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Jim Hopkins: More drops in my anonymous bucket

Jim Hopkins: More drops in my anonymous bucketTo Whom It May Concern (but especially Mr Owen Glenn, Sir Robert Jones and the influential Vela family),
Dear Sirs and Madams,
I write with hope in my heart and fluff in my wallet. Quite a lot of fluff, actually, a little fluff…
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Very?funny, veteran Jim Hopkins. Well worth the read.

Anyone want a job?

The Labour Research unit is hiring. I think the real ad was misplaced and inadvertently sent to me.

Labour flunky job


A sign of the times

From Sideswipe

Very funny, although the price of cheese and dairy products is a concern for most.

Sign of the times

New research raises questions on obesity prevention

Fatty in DenialNew research raises questions on obesity prevention

Press Release by World Health Organisation at 4:32 pm, 30 May 2008

Rice, Lettuce and Mung beans could be the long ignored drivers of the obesity epidemic in the Western world, according to a research paper presented to a meeting of Health Ministers at a WHO forum in Geneva this week.

Speaking at the World Health Organisation forum, Professor B. Reasel of the University of Queensland said the study should spark a new debate on the causes of obesity. He said pies and fast food had often been targeted ahead of the real culprits, rice, lettuce and mung beans.

“64% of obese people surveyed claimed their diet did not include pies, deep fried food or other ‘unhealthy’ food. In fact, a large proportion of these people claimed they ate little more than rice, lettuce and mung beans.

The research came after anecdotal reports of a growing obesity epidemic in areas of sub-Saharan Africa supplied with rice and other grains by international aid agencies.

“The surveys we conducted in Africa had some shocking findings. Large groups of African children living in extreme poverty and eating little more than a cup of Red Cross supplied rice a day were reporting BMIs of up to 60.

“Of course diet is only one part of it – most obese people have their genes to blame – but the destructive impact of rice consumption needs to be reined in. The Government can do little to help those who have caught airborne strains of obesity but restricting access to this monster crop will help.

“The research has been welcomed by many in the obese community.

“45% of people surveyed blamed their obesity on bad genes but a clear majority – 54% – claimed they had ‘no idea’ why they were obese. This research can go some way to explain why these people aren’t responsible for their weight.

The research surveyed 1,000 people between January and March. It has a margin of error of +/- 3.1%.

For the research findings on public perceptions towards obesity, visit

Labour creates Youth identity

L is for LabourLabour has announced that they will be focussing on youth this election and as part of their strategy they have come up with some innovations that they have taken from the South Auckland gang culture.

It is believed that Labour can look hip and with it if they emulate gang hand signals to show their colours. Accordingly Labour has hit on a simple but effective hand signal to identify their supporters, donors, candidates and helpers easily, much like the street youth that Labour is so fond of helping, especially in South Auckland.

It was felt that the symbol needed to be simple but easily identifiable as representing everything Labour stands for;

Labour, Left-wing, Labour Movement, Liberal and of course Lesbian. Labour decided on the single letter “L” as the symbol to represent all of those words. This sign is made using the right hand by making a fist and an ‘L’ shape with the index finger and thumb. The back of the hand is then tapped against the forehead indicating to the recipient that you are a Labour Party supporter.

Examples of supporters using the signal are below: Click on the new supporter t-shirt (above left) that will be available from their website:

Robert Stoat-Gobbler from Ponsonby Julian Smythe-Hubert from Hawke's Bay


Know your Weasel – slippery Kate Sutton

The furore over Labour’s Epsom candidate slippery Kate Sutton previous comments continues to grow. Another anonymous source within the Labour party with previous links to AUSA sent me this release this morning.

AUSA irate at Government?s betrayal of students

Kate Sutton [said the 2003 budget] ?may well rival some of the excesses of National Party in its heyday.?

?… the Government [has hammered] students … with massive cost increases? Ms Sutton continued angrily.

While students at the University of Auckland will be hard hit by this initiative, Ms Sutton also expressed concern and outrage for the impact this is likely to have on students in the nations other tertiary providers, whose fees have mostly been traditionally lower than in Auckland, and who will be hit even harder.

So an ‘irate’ slippery Kate blasted the Government as being virtually no different to National in the 90’s in a press release oozing anger. Now she wants to be a Member of Parliament and serve in a Government she has spent years slagging off. Why is this clown even a candidate for Labour? It’s a question a lot of people in the local party are asking.

I’m inclined to suggest it’s because slippery Kate is nothing but a two-bit, wannabe career politician who will whore out her ideals to anyone. When she’s talking to students she’s a firebrand leftist, when she’s out in Epsom she presents herself as a moderate who toes the party line. She will say anything, to anyone if she thinks it will advance her political ambitions. Labour can do better than the slippery Kate Slutton.