Happy sea dogs


Some one should have a crack at beating him

I really can’t understand the mentality of someone who would beat 32 seals to death with a club.

The NZ Herald reports:

The second man convicted for his part in beating 23 fur seals to death on the Kaikoura Coast has been sentenced to eight months’ home detention.

Jemaal Peter Roy Large, 38, was sentenced in Blenheim District Court today on two charges of wilful ill-treatment of animals. He will also serve 200 hours’ community service.

The seals were beaten to death with a galvanised steel pipe at the Ohau Point seal colony in 2010.  Read more »

Rena: where’s the dead environment, Gareth?

It is almost a year on since the Rena ran aground on the Astrolabe Reef.  The child MP, Gareth Hughes made a huge deal about the recovery operations and painted a dark and depressing picture of the likely impact the poor wee birds and fishies.  Phil Goff was busy “helping out” with the beach clean up dressed to the nines in suit and shiny shoes.

What has become very clear is that the impact on the environment is bugger all of the grim picture that Gareth painted.  Locals are now enjoying regular visits from these likable mammals – no, that isn’t Gerry Brownlee.

Locals tell me that the seal population has actually increased and sightings have become plentiful.  More proof that the Greens are doomsayers at best operating without any integrity or fact.



Orca or Seal?

Happy Feet is no more.

The only question remaining is what had Happy Feet for lunch.My pick is a seal.

Makes you wonder why we spent thousands of dollars fattening up seal food.


One of my Favourites

I love this song.


Goff's Honey Trap – The Movie

One of Richard Worth’s interests is Bollywood movies.




Time for a Corruption Commission

With the decision by a judge today to commit el Jefe Phillip Field to trial in the High Court on 40 corruption charges it has come for the time to match almost every juridiction in the civilised world and for New Zealand to have a Independent Corruption and Crime Commission.

Australia has one, the US has one, Canada has one, the UK has one all of the countries that Labour cited as reasons why we should have our draconian Electoral Finance Act.

Philip Field already has besmirched the once honourable standing of MP’s and if convicted will have sullied other MP’s even more. Labour with their constant and flagrant breaches of Electoral Law, misappropriation of funds should also be the target of such a Commission.

The Commission would need to be tough, have teeth and the power to compel witnesses to speak, gather evidence, prosecute and levy massive fines against those found to be corrupt.

It should also cover all MP’s, All government departments, All SOE’s, All registered political parties and their office holders.

Back to the Philip Field saga, there can be no wriggle room for Clark or Williams or indeed anyone in abour, when in evidence heard before the court on Wednesday, builder Keith Williams told of writing a letter to several Government ministers, including
then Immigration Minister Paul Swain and Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Got that, despite Calrks assertion before the election in 2005 that she knew nothing about it, despite saying in 2006 that he was “guilty of nothing more than being helpful”, despite setting up an inquiry that found no wrongdoing, we now find out that she indeed did know about the mess that is Phillip Field, she not only knew, but knew enough to set the terms and conditions of the toothless inquiry in such a way as to apparently vindicate him, then she claimed vindications and so did Michael Cullen. Remember during all of this time Phillip Field was a sitting LABOUR MP.

All along though they knew all about it, they aided and abetted Phillip Field, arguable they obstrcuted justice and now as we know Phillip Field is off to the Hign Court to face 40 charges of corruption. LABOUR MUST COME CLEAN. I look forward to hearing the full evidence in this trial including the defence evidence.


Nine years of Hard Labour

Kiwis think life getting tougher – survey – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

A recent Colmar Brunton survey has asked 1000 kiwis about life in NZ.

A clear majority, 64 per cent said life was getting harder and only 9 percent said that life was getting easier.

Perhaps an indication about how Labour is missing out is that the most pessimistic group was those aged 40-49. That group would be getting hit hardest with mortgage rises, food prices, schooling fees and poor hospitals.

Even worse for Labour are the areas of concern.

94 per cent cited child abuse as the highest concern.
91 per cent environment
86 per cent cost of living
84 per cent security of personal information
74 per cent housing affordability

Clearly from the figures we can see why people have had enough of nine years of Hard Labour. Nothing that matters has improved under Labour in fact all of those have gotten worse.

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Labour releases Northern Region list

Helen Clark has been rabbiting on about fresh blood and it appears Labour has plenty. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s spilt all over the floor of the regional list ranking committee. All of Labour’s incumbent MPs have gobbled up list positions leaving the “fresh blood” out in the cold.

1. Helen Clark*
2. Phil Goff*
3. Chris Carter*
4. David Cunliffe*
5. Shane Jones*
6. Judith Tizard*
7. Mark Gosche*
8. Lynne Pillay*
9. Ashraf Choudhary*
10. Darien Fenton*
11. Dave Hereora*
12. Louisa Wall*
13. Sua William Sio
14. Raymond Huo
15. Phil Twyford
16. Hamish McCracken
17. Carmel Sepulone
18. Kelvin Davis
19. Michael Wood
20. Kate Sutton

It seems the only member of the old guard who got it a bit rough was Hamish McCracken, the man who is rapidly becoming the John Turmel of New Zealand politics. After being slapped silly by Murray McCully(!) 3 times, McCracken has moved south to contest Northcote. Despite being on his fourth run for Parliament, it looks like McCracken will lose out again.