Stop whining, it is the market in action

I really get sick of people whining about scalpers.

Disgruntled?ticket-seekers are striking back against scalpers by placing multimillion-dollar bids on auctions in an attempt to get them shut down.

Trade Me members are bidding up to $56 million in order to take control away from people looking to cash in on the hottest tickets in town, for Saturday’s Super Rugby final between the Hurricanes and the Highlanders at Westpac Stadium.

They are lucky it isn’t me selling the tickets, because their bids would be accepted then I’d pursue them for the monies. Placing false bids is tantamount to fraud.

Tickets?went on sale to the public at 4pm on Monday, but many would-be buyers were disappointed as?Ticketek sold 29,000 tickets in 59 seconds.

Less than an hour later, scalpers began selling tickets on Trade Me and overseas ticketing website Viagogo. ? Read more »

Is it Mallard?

? NZ Herald

Flight of the Conchords tickets are being scalped on Trade Me. There is only one thing I want to know…is Mallard doing the scalping…he has form ripping off kids.

The Flight of the Conchords went to great lengths to stop it happening, but tickets to their shows are being sold for more than twice the face value online.

One of the promoters of the New Zealand tour said the only way to stop scalping was to change legislation.

When the in-demand tickets to the comedy duo’s show went on sale, the band and their promoters adopted a strategy to prevent potential scalpers bulk-buying tickets to later sell for a profit.

But already two tickets to one of the Auckland shows have sold for $636 – more than two and a half times the most expensive ticket.

Currently there are 12 auctions on Trade Me and nine have already closed – though some are for more than one ticket – just a tiny proportion of all the available tickets, said Paul Ford, spokesman for the online auction site.

Last night bidding had reached $450 for two tickets to one of the Wellington shows. The auction closes on Sunday.

A simple morality tale, Ctd

Gordon Campbell is not happy with Trevor Mallard, nor with Labour. He is especially harsh about Labour’s prospects:

Yesterday, as the story finally ran its course, the end game was just as instructive. During Question Time in Parliament, the National Party treated Mallard?s discomfort merely as a joke. No surprise there. Mallard?s own closing gambit though, was interesting. Did he pay the kids back the excess he?d charged them? No. Instead, he offered to buy back the tickets. You can almost hear Mallard and his dickhead advisers working this one out. ?Look, they paid you the price, Trev. They can obviously afford it. The only reason they?re pissed off is because you?re an MP. So screw them. Offer to buy back the tickets. It?s a win/win. If they refuse, you keep the money. If they use the tickets and go to Homegrown it shows everyone they were willing to pay the price?And if they accept the buyback ? which they won?t ? at least the little bastards won?t get to go to Homegrown.? Dismayingly, RNZ carried a sound clip of David Shearer saying that this offer from Mallard was the only right thing to do.

Well, it wasn?t. There was always another option. As the students involved told the?NZ Herald,?Mallard should donate the profits he made to charity. He still should. Yet clearly, Mallard and the Labour leadership have learned nothing from this grubby little saga. Maybe the electorate has, though. Because any young voter has been given a very simple political lesson in terms that they can readily understand, Namely, that if you want to change the government, vote for the Greens. Because Labour are a party who?ll screw you over ticket prices for any music gig, any chance they get.

A simple morality tale, Ctd

Again from Gordon Campbell in his evisceration of Trevor Mallard’s actions in scalping tickets to some kids:

One could go on. The last Labour government had thrown a lot of resources into supporting the local music industry ? remember Helen Clark going to the annual music awards ? ? and Mallard now appeared to be cashing in on the enthusiasm this had generated. Not for the first time either. Reportedly, Mallard has sold tickets to Homegrown and the Sevens rugby on Trade Me and Facebook in years past. There was, of course, never anything to stop him ? if he had bought those tickets in good faith, with any real intention of attending ? from selling them at face value. As someone from Ticketek pointed out, that?s what the tickets have printed on them ? that resale at a profit is not permitted.

Leave aside the simple morality for a moment. From the instant this story went viral, any sane politician would have immediately got out their chequebook and given the kids back the balance, or else quickly donated the profit portion to the SPCA or some other charity. And if Mallard was too greedy or stupid to realise that?s what he needed to do, you?d think his party leader would have been on the phone straight away to set him straight. Instead, the story ran for nearly 48 hours, virtually unimpeded.

