Scott Yorke

Is this idiot reading my emails?

Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish seems to have hacked my emails.

He has a post about talking points for dealing with Andrew Little.

Time is of the essence now that Andrew Little has been confirmed as Labour?s new leader. You can?t afford to let him settle in, to be effective, to unite the various party factions. He needs to be sabotaged, and there?s no time to waste. It?s your job to run him down at every opportunity.

I have compiled a list of talking points for you to use on your blogs and other forms of media. This should save you from having to trawl through various other sites for mud to throw.

Gallery journalists and dime-a-dozen talking-head pundits: feel free to use as required for your columns and opinion pieces, in place of actual analysis.

Andrew Little talking points:

Beholden to union interests, no real public profile, couldn?t even win his electorate, a return to the bad old days of 1970s industrial relations, alarming hard-left agenda, unionist mates will be expecting payoff now, wonder what deals he?s made, anti-democratic, most members and caucus members wanted someone else as leader, unelectable, John Key will be relieved, dour and unlikeable, will further divide the party.

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The left is hurting real bad

The left wing is hurting.

Their messiah actually turned out to?be just a very naughty boy.

Scott Yorke isn’t happy:

Now that Labour has lost the election, it?s time for the party?s caucus to focus on the issues that really matter. I?m pleased to say that a number of them have made a flying start.

These are the issues that matter:

  • Anonymously briefing journalists and attacking potential rivals within Labour?s caucus.
  • Forming camps and factions to advance favoured candidates.
  • Spraying opinions all over the media that probably shouldn?t be aired in public.
  • Showing a lack of grace or humility.
  • Encouraging party members to locate and dispatch traitors within the party.
  • Not knowing when to retire from Parliament.
  • Refusing to accept any responsibility for disaster, and giving speeches blaming others for the epic defeat.
  • Making contact with Cameron Slater.

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Is this Labour’s secret strategy?

Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish has revealed Labour’s secret victory plan:

I?ve been thinking about the crisis enveloping David Cunliffe and the Labour Party. It seems increasingly clear that the whole thing was a National party setup.

But if the Nats think this is some sort of victory for them, they should think again. The whole thing is backfiring badly, and they will end up regretting their smear. Already the nation is turning on National, as people wake up and realise who is behind this scandal. I?ve seen at least three people on my Twitter feed questioning National?s tactics.

I?m not at all worried about the polls out this week, one of which showed support for Labour as low as 23%. 23% is a pretty good base to build from, and if Labour can hold that number on September 20 and then do deals with the Greens, Mana-Internet, NZ First, the Maori Party, Peter Dunne, and ACT, they should be able to form a government, if several National MPs also defect to Labour.? Read more »

It might be a parody, then again who knows…

Scott Yorke has a post that purports to be a statement from David Cunliffe.

I think it is supposed to be satire?but it seems like a completely plausible statement from Cunliffe.

I got into politics because I wanted to make a difference. That?s why I?ve been talking to hardworking Kiwis all around the country, listening to what they have to say. The message I?m hearing again and again is that John Key?s government just isn?t listening. Our Prime Minister is totally out of touch.

If there?s one issue that comes up time and time again, it?s the state of our transport infrastructure. Kiwis have had a gutsful of being stuck in traffic. A Labour government will invest heavily in public transport, but we also won?t be afraid to make bold changes to our road rules.

Motorists tell us they?re fed up with being stuck behind heavy trucks who show no consideration for others on the road. That?s why we?re announcing that under a Labour government trucks won?t be allowed to travel in the fast lanes of three and four lane highways. Our policy will keep traffic moving, and reduce congestion on the roads.

But we?re not stopping there. People also tell us that they can?t stand it when they?re merging in traffic, and when some clown in a souped-up car tries to push ahead of everyone else. We?ll make sure everyone merging in traffic follows the rules.? Read more »

Truer words were never spoken

Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish looks at the so-called democratic Labour leadership stakes.

[T]he most damaging thing possible for the party after such a well-behaved and civilly-conducted leadership contest, would be for the loser?s partisans to start bickering or throwing insults, or to accuse the party of having made a fatal mistake.

The worst possible outcome would be one where supporters of the loser threw their toys out of the cot and vowed to do everything possible to destabilise the winner.

If, for example, prominent left-wing blogsites decide to wage war against the winner, that dissension will be seized upon by the news media and by enemies of Labour, and any hopes of unity the party may have had as a result of this contest will disappear.

So whatever happens, we need to stay calm and keep our heads.

Unless David Cunliffe loses.? Read more »

The media should be careful what they wish for….

Scott Yorke aka Imperator Fish has a second blog…where he takes a more serious look at issues. He takes issue with the squawking over police seizing emails.

Labour Party leader David Shearer has demanded the seizure by police of Peter Dunne?s emails, after Dunne resigned following allegations that he leaked to the media the confidential Kitteridge report into the GCSB.

It is not clear whether Dunne leaked the report, or, even if he did, whether he has broken any laws. From what I can gather, only the appendices to the report had any sort of security classification, and it?s not clear whether Dunne had access to those appendices.

This has not stopped Labour?s leader from?demanding a police investigation.? Read more »

Imperator Fish on John Key and Korea

Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish has a good post about the bullshit response of the media and assorted lackeys of the left to John Key’s rather factual statement about the possibility of Kiwi troops seeing action should the idiot dictator of North Korea decide to throw his toys.

Yes, John Key has acknowledged that New Zealand could end up being involved in a Korean War, if there ends up being a Korean War.

This stating of the obvious has of course outraged many people, the most notable group being people who already don’t like John Key.? Read more »

A Day of Announcements

It must be the day for it. Government appointments to new roles start today so why not some announcements.

Keeping Stock published Martyn Bradbury‘s press release announcing that Kiwiblog, Whaleoil, Keeping Stock and Home Paddock will now be syndicating our feeds to The Daily Blog in order to provide some balance.

Scott Yorke also announces some big news.

People who read my posts will know I have not been an uncritical supporter of the Labour Party. The party has struggled from one blunder to the next, and this tendency towards self-injury has driven much of the ongoing speculation about David Shearer’s leadership. Many of us have looked on in dismay as Labour tears itself apart, and more than a few of us have found ourselves questioning our choice of party. ? Read more »

Imperator Fish has some suggestions to improve Question Time

Scott Yorke has some great suggestions for Labour to actually?improve?question without resorting to dummy spits:

So what should Labour and the Greens do? Here are some options.

Do a no-show

Just don’t turn up to the next Question Time.

For:?Everyone in Labour and the Greens would feel a buzz for a few minutes. It would get the attention of the media.

Against:?John Key would crow about how scared Labour and the Greens are. The media would award Key the win, and raise fresh questions about the leadership capabilities of David Shearer. If he can’t handle a few barbs during question time, how would he cope during an election debate?? Read more »

Still searching for NZ’s most useless MP

Commenters have gone on and on about David Carter being useless. He is a list MP, he did nothing as minister and is being mocked for being useless as a speaker.

David Carter is a useless scum list MP. He lost his seat to Ruth Dyson and never regained it. His ministerial career was un-memorable apart from consistently lying about the One Plan Decision, and he is has failed to hold ministers to account in a way that makes question time meaningless.

At first reading I thought I was looking at a transcript of parliament yesterday, and then I realised that Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish had?actually written a parody.

David Shearer:?Thank you Mr Speaker, my question now to the Minister of State Owned Enterprises: Has the Government met the five criteria the Prime Minister laid out for proceeding with asset sales?

Tony Ryall:?Blue cheese.? Read more »