Saudi Arabia

What is the difference between Saudi Arabia and ISIS?

Question: What is the difference between Saudi Arabia and ISIS?

Answer: ISIS hasn’t yet been elected to the United Nation’s Human Rights Council.

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McCully off to collect his 30 pieces of silver?

NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully

Murray McCully is off to his Islamic pals for a reach around:

Foreign Minister Murray McCully travels to the Gulf region this weekend for meetings in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain.

?Our relationships with this important region are growing at a great pace and my visit will be an opportunity to continue discussions about priority areas, including the NZ-GCC FTA, regional security issues and cooperation in areas such as renewable energy,? Mr McCully says. ? Read more »

Can’t remember the snowflakes complaining about this outrage in Saudi Arabia

I doubt there will be a UN Resolution over this appalling crime in Saudi Arabia.

Two transgender Pakistanis were reportedly packed into sacks and thrashed to death with sticks by police in Saudi Arabia.

The pair from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan, were arrested in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for cross-dressing in public.

It is a punishable offence in the kingdom for a man to imitate a woman and officers arrested 35 people in a raid on a guest house.

Police recovered women’s clothing and jewellery and took those arrested into custody. ?? Read more »

A good start for winding back the UN

Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp and one particular swamp that needed draining was the one at Turtle Bay?and it’s adjunct in Geneva.

Yesterday the draining commenced.

President Trump’s administration confirmed it is reviewing the United States? participation in the U.N. Human Rights Council, warning Wednesday that it wants the international body to reform its agenda and end its ?obsession with Israel.?

Washington critics have argued that the Geneva-based council unfairly targets Israel over allegations of human rights violations and alleged war crimes against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. ? Read more »

Wake up Australia: Saudi Arabia’s influence on Indonesia is increasing

Saudi Arabia is getting too close for comfort to Indonesia. It has already been revealed that funding from SA and other gulf states to the extremist Islamic sect of Wahhabism is scaring moderate Muslim leaders in Australia who are begging the government to intervene. Now I am wondering if Saudi Arabia is also building up military support from the largest Islamic population in the world that is right on Australia’s doorstep.

Not for almost half a century has Saudi Arabia’s King graced Indonesia with his presence, but that’s all about to change, in a big way.

…the ambassador said the King’s six days in Bali would not disrupt the holiday island, a signal bikini-clad women could still roam free.

The fact that people even considered that his visit would impact the freedom of citizens to dress how they like shows just how much power the Saudi Arabian King is perceived to have over Indonesia already.

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Be afraid, be very afraid, this is coming to New Zealand

Lefties who won’t listen to Whaleoil’s warnings of the dangers associated with Islam because of our political views should listen to the brave Muslim leaders in Australia who are urgently sounding the alarm. If ?Australian Muslim leaders are afraid and getting death threats for exposing the threat then Australians should be very afraid. The leaders are pleading with the Australian government to do something about it explaining that Saudi money is funding the threat but the ?Australian government like New Zealand’s still thinks,

” She’ll be right mate.”

She won’t.

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Shocking Human Rights abusers elected by the UN to 2017 Human Rights council

If the United Nations was a legitimate organisation then you would expect it to elect countries with the best Human Rights records to the 2017 Human Rights Council. You wouldn’t expect countries with systematic suppression of free speech, arbitrary detentions, death sentences for apostasy and extrajudicial killings to be elected. Shockingly the United Nations has selected countries with exactly those human rights abuses to serve on its 2017 Human Rights Council.

The Human Rights Council, mind you, is supposed to ?uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights,? according to its mandate…

Let’s take a closer look at the new members of the 2017 Human Rights Council.

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Key continues to die in a ditch over McCully’s dodgy sheep deal

For reasons known only to him, John Key continues to die in a ditch for Murray McCully over his dirty deeds done with sheep.

Mr Key said the deal with a Saudi businessman smoothed relations between New Zealand and the Gulf States which are discussing a trade deal.

Under the deal the government gave more than $11 million in cash, livestock and agricultural equipment to Saudi livestock importer Hamood Al-Khalaf, to appease him over New Zealand’s ban on live sheep exports.

A report by the Auditor-General found no evidence of corruption, but heavily criticised government processes. It found no evidence of the government seeking legal advice on a claimed legal threat by the Saudi businessman.

Mr Key told Morning Report the issue was very serious and had led to a breakdown in the relationship.

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Time for McCully to find employment elsewhere

Ben Thomas has a word about the darkness that is Murray McCully:

Murray McCully has been described as a political Houdini. And if this week?s Auditor-General report on his Saudi sheep deal is another miraculous getaway for the foreign minister, it also confirms that like the famed escape artist?s contortions it was only necessary because he first put himself in harm?s way.

It seems inevitable that while his critics and political foes have been denied the spectacle of seeing him torn limb from limb in a pirahna tank, this will be McCully?s last great escape.

He is able to say he has been cleared of any suspicion of corrupt practices under the Crimes Act, or of making a ?facilitation payment,? when he used $11.5 million in taxpayer money to buy a private businessman a doomed sheep station in the middle eastern desert in the hope of ?unlocking? a free trade agreement with Saudi Arabia.

This, however, is the window dressing of a damning report, that shows strong concerns about the transparency, process and accountability of the deal. The Auditor-General gives short shrift to the idea that the ?agrihub? had any purpose other than to settle the grievance of Saudi Arabian investor Sheik Hmood Al Ali Al Khalaf, whose plans for live sheep exports from New Zealand had been frustrated by the intransigence of the government and were seen as blocking an FTA. She makes clear that the so-called contract for services was a ?guise? ? a concealment of the true nature of the deal.

The central allegation against McCully, that he misled Cabinet over the existence of a $30 million legal threat to the New Zealand government in going ahead with the deal, has not been debunked.

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Sweating and chanting couple asked to leave aircraft

When it comes to suspicious?behaviour this couple raised four red flags but as usual CAIR, the well-funded?American centre of Islamic legal jihad has gone into bat for them. I believe that CAIR’s?intention, in this case, is the same as their intention when they defended ” Clock boy”, the Muslim boy who scared his teachers by bringing what looked like a bomb to school. CAIR want to make people too frightened of crippling legal fees to take action when a Muslim does something suspicious.

It is already working as after a number of terrorist attacks neighbours and workmates of the terrorists have told media that they were suspicious of the actions of the terrorist but didn’t say anything because they didn’t want to be labelled racists.

…Faisal Ali and his wife, Nazia had boarded a Cincinnati bound Delta Air Lines flight in Paris, France. The plane sat on the tarmac for about 45 minutes. During that time, several flight attendants noticed that the husband was sweating, hiding his phone, and that both he and his wife were chanting ?Allah? repeatedly. It made the flight attendants uncomfortable, reports the Independent UK.

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