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Sea Pirates pony up US$2.55million to pay Japanese


Bring out the tissues.

Eco-terrorists and pirates Sea Shepherd has been forced by a US Court to pay the Institute of Cetacean Research US$2.55 million for attacking the Japanese whaling fleet.

The US Court ?prohibits Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Captain Paul Watson and any person acting in concert with them from approaching within 500 yards of vessels operated by the Japanese whalers on the high seas in the Southern Ocean, physically attacking them or interfering with their safe navigation.?

A statement from the Institute of Cetacean Research says:

?Sea Shepherd admitted in court that the vessels Steve Irwin, Bob Barker, Sam Simon and Brigitte Bardot all breached the 500 yard perimeter established by the court. The violent attacks by the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker were later broadcast by Animal Planet on its show Whale Wars.

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Sea Shepherd pirates fined for dumping diesel into the sea

Pirate ship Sam Simon dumped oil in the sea

Pirate ship Sam Simon dumped oil in the sea

Like all green taliban members and eco-terrorists Sea Shepherd are sanctimonious hypocrites.

They have just been fined for dumping diesel into the sea after being caught by Australian authorities.

A LEADING conservation organisation fined $15,000 for spilling diesel in the Trinity Inlet says it has taken steps to ensure it never happens again.

Sea Shepherd Australia Ltd, whose Australian arm is chaired by former politician Bob Brown, pleaded guilty earlier this year to spilling up to 500 litres of diesel into the inlet on October 13, 2012 from their newly purchased ship, the Sam Simon. ?? Read more »

Now we know why the Green Taliban are so paranoid about an oil spill


It is times like this that remind me why I love working on the Whale Oil blog. Exposing the other side of the story that the stale and stagnant mainstream media in this country refuse to or simply don’t bother covering if it doesn’t fit their left wing agenda. And although some hate it, the power of social media plays a large part too which is how I stumbled upon this little gem.

The MSM in this country is always waiting for a chance to put on the Green Taliban spin every time an incident happens involving Greenpeace or Sea Shepherd, but sometimes it is the organisations themselves putting out the spin due to the silence of other media on ‘other matters’ which they’d rather we not hear about.

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Pirates don’t like it up ’em

I see 3News was running unedited pirate propaganda from the Sea She[herd pirates last night.

The NZ Herald in its bid to corner the market on cuddling international criminals is also running their lines where the poor petals are upset about an apparent attempt by the Japanese fleet to disable their ships with cables.

Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd says one of its ships has been rammed by a Japanese whaling vessel.

The Bob Barker was hit by the harpoon vessel, the Yushin Maru 2, when it crossed in front of its bow in sub-Antarctic waters just before 9am (NZT), the group said.

The incident was a part of an attack by the Japanese whaling fleets’ three harpoon vessels, on the Sea Shepherd ships, The Steve Irwin and The Bob Barker, which began about about 2am, Sea Shepherd said.

“The assault is an attempt to deter the Sea Shepherd ships from their current position, blocking the slipway of the Nisshin Maru, preventing the whalers from loading whales poached from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.”

During the clashes, which were continuing into afternoon, the whaling vessels had also made consecutive attempts to tangle the propellers of the Sea Shepherd ships by dragging steel cable across the bow of the conservation ships, a Sea Shepherd spokesman said.? Read more »

Re-post – Some perspective on Whaling

I originally posted this in 2010. Given the Labour party thinks they speak for all New Zealand upset over a few Minke whales getting harpooned and the fact that the media accept pirates as a valid source of news, I thought I’d repost these rather inconvenient facts that the anti-whaling crowd wouldn’t want you to know.


The world?s meddlers gnash their teeth over whaling whether it is for scientific purposes or for commercial. Right now the moratorium on commercial whaling isn?t working and?just over 1500 whales were harvested last year in whaling activities and 31,084 in total since the moratorium began?in 1986. Those figures sound horrendous. I am of course using the WWF figures and we all know how accurate and peer reviewed their information is. An independent assessment done by the?Sea Shepherd Conservation Society?(they must be good, they have the word conservation in their title) says that??Iceland, Norway, and Japan ? have brutally slaughtered over 25,000 whales under the guise of scientific research and for commercial purposes?. Note their overly emotive language. They were harvested, as we know, not brutally slaughtered. To use that terminology I would hate to think how they consider the Beef? industry. Somewhere between those numbers lies the truth. ? Read more »

Dealing to Green Pirates, eco-terrorists and Hippy-crites

Green eco-terrorists and pirates like Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd are being pursued because of changes in thinking surrounding piracy laws.

