The sanctimony and hypocrisy of the NZ Herald

Quite apart from their propensity to make stuff up at the NZ Herald they also possess weapons grade sanctimony and hypocrisy. They play Dirty Media but pretend they are holier than thou.

They are running a campaign using a tainted journalist and someone who trades in private and personal data to run allegations against the NZ Government for spying.

They are laundering information on behalf of a traitor, Edward Snowden, and assisting Nicky Hager, perhaps New Zealand’s most prolific spy and holder of other people’s data.

They write editorials decrying the situation but their editor was involved in his own spying against a competitor.

In 2009 Currie was sued by a former assistant editor of the Herald on Sunday for unjustified dismissal. Reporter Stephen Cook, who helped Currie launch the tabloid, was sacked in 2008 after two drug squad detectives visited the Herald on Sunday offices looking for him. Cook had reportedly been seen at an address, which was under police surveillance. On the day the case commenced Currie faced further scrutiny when the New Zealand Herald revealed examples of industrial espionage, including allegations he sent a reporter to the rival Sunday Star-Times’ print site to obtain advanced copies in a bid to get stories for his own paper. The allegations were again reported in the Sunday News and Sunday Star-Times branded “unprecedented spying”. ?

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Greens fundraising hypocrisy exposed

The Green party has been claiming in parliament today that functions including lunches and dinners with MPs attending is somehow an awful corruption of our parliament and in their terms “cash for access”.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the very thing that the Greens complain about they have been doing themselves.

Here are three examples from the Greens own website.

Example 1:

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Pot, Kettle, Black, Mr Goff

Phil Goff has the sanctimony and hypocrisy to claim that Peter Dunne is unfit to be a minister;

Opposition MPs have used parliamentary privilege to label United Future leader Peter Dunne as the person who leaked the sensitive document that set in train events leading to a high-powered inquiry accessing a journalist?s emails, swipe-card and phone records.

Prime Minister John Key opened the door to Dunne picking up a ministerial portfolio next year after Parliament’s privileges committee yesterday slated Parliamentary Service and a former top public servant for over-reaching their powers in seeking to track down the source of the leak.

But in Parliament tonight, Labour MP Phil Goff said Dunne was not fit to be a minister and had broken his oath of confidentiality.

“He has no right to be a minister; that’s why he resigned, that’s why it is totally improper for Key to be talking about bringing back Peter Dunne as a minister.”? Read more »

Now this is just wrong


When it is Earth Hour, I turn on every light in my house. ?And so, as today is?World Vegetarian Day, I’ve had bacon for breakfast, will make sure I have meat for lunch, and two steaks for dinner.

People from all over the world will be celebrating their non-meat lifestyles and in New Zealand, some of the country’s “hottest vegetarians” have been named. ? Read more »

How to destroy any legitimacy of your referendum with one little press release

Russel Norman isn’t blessed with an abundance of brains…after all he got his doctorate by studying the Alliance party.

However he has just destroyed any legitimacy his taxpayer funded political party initiated referendum might have had by declaring in a press release:

90 percent of Kiwis not interested in Key?s asset sales

The overwhelming majority of New Zealanders have not registered any interest in buying shares in companies that already belong to them, Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman said today.

The Government is claiming that over 425,000 people have pre-registered for the Mighty River Power float. Even ignoring the fact that many fake registrations have been lodged, that means 90% of Kiwis have not registered.? Read more »

The Shield of Sanctimony, Ctd

? The Telegraph

Normally it is the Greens shielded by sanctimony, however it appears the Liberal Democrats in the Uk also havea shield of sanctimony

And sure enough, he has also announced that he will punish Tory backbenchers for their opposition to the plan by ordering his own MPs to vote against the proposed parliamentary boundary changes which, it is generally thought, would broadly favour the Conservative Party. Adopting the high moral tone that comes so naturally, he has just said that he would not allow Parliament ?to be manipulated in this way?. By that he means he was unable to persuade MPs of the worth of his reform plans, hardly surprising given that even most senior Liberal Democrat peers thought them an utter shambles.

Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

The Greens are spinning that Max Dillon Coyle is just a young candidate who has made a minor mistake. Unfortunately information recieved via the tipline suggests otherwise.

It appears he is an integral part of the Greens campaign machine and running a co-ordinated Green campaign to dupe newspapers.

Below is an email that he’s sent out to Green activists via their new online activism website.

From: Max Coyle [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, 17 September 2011 XXXX p.m.
Subject: [YourDailyGreenmachineMission]: Todays Daily Mission: Write a letter to the Editor

New announcement in the Max’s Daily Green Machine Mission group:


One of the easiest ways for us to get good steady stream of Green presence in the media is when a good letter to the editor is published.

