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And you thought that un-mown berms was a problem

Ok, who farted?

Ok, who farted?

With all the fuss over un-mown berms you’d think we had very few problems in Auckland, except for a dodgy rooting ratbag of a mayor.

But have a heart for the residents of La Jolla who are a wee bit upset about bird poo and seal shit.

A group called Citizens for Odor Nuisance Abatement is?suing the city of San Diego and the state of California?over the “foul odor” caused by bird and sea lion poop at La Jolla Cove.

The civil lawsuit was filed in?San Diego Superior Court?on Dec. 19 on behalf of the group. The city has 30 days to respond. The smell, attributed first to bird guano and then to sea-lion poop, has?long plagued the wealthy La Jolla neighborhood. ? Read more »

The proper way to deal with rooting ratbag mayors

In Toronto the council stripped Rob Ford of his powers and budget. In Auckland Len Brown sails on regardless.

In San Diego, their rooting ratbag mayor is under house arrest for his ratbag behaviour.

Bob Filner, the former mayor of San Diego, was sentenced on Monday to three months of house arrest and three years of probation for harassing women during his abbreviated term.

In office for less than nine months, Mr. Filner, 71, was accused of sexually harassing more than a dozen women.

He resigned as mayor in August, amid growing public pressure and mounting legal problems. In October, he pleaded guilty to multiple charges of false imprisonment and battery stemming from accusations by three women who said they were groped or kissed at fund-raisers and public events. ? Read more »

Dodgy democratic ratbag busted for sexual harrassment, and it isnt Bill Clinton

Politics is an aphrodisiac, it gets off the politicians, it also gets off the groupies.

Ultimately though the power play creates an uneven “play ground” for participants. Eventually though the truth will out…and the cover-ups and pressure plays always gets them in the end.

While we can all laugh at Anthony Weiner there are others out there like this dodgy democrat.


In 2011, at least three women warned the head of the?San Diego County Democratic Party?of stories in the community about then-Rep. Bob Filner making inappropriate advances toward professional women with whom he’d come in contact through his political position.

Former California State Assemblywoman?Lori Salda?a, San Diego County Democratic Central Committee member?Martha Sullivan, and Escondido City Council member?Olga Diaz?all brought uncomfortable incidents to the attention of?Jess Durfee, who was until the end of 2012 Democratic Party chairman for San Diego, the eighth-largest city in America.? Read more »

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13 May – Americas Cup

Today in history:

1995 New Zealand beats US for the America’s Cup.?

Few New Zealanders in 1995 could have avoided television commentator Peter Montgomery?s famous line ?the America?s Cup is now New Zealand?s cup!?.

The phrase was repeated over and over as New Zealand enjoyed one of the most significant moments in its sporting history.

The emphatic 5-0 sweep Black Magic (NZL 32) achieved over Stars & Stripes in San Diego was all the more impressive given that its opponent, the controversial American helmsman Dennis Connor, was a four-time winner and widely regarded as ?Mr America?s Cup?. Team New Zealand had made the finals of the challenger series in 1987 and 1992, and in 1995 syndicate head Peter Blake assembled a veritable ?dream team? of New Zealand sailors.? Read more »

Cock Tax: Bites even after death

One of the most pernicious taxes known to man is cock tax…bites you even after death:

She married a fabulously wealthy man decades her elder, and became the first female mayor of San Diego. But when Maureen O’Connor left public life, she spent countless hours seated in front of video-poker machines.

Over a nine-year period, she wagered an estimated $US1 billion ($965 million), including millions from a charity set up by her late husband, who founded Jack in the Box, a US fast-food chain.? Read more »