Sandra Goudie

Cut it down FFS

It is a tree FFS. ?How the hell does a tree end up costing this much?

$6951 charged by Auckland Transport (costs case for resource consent, engineer and arborist’s fees plus travel charges)
$2832.38 by Auckland Parks, Sports & Recreation (incurred costs $1294 plus budgeted removal costs $1538.38)
$2516 for resource consent processing
$12,299.38 total costs to date

Where is Sandra Goudie and her chainsaw these days? ?Her words from 2005 certainly apply here:

“These people are sick of the political correctness crap. They don’t mind a bit of oversight or a few guidelines, but they just want tools to manage it, or they want [Council] to manage it.

“We’ve got to knock some of this red tape on the head.”

Auckland needs a redneck to sort this crap out.



Coromandel selection Candidates

I have been remiss and not published the Coromandel candidate details. So here goes.

Remember this blog does not take sides in selec?tion races, except when skulduggery is taking place. The del?e?gates can be trusted to make the right choice, and should be left alone to make the right choice.

What will appear, though, is com?men?tary on the can?di?dates and the race, with every effort to be made to be as even handed as?possible.

When select?ing can?di?dates there are sev?eral fac?tors that years of expe?ri?ence around politi?cians mean I believe are rel?e?vant. The usual hon?esty and integrity are given, so the fac?tors for del?e?gates to con?sider?are:

  • a suc?cess out?side of politics
  • going to remem?ber the peo?ple that elected them, and be a good party member
  • able to win votes from swingers not just National sup?port?ers. Even the bluest seat mat?ters with the party vote count?ing for every?thing under?MMP, and some?one that can not win swing vot?ers should not be selected
  • do they have a con?nec?tion to the elec?torate or just burn?ing ambition

The poten?tial can?di?dates are Megan Campbell, Brian Sharp, Scott Simp?son and Heather Tanner. As a dis?claimer I have known Scott for as long as I can remem?ber and count him as a friend. All candidates have the massive pro they are not Sandra Goudie so Coromandel will not have a mad MP since Stinky Fitzsimons won it.

Megan Campbell


  • Long time National worker in parliament as well as in electorates
  • Current Electorate chair in CNI region
  • Well connected in the party both inside and outside parliament
  • Former Treasury analyst
  • Community minded
  • Empathetic, compassionate and extremely?likable?across ?right/left divide


  • Former Treasury analyst
  • Can be seen as a policy wonk

Brian Sharp


  • Local, lives in Thames
  • Wife is a good asset, truth be told she should be the one standing
  • Architect


  • Self confessed poor speaker
  • Older candidate
  • Not going to set the world on fire
  • Unlikely to ever make cabinet let alone a select committee chair

Scott Simp?son

As men?tioned I have known Scott for a long time. He has been a loyal party mem?ber for many, many years, serv?ing on the board and as regional chair. He was unsuc?cess?ful in the selec?tion process for Tamaki in 2005, though he would have made a far bet?ter?MP?than Allan Peachey. He also had his name in the hat for Rodney electorate but inextricably withdrew from that contest despite being the front-runner.


  • Been involved with National for a long?time
  • Doesn?t get on with the party president
  • Well con?nected within the party


  • No real con?nec?tion to the electorate?except?his beach house at Kuaotunu
  • Senior party?hack
  • Will strug?gle to win swing voters
  • Not the most suc?cess?ful career out?side of National party politics
  • Should have chal?lenged Peachey in Tamaki not run?ning out?side his home?area

Heather Tanner


  • Woman
  • Maori
  • School teacher


  • Woman
  • Maori
  • School teacher
  • Appears aloof or cold
  • Had the opportunity to build strong community ties and relationships in local Party but hasn’t done the work. Only been member for two years.

National Party Selection Update: Coromandel

Rumours of a high profile party official running in Coromandel are true, with long time Whaleoil friend and former regional chair and party board member Scott Simpson putting his name forward. Word through from the tip line suggests Scott was badly bruised in Rodney, and has decided that with the removal of regional delegates from Rodney he is trying somewhere else.

iPredict seems to know something, with Scott being sold down to 7 cents.