It’s always a great feeling when your letter is published!

Not only do you get the 3 stars for this mission but there’s also newspaper specific missions you can grab stars for too, check em out

Have a wonderful weekend machinists and a huge kia ora for all your work!

Even when they lie they cover themselves with the shield of sanctimony.

Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

News this morning that Max Dillon Coyle has apologised for misleading the media, except his party then goes on to say he didn’t mislead the media. Confusing sanctimonious signals from the Greens continue.

A Hamilton Green Party candidate’s future with the party is under a cloud after he admitted to misleading the Waikato Times.

Max Coyle, a candidate for the Hamilton West electorate, apologised for misleading the paper after his partner Melissa Campbell appeared in a story on Monday about the young mum’s likely voting intentions ahead of the election.

The story was part of an ongoing series on the region’s voters.

She did not reveal her partner’s role in the Greens.

In a statement released yesterday by the party, Mr Coyle said he made an error of judgment by not ensuring the paper knew he was Ms Campbell’s partner and he offered his “sincere apologies for the misleading the Waikato Times”.

“I apologise to the party for this error. And I also apologise unreservedly to the Waikato Times. ”

Green Party co-convener Georgina Morrison said the party expected a high standard of behaviour and was disappointed by the events.

“Max and his partner assured us that they did not deliberately mislead the media. He is a young new candidate, with great enthusiasm but not much political experience.”

Mr Coyle would take a few days off to “reflect on what had happened.”

While his candidacy is not suspended it has cast a shadow on the party in a week when it is expected to release the rest of its candidates for Waikato seats.

“We will be discussing with Max his ongoing role in the Green Party,” said Ms Morrison.

See how they did that. Max apologises for misleading and the Greens convener says oh but it wasn’t deliberate. Oh really?

Waikato Times editor Jonathan MacKenzie said Ms Campbell had every opportunity to disclose her partner’s role in the Green Party.

During the interview she was asked what her partner did, why she was supporting the Greens and how she became involved in Green issues but she did not disclose her affiliations.

Sounds deliberate to me.

It’s ok when Greens lie, they are shielded by sanctimony.?Look for excuses from the Greens rather than just sacking him.

Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

It seems Max Dillon Coyle likes to manufacture the news. He has just been busted making stuff with the Waikato Times. But he has form in manufacturing outrage and the news.

A spat between a Green Party candidate who filmed himself arguing with security staff over cyclists’ rights at The Base shopping centre has ended up on YouTube.

Max Coyle, who is standing for Hamilton West, said he felt “intimidated and not welcome” after security staff told him and a group of friends to stop riding their bicycles at The Base shopping centre.

But Tainui Group Holdings chief executive Mike Pohio said cyclists were welcome at The Base.

He said Mr Coyle and his friends were riding on the footpath and filming – both not permitted at The Base – and the minute-long clip was an incomplete sequence of events.

Hmmm…an incomplete sequence of events…sounds very familiar.

What will it take for the sanctimonious Greens to act?

Shielded by Sanctimony, Ctd

Things are getting a little heated for Max Dillon Coyle. Yesterday NewstalkZB picked up the story:

A Green candidate is in trouble with the party after his partner appeared in a newspaper feature saying she was going to vote Green this year instead of Labour.

Hamilton mother Melissa Campbell appeared in a feature in the Waikato Times about a struggling young family.

He partner is Max Coyle, who is standing in the Hamilton West electorate for the Greens.

The Waikato Times has since had to issue a clarification, saying the paper asked about any political links and she failed to tell them.

Green co-convener George Morrison says the party is talking to Mr Coyle and he understands the party expects a high standard.

She says Mr Coyle and his partner have given an assurance they did not deliberately mislead the media.

“Max is quite a young and new candidate so we think he’s got great enthusiasm but not much political experience and I think that’s just let him down in this situation.”

Now that is interesting. So Max is now directly contradicting the Waikato Times by saying he did no deliberately mislead the media. I call bullshit on that.

It may also have escaped Max’s notice but lying by?omission?is still lying.

It simply isn;t good enough for the Green party convener to make a blithe statement. It is time for Metiria Turei and Russel Norman to come out from behind their shield of sanctimony and front. After all they were happy to stand for photos with Max.

Max Dillon Coyle also seems to be suffering from a terrible malaise on his Facebook profile that sometimes besets?embarrassing?politicians…that of the disappearing photos. Especially those of him partying it up and drinking excessively in contradiction of the bleating made int eh Waikato Times article about how tough he and his missus are doing it. Definite?sanitization?of his profile is underway.