Horse meat? Meh…how about Giraffe

With all the fuss in Europe over a bit of tasty horse meat you could forgiven for thinking this is a problem.

In South Africa they have found out that they?have?been eating donkey and water buffalo burgers instead of beef.

Research released this week found that donkey, water buffalo and other unconventional ingredients had been found in almost two-thirds of hamburgers and sausages tested in Africa’s largest?economy.

But 4 years ago it wasn’t just donkey and buffalo.? Read more »


Back from the boondocks…the deer is being made into sausages, patties and two salami.

Miss Whale is happy after two days int he hut and hunting with Dad.

All is well in the world…now to smack up some pinkos.


The bratwurst effect

Iran is playing hard ball and is going to seriously piss off the Krauts.

But the most bizarre report on the consequences of sanctions against Iran comes courtesy of?USA Today, which serves up a report from Germany on the rising price of bratwurst, which is made with sheep intestines imported from Iran:

Some suggest Iran is intentionally punishing Germany with the shortage. Rainer Heimler, president of the Society for the Protection of Nuremberg Bratwurst, which defends the good name of the sausage from the low-quality imitations, said he doubts the connection between politics and bratwurst inflation.

“I cannot imagine that as revenge on Europe, Iran might refuse to deliver intestines to prevent the Germans from eating bratwurst,” Heimler said.


Meat Salad

Master Whaleoil was cooking tonight. His recipe was “Meat Salad”

You need:

6 pork sausages (Cucumber slices)
Home made meatballs (Radish)
4 Venison (Red Deer) steaks (cow lettuce)
1 Rump steak (cow lettuce)
some cubed ham (croutons)
Salamai sliced (Tomato)
Pepperoni slices? (carrot sticks)
Eggs and Beer to make beer batters to coat chicken
2 chicken breasts sliced

Cook it all up and mix in a bowl…Serve:

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