Others in Coromandel are Heather Tanner (a school teacher, FFS!), Megan Campbell and Brian Sharp (architect and former TCDC councillor). A detailed post will follow when more information is know about all of these, with the early word out of the electorate that sitting MP Sandra Goudie seems to be heavily involved.

Knowing Sandra, this could be a positive or a negative depending on which side of bed Sandra has got out of on any given day. The smart money is favouring Sandra staying in bed, and probably in bed somewhere on the other side of the world until after selection.

The tipline has also run hot with the calls about National?s campaign training day on Saturday. Someone needs to be held to account for the disconnect between selection and campaign training, as there are still many seats without candidates. This blog has pointed out that the President and the Campaign Manager have been negligent in not having selection complete by now. Labour have had their candidates ready for months and it is not as if it is a surprise there is going to be an election in 2011.

On a positive note the campaign day includes Hekia Parata talking about running a strong campaign, based on her success in the Mana by-election. This blog is predicting Hekia will win the seat of Mana on November the 26th, especially as Kris McFa?afoi appears to be MIA cleaning up his own domestic issues.

A solution for Fossy's gay ute

By now everyone knows that Craig Foss has a gay ute.

Ever the helpful blogger I think I have a solution for Craig Foss so he can man up.

Hopefully he will be able to find the money to buy Sandra Goudie’s non-gay V8 Ford Falcon 500 now she is retiring and save Hastings from being?embarrassed?by an MP with a gay ute.

Sandra Goudie's V8 Ford Falcon 500

Sandra Goudie's manly V8 Ford Falcon 500

Still, at least it isn’t as gay as Lord Burns? of Marlborough?s love bug.

National's Regeneration Project

Unfortunately for National there is no one with the ego or moxie of Michelle Boag to quietly going around kneecapping MPs who are past their used by date. Credit to Michelle, she was bloody good at kneecapping people and she helped the selection process that saw John Key and Judith Collins take nominations from incumbents. It pays not to get in the way of an angry, egotistical woman on the warpath, discretion is definitely the better part of valour etc.

National has a fair bit of dead wood who don?t add a lot to caucus and would be better doing something else useful for National outside of caucus, letting someone else take their seat. ?As mentioned in a previous post, Helen Clark waited too long to regenerate.

MPs like Wayne Mapp, Allan Peachey, Paul Hutchinson, Sandra Goudie and Lindsay Tisch hold safe blue seats, and have been good party people for a long time. They should be offered dignified exits and interesting career opportunities outside of parliament. No kneecapping, just a friendly chat about the future and their prospects.

Someone like Paul, who is far too nice to be in parliament, could well end up chair of a couple of health boards, or some other significant health appointment. Wayne could end up with an offshore posting where his intellect and experience are valued. Someone could have a word to Sir Peter Jackson about a starring role for Lindsay.

Then there are some list MPs who contribute little and probably wont win a seat any time soon. They also need to be moved on, often back to sectors where they were very successful, unlike their lack of success in parliament. This includes Paul Quinn, Katrina Shanks, and Jacqui Blue. They would be better off outside parliament, and if National were like Labour they would be given jobs were National needs someone they can trust. Jacqui Blue especially could provide vital expertise to Tony Ryall in helping correct the wrinkles in the health sector.

Since it seems to be the season for change and my wires are?tingling?about a couple of pending announcements this Friday it might be a good idea to add a few more to the list.

UPDATE: Wayne Mapp has announced his retirement at the next election.

The links to Helen getting stronger

It has always been thought that the architect behind the destablisation of Phil Goff by Chris Carter has been Helen Clark. It should surprise no-one that Clark is back in New Zealand this week.

The puzzle pieces are falling into place, one of which is the appointment by Chris Carter of Claudia Elliott to represent him.

Back in December 2004 NBR’s Jock Anderson wrote an article about Claudia Elliot.

Outgoing Attorney-General Margaret Wilson rewarded her Rotorua chum Jan Walker’s life-long Labour Party loyalty by making her a judge.Miss Walker 58, whose appointment some lawyers greeted with gasps of disbelief, will sit as a district and family court judge in Waitakere.

Despite her age, if she plays her cards right, she could join the Supreme Court.

Ms Wilson’s media statement on her appointment made no reference to Miss Walker’s life-long Labour commitment.

