Scott Watson

Wishart to release explosive book on Ben & Olivia case, identifies the “mystery ketch”

Journalist Ian Wishart believes there will be “red faces” and “demands for explanations” when a new book on the Scott Watson case hits bookstores in a fortnight or so.

Entitled “Elementary: The Explosive File on Scott Watson and the Disappearance of Ben & Olivia – What Haven’t They Told You?”, the book promises to identify the “mystery ketch” that has dominated books, documentaries and public debate around the case.

Wishart only went public with news of the impending book to Investigate Magazine website subscribers late Thursday?and, within minutes, major media outlets were making inquiries.

“I appreciate there’s massive public interest in this case, but I’ve made it clear that I’m not revealing anything that’s inside this book until it launches in bookstores on an undisclosed date late January. The book will be printed at an undisclosed location, and I will take questions the moment it releases. The book is the most exhaustive review of the case ever published. It will leave some people with red faces, and after the public get a chance to read the never before published evidence, I expect there will be big demands for explanations.” ? Read more »

Ben and Olivia remain a scar on our nation’s psyche

The man convicted of murdering Ben Smart and Olivia Hope in the Marlborough Sounds almost 18 years ago claims he never met, or even laid eyes on the pair.

Scott Watson told North & South journalist Mike White …?that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and police picked him out.

“I think it was because I had a criminal record, and I was [at Furneaux Lodge] alone and I left alone. I told them that. Basically I was an easy target for them. I was the easiest person that they could pick.”

Mr Smart, 21, and Miss Hope, 17, disappeared on New Year’s Day on 1998 after they were last seen boarding a yacht moored in Endeavour Inlet off Furneaux Lodge. Their bodies have never been found.

Watson is serving a life sentence with a minimum non-parole period of 17 years and at his first hearing in front of the Parole Board in July was declined parole because he was assessed with “a very high risk of future reoffending”.

The 44-year-old says in the interview, granted only after a judge ruled a ban on it by Corrections was unreasonable, that he knew nothing of the missing pair. Read more »

Scott Watson to be interviewed? by journo and victim?s father

The department has approved an application from North and South magazine journalist Mike White to interview Watson, who is in Rolleston Prison for the 1998 murders of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope.

Their bodies were never found.

Corrections had previously turned down Mr White’s application, but reconsidered it following a High Court ruling issued in June, which determined that “where no concerns of prison security are raised, and where the communication is to a reputable journalist, then that is a circumstance where the (freedom of expression right) in the NZ Bill of Rights Act should almost always prevail”.

The department said the interview would be subject to certain conditions related to prison security and the interests of victims.

Olivia Hope’s father, Gerald Hope, said Corrections had approved his request to be at the interview and it was now up to Watson to accept.

“I believe I have something to add to [Mike White’s] discussion with Scott. I have questions, which I don’t intend to reveal in advance, but I believe they are warranted and they should be asked,” he said. Read more »


No pardon for Scott Watson

Scott Watson, the man convicted of murdering Olivia Hope and Ben Smart won’t be getting a pardon. He will be continuing to stop in jail.

A Ministry of Justice review of the Scott Watson murder case has found none of the new evidence he put forward was fresh or credible enough for a pardon.

Following the ministry’s advice, Governor-General Lieutenant General Sir Jerry Mateparae declined Watson’s application for exercise of the royal prerogative of mercy.

Watson was convicted of murdering Ben Smart and Olivia Hope who were last seen boarding a yacht in Endeavour Inlet, in the Marlborough Sounds, in the early hours January 1, 1998.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of 17 years.? Read more »

Greg King found dead

The media are?reporting?that the well liked and top lawyer Greg King is dead.

High-profile lawyer Greg King has been found dead beside his car in Wellington.

King, who recently defended Ewen McDonald, accused of murdering his brother-in-law Scott Guy in 2010, was discovered lying face down at the bottom of Dungarvan Rd in Newlands, about 10.30am this morning.

Detective Inspector Paul Basham said police did not believe King’s death was suspicious and the matter had been referred to the coroner.

The Lower Hutt lawyer was involved in over 40 murder cases, including Scott Watson, John Barlow and Clayton Weatherston.

He was one of , if not the most, respected criminal defence lawyers in NZ.

His death is a huge loss to the legal?fraternity, and those who knew him well. And his family most of all.

His death has been reported as non-suspicious and referred to the coroner, which is the journalistic euphemism for suicide. I personally struggle with the concept that people kill themselves for whatever reason…it is tragic.

My thoughts go out to his wife with two young daughters.

Davey Blain’s mate upset over joke

? NZ Herald

I had to spell the name wrong in the headline in case 4’2″ Joel Haram gets upset and comes around to head-butt my knee caps.

Red-faced television bosses have ordered last-minute changes to a new comedy series following a complaint that a dog in the show had been named after a trio of men accused of the country’s most notorious murders.

The six-part TV3 show calledHounds?is made by the creators of the station’s flagship hit 7 Days and was to prominently feature a greyhound called Lundybainwatson.

The moniker referred to David Bain, convicted then acquitted of murdering his family in Dunedin, sandwiched between the names of double killers Mark Lundy and Scott Watson.

Lundy was jailed for life in 2002 for the murder of his wife and daughter at their home in Palmerston North.

Watson was given life for the 1998 slayings of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope on his boat Blade, although their bodies have never been found.

TV3 should have told Joel Haram to get fucked.

This posts should now become the repository for David Bain jokes.

I’ll kick it off…

OJ had gloves that didn’t fit, David Bain had socks that didn’t fit…does this make David Bain NZ’s OJ Simpson?

If David Bain had used Mark Lundy’s car he would have finished his paper run before he started it.