Of course it is entirely possible that Shearer did get on the phone straight away and Trevor Mallard simply ignored him. I covered this in my Saturday Summary.

Mallard’s Brilliant Strategy leaked

via the tipline:

Trevor Mallard appears to have left his strategy document lying around where my tipster was able to take a photo…it certainly looks authentic…he has followed the strategy to the letter. (fullsize image)

Like his Underpants Stealing Strategy this has all the promise of being as successful for him and Labour.

Mallard Redux

I was looking over the footage from last night’s appearance by Trevor Mallard on Campbell Live… and then realised… he used exactly the same apology the last time he got into trouble. ?Most amazingly, it’s word-for-word.

“It’s not flash”
“It was a mistake”
“I’ve cocked up”

He also employed the same strategy after he smacked Tau, saying that he had been the subject of widespread criticism which had embarrassed him.

This man has no shame.

He is a recidivist offender who to my knowledge has never said sorry .. but it’s the hardest word…

But more importantly, where on earth is Daydream Shearer? Missing in action.

Words of the Day

via MacDoctor


1.?a disorder?in which the sufferer has a propensity to damage his/her own team by random acts of stupidity.
2. a pathological desire to ride a bicycle while trying to blog.


1. a packet of?thin,?crisp upper-class biscuits.
2. an extreme lack of social media etiquette often associated with?mallardies
3. episodes of social self-harm; or lack of awareness of said episodes

Yes you are

Trevor Mallard reckons he isn’t a scalper:

Labour MP Trevor Mallard is denying he is a scalper or a hypocrite, despite a trading record showing he has sold plenty of tickets online.

The Dominion Post revealed yesterday that the Hutt South MP made a $276 profit by selling four tickets to Saturday’s sold-out Homegrown music festival in Wellington.

Although there was nothing illegal about the sale, Mr Mallard came under fire in part because it was he who initiated anti-scalping legislation in 2007 to cover events such as the Rugby World Cup.

He said at the time that “scalping is a ripoff”. His Trade Me account shows he has been a member of the online auction site since 2005, and has sold plenty of tickets in the past.

Yes Trevor you are a scalper…and a hypocrite…why can’t you just say sorry…and shut up.

Labour’s leadership surely has told Trevor Mallard to say sorry, shut up, and stop talking to the media. The fact that he hasn’t done so just shows that he is unfit to remain in parliament. He thinks this is all about him.

If this was an ACT MP or even a National MP with a record of opposing Mallard’s legislation or a belief in the free market setting prices based upon supply and demand then there wouldn’t be a problem.

But this case is nothing like that. Trevor Mallard believes and indeed passed a law that scalping was wrong…in some instances…his public statements at?the?time prove this. It is the hypocrisy of the situation…plus the so far unstated assumption that?the?Labour party is the?defender?of the arts. To have one of their own ripping off kids and breaching Ticketek rules just spits in the face of that legacy.

To hijack the headlines when Labour had National on the ropes over the Crafar farms and the inept handling of NZ on Air by Craig Foss is actually politically?unforgivable.

Trevor Mallard however is intent on continuing this little battle. Far be it from me to stop him. I’m enjoying this.

Plays of the Day

It was predictable that Trevor Mallard would cop a shellacking for his scalping, and so it panned out. Gerry Brownlee got in a nice slap on a non-Point of Order.

But it was Steven Joyce, ably assisted by Tau Henare delivered a superb smacking:

Random Impertinent Questions

Now that we know Trevor Mallard is a scalper we really need to know a few other things.

  • Does he have form in this regard? Well yes he does, he is a repeat offender.
  • Are these tickets complimentary…of the type given to all MPs from time to time? Poor form to sell comps for a profit.
  • If they are comps then why aren’t they declared in the Pecuniary Interests Register?
  • Has Trevor Mallard declared the profit on his tax return?

It seems that Trevor Mallard in between his busy life as a professional cyclist and part time MP is also a part time ticket scalper, supplementing his meagre MPs salary.