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Nothing Less than a scandal, Ctd

I note today,?the Labour aligned teacher unions have had a go at Bill English, trying to suggest that he is in breach of electoral law. Of course this is still sloppy stuff from Bill English who appears to have the ball handling skills of Quade Cooper.

But hypocrisy from Labour and the teacher’s unions is staggering.

Attached are images from a school newsletter, featuring a Parliamentary-funded advertisement from Carol Beaumont, under the slogan “Please Support Our Sponsors”

School Newsletter

This was published within the regulated period. ?Furthermore, I understand Carol Beaumont paid for the advertorial space, which is blatant campaigning and has no authorisation. Bill English has said that he will account for it in his election return I wonder if Carol Beaumont will do likewise.

It appears it’s only wrong in the teacher union’s eyes when National does it.

Of course the teacher’s unions are also blind to the?blatant?electioneering by their own members in school newsletters.

The School Trustees Association has it right:

Schools Trustees Association president Lorraine Kerr said individual school boards made decisions about advertising but she could see a problem with schools getting involved in politics.

“Schools can’t afford to align themselves to one political party because they don’t know who their community, their families, represent or not,” she said.

“Rather than get into that sort of battle they’re better to remain neutral.”

And that means free from?politicking?by union loving?principals?and teachers as well.

Another email from Perry Rush

Another email via the tipline showing that the union organised opposition to National Standards are planning to ignore government policy and refuse to submit National Standards data to the Ministry or at the very least to submit them in a format that makes things difficult. Worse they are?inciting?more schools to essentially break the law:
Email from Perry Rush

Perry?Rush is, of course, the principal of Island Bay School in Wellington, and was among a number of principals plotting to take over?the School Trustees Association.?- along with the likes of?Labour candidate Pat Newman, Auckland’s Iain Taylor,?the NZEI’s Frances Nelson and the infamous Marlene Campbell, who called Anne Tolley “Hitler”.

An email exchange shows principals involved in a boycott of the standards discussed “dealing with” the New Zealand School Trustees Association.

“The easiest way is for us to quietly take over regional organisations of NZSTA … Just imagine NZSTA run by principals!” an email written by Hora Hora School principal Pat Newman states.

Mr Newman is former president of the Principals’ Federation and the immediate past president of the Tai Tokerau Principals Association.

He is one of two Labour Party members vying for selection to stand as the Labour candidate in Whangarei next year.

His email was sent to, among others, Denise Torrey, president of the Canterbury Primary Principals Association; Frances Nelson, president of the national primary teachers’ union; Iain Taylor, president of the Auckland Primary Principals Association, and Perry Rush, Island Bay School principal.

Marlene Campbell, principal of Invercargill’s Salford School and a member of the Southland Primary Principals Association executive, which this week called Education Minister Anne Tolley “Minister Hitler”, was also a recipient. All have been vocal critics of the national standards.

Mr Taylor responded to Mr Newman’s August 20 email with: “Oh that the go!! Great thinking … loved ya email to her too … man she awful!!” Mr Taylor was referring to NZSTA president Lorraine Kerr, who has refused to criticise or fully endorse the standards.

So you can see the calibre of the company he keeps……

These guys however just keep on repeating lies – and hope lazy journalists pick up on them. So the stuff about flaws is crap – as is Standards failing overseas – they have never been introduced overseas. (Standard testing has – ie one test on one day -?but that’s not what National’s policy is implementing – here in New Zealand we are monitoring kids throughout the year.) We know that it is all crap because the union is hiring a useful idiot to conduct “independent”?research to confirm their lies.

There’s no doubt this is a political campaign, with Perry Rush?and other principals trying to dupe and bully boards into signing off on something they probably don’t understand – while trusting their principals to be professional.

Rush has constantly exagerrated the numbers he has?backing him – and this is yet another petty protest as he knows he is getting no traction whatsoever in the media.

BUT what Perry Rush doesn’t tell the boards – and?this is the bit that readers will appreciate – if schools don’t set targets against Standards, the Ministry won’t have the info to target funding for the kids and schools which need it. So they will miss out on millions in resourcing, and kids in these schools will continue to fail – all because of politics. Parents will then be demanding an explanation from their school. They should be demanding an?explanation?fromt heir schools now about why they are trying to circumvent government policy that could well affect future funding.

Also – schools which don’t set targets won’t have access to professional development for their teachers – which is worth about $80 million a year.

Of course, the other reason they?don’t want to set targets is that communities will then find out which principals/teachers aren’t up to scratch – and again parents will, rightly, demand answers.

Both NZEI and the Principals’ Federation flounced out of the independent advisory group which was set up to address concerns. Of course they are only interested in union members – not kids. They honestly believe Labour will win the election and they can go back to the bad old days where parents were kept in the dark about how their kids are doing in school.

They’ve never forgiven Anne Tolley for introducing this without them giving the OK – and now the unions can’t get their voice heard and it’s killing them.

By the way – these are primary school kids – they don’t pass or fail – it’s only by identifying which kids are struggling that they can be given additional support so they can read, write and do maths properly. A lot of schools already say they know which kids are struggling – which begs the question – what the hell have they been doing about it?

Who is funding the National Standards boycott?

With all the money being spent by the NZ?Principals?Federation?(the?principals?union) hiring expensive PR firms, setting up expensive websites and mounting the campaign and the all the media liasion you would like to know exactly where that money is coming from wouldn’t you.

Well thanks to The Whaleoil tipline we do now. It is coming from the taxpayer via the various Prinicpals Associations which are funded by the Boards of Trustees and ultimately the government.

Documents obtained via the tipline show that;

Canterbury Primary Principals?Association?- donated $30,000

Southland Primary?Principals?Association?- donated $1,000

Manawatu Primary Prinicpals Asociation – donated $10,000

Undisclosed donations from the Catholic Primary?Principals?Association, the Whanganui Regional Primary Prinicpals Association and the Wellington Regional Primary?Principals?Association.

I’m also informed that $60,000 was donated by the Auckland Primary?Principals?Association.

The NZPF NZPF claims individual members are funding this from their own pockets. These documents show otherwise.

The School Trustees Association ?has already sent a message to boards saying that schools should not be contributing to this. You might not be aware but ?as part of the collective agreement for Prinicpals, schools fund the principal’s membership of the NZPF and local Principals Associations.

These?Principals?Associations?are essentially taking money from the schools, provided by the government and using it to hire expensive PR spin doctors and mount a campaign against a legal requirement.

When the NZPF say that they are funding their campaign out of their own pockets they are demonstrably lying. Parents should be demanding that their Boards prove that they are not funding this campaign and diverting key resources from their children into a union managed campaign against government policy.

I note too that there is a list of sponsors of the NZPF, ironically ranked by how much they have given, a standard in effect. These organisations can now safely be branded as supporting the illegal action to boycott National Standards and themselves should be boycotted by parents who think that the?principals?should stick to running schools instead of mounting political campaigns.

I wonder how much of the sponsors money has also been used to fund political action against legitimate government policy?

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