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Oh dear, look who is at the bottom of the list

Readers Digest has released their “Most Trusted” list of Kiwis…and predictably Willie Apiata is at the top of the list.

Politicians are as trustworthy as sex workers and Willie Apiata, VC, is – again – the most trusted of all New Zealanders, according to an annual survey on the country’s most trusted people and professions.

The 10th annual New Zealand Reader’s Digest Trust Survey revealed a skew towards sports stars and emergency service workers as those whom Kiwis put the most faith in.

Mr Apiata took out the top spot as the most trusted of 100 well-known Kiwis, followed by Northland doctor and champion of Maori health care Lance O’Sullivan and All Blacks captain Richie McCaw.

But look who is at the bottom of the list:

99. Kim Dotcom, internet entrepreneur
100. Hone Harawira, Mana Party leader

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Cue Wailing and Gnashing of teeth

? NZ Herald

The Labour party is going to go spare…Trevor Mallard will finally pop that vein he is working on all week, and perhaps split his spleen:

Prime Minister John Key is repeating the talkback hour on Radio Live that caused him such strife in the lead up to last year’s election.

Radio Live announced today that Mr Key would again host a `Prime Minister’s Hour’ on the station tomorrow, with chosen guests including journalist David Frost, Olympic cyclist Sarah Ulmer, chef Al Brown and former Australian prime minister John Howard.

Radio Live first hosted the Prime Minister’s Hour in September last year, sparking anger from Labour who claimed it gave Mr Key an unfair advantage in the lead-up to an election, a period in which strict broadcasting and election advertising rules applied.