Out comes the ban hammer

Good grief.

Why is there no longer a single day that goes past without some wowser or whinger calling for the ban of some thing or other.

The last target for the wowsers are smart watches.

Road safety campaigners are calling for a ban on the use of wearable technology, including smartwatches, by drivers.

Smartwatches from high-tech giants Samsung, Sony, Motorola and LG – which can be used for calls, texts and calendar notifications – are for sale in New Zealand. Apple is releasing its Apple Watch here later this year.

Laws banning drivers’ use of phones – with an $80 fine and 20 demerit points – do not cover the use of wearable technology.

Caroline Perry, of road safety charity Brake, said the law should be widened, stating motorists using smart technology on their watches while driving should face the same sanctions.

“A second’s inattention at the wheel can result in tragedy,” she said.

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Donations, favours, gifts and the hypocrisy of the left

Rodney Hide’s Herald on Sunday column saves the best till last.

Meanwhile, if you think you may ever need some help from your local MP, don’t donate to the National Party. Nothing is now more likely to see that door slammed shut than your name appearing on the donor list.

But Labour, too, has its problems. In chasing down Collins it has failed to confront the elephant in its caucus. We know who donated to National. We can spot the possible conflict. We can’t say the same about Labour. That’s because its leader resolutely refuses to name the donors to his leadership campaign. He has kept his donors secret.

What has Cunliffe got to hide? What favours has he promised? Labour keeps insisting that money taints politics. Well, who has tainted Cunliffe? Will he ever tell us?

All very good questions, pity the media are giving David Cunliffe a free ride while they pursue silly stories about National

And with that we can see that the crusade against National continues with a silly pice by Matthew Theunissen about a cellphone used by Maurice Williamson.? Read more »

Team Whaleoil are in big trouble… potentially

I wonder where this will go over the next few months? ?A recall perhaps?


Samsung didn’t make it easy to get a free Galaxy S4, but they did make it fun to try

Time for a change?


I currently have an iPhone 4…it is nearly time to renew it.

I have also recently become very, very annoyed with Vodafone. I spend a not inconsequential sum of money with them and the last few customer service interactions have been less than?desirable.

I also find their network coverage annoying with regular drop outs of service in spots there shouldn’t ever be. So should I stay or should I go…I?certainly?don’t feel like a wanted customer.? Read more »


TV3 has its own Herald Bomb

A recall of top loader machine yet the 3 News site shows a front loader in the picture.


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WhaleTech: Galaxy S4 takes down the iPhone 5’s last unique selling point

The?Samsung Galaxy S 4 has pretty much beat Apple?s meek technology?one upmanship that is the iPhone 5.

A study now confirms this, proving that the displays of both phones are at par with one another. In English: ?The Apple Retina display’s performance is no longer unique to Apple.

Displaymate Technologies conducted a study by taking the S4, S3 and the?iPhone 5?and studying them under a microscope.

The factors considered for the comparison test included brightness, subpixels, saturation, sharpness and so on.

Displaymate Technologies owner,?Dr. Ray Soneira, says that the 5 inch 1080p display on the S4 packs just about the same number of subpixels as the iPhone 5.

His study also claims that the PenTile layout packs twice as many green subpixels as compared to red and blue.

The S4 reflects light better than the iPhone 5 as well.

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The New Pig in Town (plus enter to win)

Regan from Throng has looked at (P)Igloo, the new joint venture from Sky TV and TVNZ and he has found that despite the marketing schlock the facts don’t match the reality.

He is also running a nice little competition for a Samsung Freeview PVR:

On Monday, Sky and TVNZ launched their hardly anticipated new subscription television service.

Here?s our list of reasons why it shouldn?t be under your tree this Christmas or anywhere else in your house for that matter.

?10. It?s probably still broken. ?

The custom built platform was supposed to be launched months ago but has been delayed due to ?technical problems?. ?Is the launch simply exploitation of the spending season or a Christmas miracle?

9. TVNZ are involved.

Remember when TVNZ said ?TiVo transforms television?? How are all those customers feeling today? ?How long before Igloo too melts down?

8. A comparable Freeview box is less than half the price.

There are a number of basic models of DVB-T receivers which also have the ability to record to a connected USB storage device.

7. Sport is ultra-expensive.

The base ?30 day channel pack? plus purchasing every Super XV match The Chiefs play during that period would cost you up to $99.74. On Sky this would cost $72.46 and include more channels, every Super XV game and a lot more sports besides.

6. Paying for content that used to be free.

Two of the eleven Igloo channels feature content that TVNZ used to broadcast for free: ?Kidzone24 and TVNZ Heartland.

5. All Igloo content is Standard Definition.

The only content that you?ll be able to view in High Definition is from any of the free-to-air channels that broadcast in HD. ?All of the extra content you?re paying for is delivered in standard definition. ?This includes movies and sport.

4. High per channel price.

The ?Sky Basic? package costs approximately $1.36 per premium channel compared with $2.27 per premium channel on Igloo.

3. Igloo is not a middle option.

Currently, a new 12 month ?Sky Basic? package (~63 channels) with 3 months free sport and SoHo and free installation costs $553.44.
A new Igloo box (~34 channels) which you install yourself and a 12 month subscription costs $478.05
A new Freeview box (~29 channels) which you install yourself costs from $99.

2. Two thirds of the channels you can already watch for free.

That?s right. ?They?re already free. ?And also the most watched.

1. You?re not an Eskimo.

They?re the only ones who should have an igloo.

Those are our top 10 reasons why you shouldn?t get igloo and now we want yours. ?We?ve got a brand new Samsung MyFreeview HD digital TV recorder (BDE-8500) worth $649 to give away.

In addition, if anyone reposts this on their own blog, we?ll include any comments made there in the draw. Have at it.

Why the internet wins over stupid laws

In Australia there has been an injunction placed on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 because of a lawsuit between Samsung and Apple. It hasn’t stopped the punters however:

“If we could ask one question of Justice Bennett in the wake of her decision it would be this: does she really believe, in a global consumer economy, that there is any practical value in an Australian court slapping an injunction on a mass-market consumer product that is, in any event, widely available for purchase online?”

The only people affected by the injunction are the bricks and mortar retailers. Once again though it shows why legislators just don’t get it when it comes to?technology?versus the law.

Tablets comparison

A very handy infographic from Likecool.