pretty much beat Apple?s meek technology?one upmanship that is the iPhone 5.

A study now confirms this, proving that the displays of both phones are at par with one another. In English: ?The Apple Retina display’s performance is no longer unique to Apple.

Displaymate Technologies conducted a study by taking the S4, S3 and the?iPhone 5?and studying them under a microscope.

The factors considered for the comparison test included brightness, subpixels, saturation, sharpness and so on.

Displaymate Technologies owner,?Dr. Ray Soneira, says that the 5 inch 1080p display on the S4 packs just about the same number of subpixels as the iPhone 5.

His study also claims that the PenTile layout packs twice as many green subpixels as compared to red and blue.

The S4 reflects light better than the iPhone 5 as well.

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