Sandy Hook

Why the NRA won’t be defeated

Politicians and pundits all rounded on the NRA as the bad guys int he wake of Sandy Hook, missing the point entirely about gun control.

The NRA copped a flogging in the liberal media, especially from Piers Morgan as he idiotically mis-represented the law, milked the tragic situation and ?politicked against the NRA.

But it was all to no effect as two senators in Colorado found out on Tuesday.

All that publicity and attacks just made the NRA more powerful.

While the NRA took its lumps in the months after Newtown, the group actually experienced a surge in membership and support that more than compensated for the drubbing they got in the mainstream press. Though liberals, including the president, falsely asserted that NRA support was merely the function of donations from gun manufacturers, it remained something that the anti-gun groups were not: a genuine grass-roots organization that could generate intense activity from its members when they were called upon.? Read more »

Dumb politicians on Gun Control

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting politicians raced to see if they could say or do more than the next one. Gov.?Andrew Cuomo did more than most and has stuffed up more than most:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo?won the race?to enact new gun restrictions following the Sandy Hook massacre, beating every other opportunistic, grandstanding politician in the country by signing a bill that was passed so fast legislators had no time to read it. One consequence of that unseemly haste, I?noted?a few days later, was that legislators forgot to exempt current and retired police officers from the new rule for magazines, which reduced the maximum number of rounds from 10 to seven (because, as Cuomo?explained, “nobody needs 10 bullets to kill a deer”). The ensuing outrage at the lack of a double standard revealed not only that cops take their special rights for granted but also that they do not believe the magazine limit?which they support for “regular citizens”?will have any impact on criminals. Now Cuomo has?noticed?another problem: Before imposing his arbitrary ammunition limit, he did not bother to check on the availability of seven-round magazines. It turns out “there is no such thing as a seven-bullet magazine,” he said at a press conference yesterday. “That doesn’t exist. So you really have no practical option.”? Read more »

Newtown father gives it to State Legislators

Watch this Newtown father give it to the state legislators:

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More bullshit tactics from the anti gun lobby

As usual the anti gun activists are busy applying their argument as deceptively as they possibly can, and not just with misinformation. This time an over excited Bill Cosby wannabe from MSNBC does a shit job of reporting the facts by twisting it to sensationalize the story in his most pathetic ‘slow Cosby shout’ making shit up with false claims of heckling. Here’s how it played out according to MSNBC:

(relevant part starting at 3:28 onwards)



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In Defense of Concealed Carry

There is much talk of “gun control” in the US, with a great deal of the focus being dispossessing citizens of the means to defend themselves from the criminal elements that commit crimes. Focus needs to be also on the vast majority of gun owners who do not break the law…like concealed carry?permitted?citizens.

Jeffrey Goldberg at The?Atlantic?examines this:

The population of concealed-carry permit holders in the U.S. now exceeds 9 million, and this group is responsible for very little crime — they commit crime at a rate lower than the general population, and lower than police officers, and they certainly, as a rule, don’t open fire on anyone who looks threatening. They are not the problem, and concealed-carry generally is not the problem. It may even be part of a solution, until such time as a giant magnet appears over the continental U.S. and sucks into the sky America’s civilian-owned weapons, or until the gun control movement convinces the majority of Americans who believe in private weapons ownership to open a debate about the 2nd Amendment.? Read more »

Penn Jillette and three morons on gun control

A reader emails:

In relation to your posts on gun control in the USA,?thought your readers might be interested in this clip:

Penn Jillette on a panel talk show with 3 womens. Penn is the voice of?logic and reason regarding gun control but is on his own against 3?clucking hens wanting to ban or blame everything but the shooter. I?did some googling on one of the points Penn makes – in 2005 there were?810 accidental drownings in the USA in 0-14 year olds, in the same?year there were 305 firearm deaths (both accidental and homicide) in?the same age bracket. Source?

I have no problem with media?attention on the tragedy at Sandy Hook, but when will the media lead?the charge on amending swimming pool fencing regulations, like they?are now doing with gun control?