Busted Drug Cheat having a Sook

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Lance Armstrong complains of ‘massive personal loss’ in doping fall-out…

The United States Anti-Doping Agency had accused Armstrong of conducting “the most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping programme sport has ever seen” and Armstrong said he would be prepared to take any punishment as long as it was on a level playing field: “If everyone gets the death penalty, then I’ll take the death penalty.   Read more »


He did us all a favour

No costly court case, restorative justice or ongoing court costs here…

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via NZ Herald


A 16-year-old boy was killed when the stolen Subaru he was driving slammed into a house in south Auckland this morning.

Police said the car driven by the 16-year-old failed to negotiate a corner before crashing at speed into the house in Otara about 4.20am.

It’s the car’s fault.  Bad car.  Failing to negotiate a corner.   Read more »

This is just not right…he deserved much worse

I have little sympathy for paedophiles. I think they should be punished in the same way a Roamn Patricide was punished. The criminal is stripped naked then made to stand  with a foot each on two pedestals placed a couple feet apart as to expose every part of thier body. They were then whipped until there was no difference between flesh and blood on their body. The crowd was free to throw stones at the criminal and about anything they wanted really.

Afterthey were completely whipped they took them and put them  in a sack with a snake, a chicken and a dog. This was to symbolize the reverse of being born. Thus un-born since they had taken the life of the one that gave life to them, it was seen as fit punishment. After they were in the bag with the other animals they would sow the bag shut and then chuck it in the Tiber.

This pedo cheated the noose, so to speak, by dying from the inside out. Obviously his guilt ate him alive.

A paedophile due to be sentenced tomorrow for historic sex offences against young boys has died of cancer overnight in Waikato Hospital.  Read more »

Ignore the crocodile tears and throw away the key

A career criminal facing his 51st time in prison and with 97 prior convictions is trying to pull a swifty by crying a river of tears to the judge.

A Black Power member says he wants to change his ways after hearing he will become a grandfather.

“I don’t blame nobody but myself,” William Herangi Wanakore, 34, told Judge Allan Roberts prior to sentencing after admitting to his latest raft of offending.

Wanakore, who has 97 convictions, was about to be sentenced to his 51st prison term after pleading guilty to assault with intent, two burglaries and twice breaching protection orders in May.

He choked up while reading his letter of apology to the judge, written while in jail.

“Sorry for being a pain in the bum. I speak from my heart for the first time. I wish to do good not just for me but my kids,” Wanakore said. “If I carry on this way I’m never going to see my kids.”   Read more »

Beast back in his box

The Beast of Blenheim has been put back in his box after losing his appeal against his recall to prison.

Hopefully that will be the last we see of him.

Convicted sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson boasted to a vulnerable women he was banned from contacting that he could cut off his monitoring bracelet and flee to Australia with her.

The man dubbed the ‘Beast of Blenheim’ was recalled to prison in February after breaching his parole conditions by phoning a woman he was barred from speaking to under his strict release conditions.

The four-minute call in which Murray made the claims was uncovered by community probation officers and ultimately led to the sex predator’s recall to prison.  Read more »

The is no one lower than this scumbag today

On Anzac Day of all days. This scum bag deserves a right good kicking. What a pond feeder.

A man has been arrested for stealing a bag of trumpets belonging to a military band at an Anzac Day service in Christchurch this morning.

The alleged thief took no notice of the many law enforcement officers waiting for the service to start when he grabbed a band member’s duffel bag at the Cranmer Square ceremony about 5.20am.

Inspector Mike Coulter said the man on a bike cycled past the band member who was having a cigarette at the time.  Read more »


Melissa Kaye Jones is our Scumbag of the Day

This just makes me feel sick

A cash strapped rest home worker caught stealing from a 95-year-old man has been derided by a judge who labelled the theft “about as low as a person can get”.

On the evening of March 18, Melissa Kaye Jones, 30, was helping the man shower in his unit at  the Woodfall Lodge Rest Home in Feilding.

“She made an excuse to leave the room… she entered [the man’s] bedroom and removed his wallet from his trouser pocket,” a police summary says.

Jones took $40 and put the wallet back, but her actions were caught on a camera the man’s family had installed in his room.

Despite this, she initially told police a friend had given her the cash. Even when the video footage’s existence was revealed, Jones said the episode was an “accident”.

Preying on the weak and the vulnerable, and then lying about it, what a quality human being.

Seems the family were suspecting something as they had installed video surveillance.



Source: Manawatu Standard

The folly of the crim hugging left

You’ve got to hand it to the left for their monumental stupidity.

Last night on TV One the Howard League (hijacked by Mike Williams and other Labour flunkies) claimed a coroner’s report will show prison guards could have stopped infamous scumbag Antonie Dixon’s suicide.

Corrections, sensibly, said their staff got it right by ensuring none of their guards were put at risk.


[T]he Department of Corrections has defended its staff, saying Dixon was a difficult prisoner and staff took correct action when responding to the suicide.

“During his time in custody there were numerous incidents including violence against staff and other prisoners; damage to prison property; possession of contraband including weapons he manufactured; positive tests for drug use and several concerted attempts at inflicting serious self harm,” Jeanette Burns from the department said.

“On the night Mr Dixon died, staff had to balance the safety of themselves with that of a serial, violent offender. Staff safety is paramount, and officers made the right decision at the time when unlocking his cell.”  Read more »

A violent little scumbag

Remember the story about Noodle Man’s mammy bleating about getting fed only noodles while in Police cells. Turns out the little shit is actually a violent little scumbag:

A Wairarapa man who was angry about only being given instant noodles to eat while in custody at Masterton Police Station last year has been convicted and sentenced to six months’ supervision for a violent Christmas assault.

In the early hours of Boxing Day Callum Mahupuku, 20, got involved in an altercation with a man on High Street, Masterton, which eventually led to him assaulting him and leaving him with a multitude of injuries.  Read more »

Sick bastard should rot in jail

Stewart Murray Wilson is one sick bastard. He believes he ended up in jail, not for a legacy of heinous rapes but because of the “sisterhood”.

Wilson was plotting to clear his name and get revenge on what he calls the “sisterhood”.

He called the 3 News Wellington newsroom after we wrote asking for an interview. And in a series of phone calls he told 3 News about his plans and his theories on how he ended up in jail.

Wilson said some of the women he was convicted of committing sexual crimes against banded together against him. He claimed they were lesbians that he turned straight, out to get ACC compensation and muddy his name.  Read more »