A Labour-appointed chairwoman of the former Casino Control Authority, Miss Walker shares a legal partnership with fellow party activist and feminist?Claudia Elliott, chairwoman of the literature and film review board.

Apart from being outed in a recent?Investigate magazine as a lesbian, the unmarried Miss Walker will be remembered as an unpopular candidate who in a 1985 by-election lost Labour’s 57-year domination of the Timaru seat to National.

Steeped in Labour party politics from her 1964 Canterbury university days Miss Walker is a staunch left-winger and hard-line party activist who has held influential party branch positions wherever she has worked, including Tauranga and Rotorua.

In Rotorua Miss Walker’s firm has strong links to Maori lawyer John Chadwick, whose Labour MP wife, Steve Chadwick, is heavily involved in women’s issues and is the stern political face of anti-smoking law.

Miss Walker is a former Rotorua city councillor and Maori affairs department solicitor and a member of the Rotorua legal aid committee, legal aid review authority and the legal aid review panel.

At a select committee hearing in 2000 as public-funded legal aid spiralled out of control, former National justice minister Tony Ryall dismissed claims by Miss Walker and Ms Elliott that National’s Legal Services Bill was “undemocratic and based on a right-wing ideology.”

Last year Miss Walker was at the centre of conflict of interest claims investigated by National’s Sandra Goudie on behalf of Whitianga man Martin Bowers, who was refused legal aid.

Miss Walker was a lawyer for one of the parties in Mr Bower’s case.

She was also part of a pool of specialised advisers who the Legal Services Agency used for advice on legal aid matters.

Justice Minister Phil Goff said Miss Walker did not advise on the Bower case; nor, as a member of the legal aid review panel, was she assigned to review Mr Bower’s legal aid application.

Mr Goff said it was unlikely Miss Walker had a conflict of interest.

The tentacles and machination of Clark and Wilson are very long indeed. She’s not just a friend, as Phil Goff claims, she’s one of the finest legal minds of the Clark-Wilson regime.

Stuff also had an article in February 2005.

A lawyer with aspirations of presiding on the bench would be well advised to firstly set up in legal practice on Pukaki Street.

Rotorua lawyer Jan Walker was recently sworn in as a family court judge becoming the third legal representative from the street in recent years to be elevated to judge’s chambers following the appointments of Louis Bidois and Denise Clark.

Attorney General Margaret Wilson and a coterie of judges from around the country were present at the Rotorua Courthouse for the swearing in which followed a wero and powhiri.

Judge Walker has the distinction of being the first woman to practice law in Palmerston North and also worked in both Tauranga and Wellington before moving to Rotorua in 1979. She initially worked as a staff solicitor for the Department of Maori Affairs and became a sole practitioner in 1986. Three years later she joined forces with?Claudia Elliott though the partnership had an inauspicious beginning.

“We had a burglary two days after we opened the offices,” she recalled.

Judge Phil Cooper has no doubt that the country’s 41st and newest family court judge will adapt well to her new role.

“You have a reputation for legal acumen, hard work, common sense and a down to earth approach which will hold you in good stead.”

Judge Walker said she hoped her new position in Albany would not prevent her from following one general life-long principle.

“I try to learn something different and do something new every day,” she said.

All the favours are now being called in to make sure Phil Goff appears as inept as possible. So far none of what Chris Carter said in his ill-fated memo to repeaters has been wrong. Quite the contrary, it is becoming reality.

Labour First's SuperGold Card a waste of space

The Southland Times is reporting that the oldies are revolting, and I’m not just talking about the ones who haven’t changed their Tena pads.

They are revolting over the SuperGold card.

However, southern cardholders said they found the card of little benefit to them, offering few helpful discounts in the south.

Pensioner Bill Watt, of Invercargill, said he “seldom” found the card helpful.

“Quite frankly, I don’t bother using it down here,” he said.

Brian Dawson, of Winton, agreed and said the card was a “waste of bloody time” .

Both men said they were yet to receive any significant discounts or benefits from their cards and found the list of businesses offering discounts unlikely to help many pensioners or cardholders.

Busted Blonde has a list of ten suggestions of what you can use the SuperGold Card for. The Labour First SuperGold sounds like it is dead duck. The BlogMobile will check this out on the road particularly since we are off to Tauranga tomorrow.