Traditionally, piracy was carried out as a form of robbery to enrich the pirates. In the ?golden age? of piracy, pirates such as Blackbeard commanded large fleets of ships and amassed huge fortunes on the high seas. The pirate crews also profited from the raids and there were even systems of workman?s?compensation?for the crews.

Under international law, piracy prosecutions traditionally required that the alleged pirates were seeking private gains. The Harvard Draft Convention on Piracy from 1932 noted that, ?If an attack by a ship manned by insurgents is inspired by a motive of private plunder, it may be piracy under the definitions of the draft convention.? Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, piracy requires the use of violence against a ship when it is ?committed for private ends.? The requirement fits with the traditional definition of a pirate as a businessman seeking to enrich himself and his crew. In the 1820 case of United States v. Smith, the U.S. Supreme Court defined piracy as ?robbery on the high seas.?

But now that?s changing: Nations have begun to accept the idea that piracy can include politically motivated attacks on ships, even by environmentalists.? Read more »

Nice to see the Sea Shepherd pirates have had their money cut off

Sea Shepherd flag flying on the RV Farley Mowat.

Sea Shepherd flag flying on the RV Farley Mowat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sea Shepherd is on the bludge again after money dried up once they were declared pirates by a US court…good job.


Sea Shepherd says it needs more financial support to get all its ships in action against the Japanese whaling fleet next season.

The group confronts the Japanese whaling fleet every year in the Southern Ocean.

In February, a Court of Appeal judge in the United States likened Sea Shepherd to pirates and ordered the organisation to keep a distance from the fleet.? Read more »

Cry Baby of the Day

Paul Watson, founder and President of environmental group Sea Shepherd Conservation

Cry-Baby: Paul Watson

The incident:?Eco-Terrorist and fugitive Paul Watson and his little band of pirates had their ships run over by law abiding Japanese whalers going about their legal business in the Southern Ocean.

“The Nisshin Maru has rammed the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker, but both vessels continue to hold their positions,” Paul Watson, the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society which runs the protest boats, said.

Watson also accused Japanese coastguard personnel of throwing concussion grenades at their protest ships during a confrontation in the frigid waters near Antarctica and said the Bob Barker was taking on water in its engine room at one stage.? Read more »

Cry me a river of tears, Ctd


Poor old Pete Bethune…wanted to be a cool pirate, until his boat got run down and then he had a falling out with the pirates who haven’t paid for the boat that got sunk:

New Zealand environmentalist Peter Bethune and Sea Shepherd are in a court battle in the USA fighting over $500,000 Bethune says he is owed by the anti-whaling group.

Bethune and Sea Shepherd have had a heated relationship in the two years since the Ady Gil, which Bethune captained, was rammed by a Japanese whaler in 2010.

Bethune had earlier sold the boat to Ady Gil, its namesake, who leased it to Sea Shepherd. While Gil paid Bethune $1 million, Bethune says he never received the $500,000 Sea Shepherd owed him and which was due by November, 2010.

The court case in Annapolis, Maryland, started yesterday and is expected to end tomorrow.

Eco-terrorist Paul Watson arrested

? The Independent

About time someone held this eco-terrorist to account.

An anti-whaling activist, famed for televised confrontations with fishermen, has been arrested for allegedly attempting to use his boat to sink an illegal shark fishing vessel off the coast of Guatemala.

Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, was detained at Frankfurt airport on Sunday on an international warrant filed by Costa Rican authorities accusing him of a “violation of ships traffic” during an incident which occurred 10 years ago, while filming a documentary called Sharkwater.

He is accused of using his ship, the Farley Mowat, to ram a vessel called the Varadero, which was observed conducting illegal shark-finning activities. In claims filed with prosecutors in 2002, several members of the crew described Watson’s behaviour as attempted murder.

Charges against Mr Watson were examined by Costa Rican authorities and swiftly dropped, after videotape of the incident was aired. However the case was recently re-opened by new prosecutors who filed the extradition request under which he is now being held.

In a statement, Sea Shepherd said it understood that Mr Watson is in Frankfurt airport jail and will appear in court today.