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Guest Post – “Insult”, “Outrage” as Calls Erupt to Refuse US Ambassador’s Credentials

Jesus O’Nazareth in an artist’s depiction of the infamous “Temple Incident”

The man heavily tipped as President Trump’s choice for New Zealand ambassador, former Judean itinerant teacher Jesus O’Nazareth, was scalded and slandered across the country by all prominent, less-than-prominent, and even the very-little-more-than-meaningless, anti-US grand-dudgeons possessing a shoulder-chip, access to wifi and a twitter handle on Sunday.

When approached by our twelve-year-old, trained and skilled, journalist, a founding-member of the Islamic Women’s Council of NZ (Halal-o-tea-roa) claimed Trump’s choice would be insulting Muslims in this country, especially Muslim women, and she would be texting ‘outrage’ about the pending appointment amongst her easily-offended online cohort as soon as her husband granted access to her smartphone again. Her irritation was ignited after hearing of O?Nazareth?s ignominious and hugely inappropriate display of public nudity; when confronted with the much-touted rumour that Jesus had actually been nailed up outdoors against his express wishes, and was offered very little in the way of choices for clothing, our informant (who wished to remain bigamous) claimed it had been a publicity stunt on the part of O?Nazareth. ? Read more »


Weapons grade wailing over US Ambassador to NZ

The left-wing, including an editorial from Jonathan Milne, are wailing at weapons grade levels over the Trump appointee as US Ambassador to NZ.

The man being tipped to be the United States?ambassador to New Zealand?under Donald Trump supports waterboarding and once won the title of ?America?s Sexiest Man?.

Former US senator Scott Brown, 57, also doesn?t appear to have any ties to New Zealand, but he did tell?GQ Magazine in 2015 he??always wanted to go?.

Brown has led a varied life, and was a promising basketball star as a youngster before embarking on a military career where he rose to the rank of colonel. He also spent years as a male model in the 1980s.

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Look girls, President Trump has a present for you

A former US Senator who once posed nude for an America’s Sexiest Man magazine centrefold is reportedly being considered as the next US Ambassador to New Zealand.

Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts Senator, is believed to be in line for the Wellington-based job, according to the Boston Globe. Read more »

Is Martha Cloakley the Sue Moroney of American Politics?

The Democrats in?Massachusetts?are not particularly smart. When Liberal Lion Teddy Kennedy keeled over there was a special election held, and the Democrats nominated Martha Cloakley.

Cloakley managed to lose Teddy’s senate seat to male model Scott Brown.

So in 2014 they select Cloakley to run for governor. She loses quite badly, getting beaten by about 2%.

Republican Charlie Baker was elected governor of Massachusetts on Tuesday, Fox News and ABC News project.

Incumbent Gov. Deval Patrick (D) decided not to seek re-election, though the Massachusetts governorship is not term-limited, leaving the field wide open for Baker, Democrat Martha Coakley and three Independent candidates.

Coakley, the first woman to serve as attorney general in Massachusetts, has been serving since 2007. In 2010, Coakley made an unsuccessful bid to represent the state in the U.S. Senate.

Baker ran unsuccessfully for governor as the Republican candidate challenging Patrick in 2010. He currently works at a venture capital firm.

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So far so good for the GOP, plus 3 in the Senate

The Republican party already holds a large majority int eh house and in this midterm election was seeking to gain 6 seats to gain control of the Senate.

They are half way there as counting continues.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Races that could determine Senate control remain too close to call as incumbent Democrats try to fend off GOP challengers in North Carolina and, in a surprise addition to the battleground field, Virginia.

But Republicans have now picked up three of the six net seats needed to seize control of the Senate, with wins in Arkansas, South Dakota and West Virginia.

Democrats, meanwhile, held the New Hampshire Senate seat, depriving the GOP of a prime pickup opportunity.

In Arkansas, Rep. Tom Cotton beat incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor, the first incumbent to face defeat. In West Virginia, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito captured a seat the GOP hadn?t held in seven decades, beating Democrat Natalie Tennant. And in South Dakota, former Gov. Mike Rounds won a three-way race against Democrat Rick Weiland and independent Larry Pressler, a former Republican senator.

Like other Democrats, Mr. Pryor was weighed down by an unpopular president. He was also hampered by the shifting political views of his state, which may have no Democrats elected to statewide office for the first time since Reconstruction.

The first endangered Democrat to survive is New Hampshire?s Jeanne Shaheen, who fended off a challenge from Republican Scott Brown , the former Massachusetts senator.

With stakes at an all-time high for both political parties, Democrats and Republicans make an effort to get voters to polls. RNC?s Sean Spicer and DNC?s Mo Elleithee join Tanya Rivero. Photo: Getty

The battle for the Senate also remains close in Georgia, where Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue are each trying to reach the 50% threshold to avoid a January runoff election.

The tightest contest in the country so far appears to be the Florida governor?s race, where former Gov. Charlie Crist and Republican Rick Scott are in a virtual tie with about a third of precincts reporting results, according to the Associated Press.

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Labour Lite thinks they control Christchurch City Council with a 4-10 majority

There are ructions brewing in Christchurch City with stroppy labour Lite politicians trying the strong arm. Once again?Christchurch?politics has come to the attention of The Whale.

When Scott Brown took over Teddy Kennedy?s senate seat for the Republicans the Democrats were mocked for their gutlessness. They lost their filibuster proof majority, but still held a 59-41 majority, and being pinkos were wringing their hands in anguish.

The Labour Lite on the Christchurch City Council, and readers will understand that Labour in Drag is not really appropriate because they don?t bother with drag these days, seem to think that their 4-10 majority entitles them to control the council and the council agenda.

Controlling the agenda has meant telling the mayor they want standing committees. The likely reason is that they can’t earn money doing anything useful so they stick their hands out for more by having more council meetings. Then they want committees and committee chairs so they can control the council through controlling committees, avoiding the full council voting down any looney ideas they have.

There are several problems for Chrissie Williams and the Labour Lite mob, mainly they are 4 against 10, which they should have worked out after Chrissie got hammered by the same margin when running for deputy mayor.

The inside word from the politically conscious in Christchurch is Chrissie is going to use this term to beat up Bob Parker so she can damage him for a run for council, and that Chrissie is a well known bitch so will do her best to make Bob suffer for having democratically retained the mayoralty.

So here is some advice to the mayor and the right wing dominated councillors. Put everything to a vote. Win the vote handsomely. And if there are complaints about appointing first termers to committee chairs tell the left to piss off. In 2007 when C&R took over Auckland City Council they appointed first termers Paul Goldsmith, Ken Baguley, Sam Lotu-Iiga and slow payer Greg Moyle to council committee chairs.

The core requirement for a chair is to advance the agenda of the mayor and the council, not promote the factional interests of a 4 person ticket. The next requirement for a committee chair is competence. If that means overlooking returning councillors for new ones so be it. The precedent was set in Auckland, and Christchurch Council should look seriously at Aaron Keown, Jamie Gough and Tim Carter as potential chairs if the reelected councillors are not up to it.