F*** SBW, here’s a fight I’d pay to see: Cat Pause vs Gareth Morgan




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Dr vs Dr. It would make a lot of money.

Bob Jones on the SBW fiasco

It was inevitable that pugilistic enthusiast Bob Jones would have his say.  And as per usual, it’s a ripper

Jones said Williams “seems to be a very unsettled person, changing countries and sport on an annual basis”.

He also said the WBA was a “nonsense” and a “ratbag” organisation, and described South African Botha, 44, as a geriatric in boxing terms who reached his zenith last century and was “knocked out by everybody”.

The championship belt Botha and Williams were supposedly fighting for was “bogus”.

“There’s no such championship,” Jones said.

“Imagine if he [Williams] suddenly decided he wanted to take up tennis, and so he’s matched with elderly women and fat chaps who’ve never held a tennis racket.

“This is the equivalent of what happened with boxing with massive publicity. I mean, it’s absurd.

“Then they dig up some tennis player who’s actually dying of cancer, or something, who won Wimbledon, or who was a Wimbledon player in 1966, or something, and give it all this hype. This is not a bad analogy.”

The most humorous part of the fight was that people paid money to see a staged event.  As if an out of condition 44 year old was ever going to provide any real opposition for a physically healthy athlete.

If you were wise enough to keep your money, but you would still like to see what the “highlights” were, the video clip is over the break.   Read more »