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A survey worth responding to

Porn comes out of the shadows – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Stuff are running an online survey to go with an article on pornography and a new book.

The traditional stereotype of a porn user is a dysfunctional middle aged man in a grubby raincoat, but that is being challenged by an unlikely newcomer to the scene, according to a new book on pornography in Australia.

That newcomer, says author Catharine Lumby, is likely to be a woman aged under 35 who lives in the suburbs, votes for a progressive party like the Greens, is in a monogamous relationship with a man and earns slightly more than average.

The book puts to bed a number of myths about who’s doing pornography in Australia and what they are watching, looking at, reading and clicking on.

These include the belief that “no sane woman” would look at pornography unless she was forced to by a male partner, Lumby says.

“One of the myths (about pornography) suggests that women aren’t consumers but we have very clear evidence that there’s a growing proportion of porn consumers who are women,’ she says.

“The statistics are so high now that that (that myth) doesn’t seem correct.”

The question: Do you approve of pornography involving consenting adults?

Choices to answer are: Yes, Yes – but nothing too hardcore and No.

The result so far are rather illuminating. Basically just under half of respondents are a bunch of prudes, nearly forty percent of us are no holds barred and almost 12% are a little squeamish but will give it a go.

Add the to yes questions together and that means that 51.1% of us approve of porn. Way to go NZ.

Cocks banned but Tits are OK

FFS, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has banned the word for male birds from its website. This is nothing other than, political correctness gone mad.

Visitors to the website found the word "cock" had been replaced by asterisks, while the species, tit, suffered no such indignity.

What a bunch of Parus Majors!!! 

Have no fear readers cocks, tits, pussies, boobs, arses are all good wholesome fare for ole Whaleoil and will never be banned at this site.