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Mad mullah says Pamela Geller should be executed

Andrew Bolt blogs:

Prominent British Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary says it on live TV and to the face of the woman he wants killed:

We?re talking about people who deliberately had a competition to insult the messenger Mohammad? If you saw the cartoons that Charlie Hebdo drew you would understand the anger. And now this woman was to draw cartoons or have people draw cartoons to insult the prophet knowing full well that this carries the death penalty in Islam? She should be put before Shariah court and tried and of course she would face capital punishment. ? Read more »

Sean Hannity vs Anjem Choudary – Cleric Reveals Roots Of Terror Culture

Watch Sean Hannity debate Anjem Choudary, the mad imam from the UK, who wants and demands sharia law for all of the UK and indeed Europe.

Following the?horrific attack at the Paris offices of a satirical newspaper that left 12 people dead, radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary took to social media in defense of the killers? motivations.

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Not just Americans but Kiwis too

Jeffrey M. Berry and Sarah Sobieraj ask if Americans are addicted to outrage.

Perhaps they are but not just them…look at the “outrage” that our media cultivates.

On cable news networks, talk radio and in the political blogosphere there is a constant stream of name-calling, belittling, character assassination and falsehoods.

Americans tell pollsters they dislike this kind of talk and believe it degrades our political system. But the audience data tell a different story: In fact, Americans find this type of political commentary quite compelling. By our calculation, part of an analysis we did for our new book,?The Outrage Industry: Political Opinion Media and the New Incivility, the aggregate daily audience for such content is roughly 47 million people. In a cluttered media landscape where advertisers have a sea of choices, anxious television and radio producers hungry for revenue have sought new ways to break through the clutter?to stop the channel surfers as they peruse other options?and reach audiences. And the popular agent provocateurs of political talk media not only do the job?they also do it relatively cheaply. (Consider that CNN?s administrative expenses make up about?twice as much?of its budget share as at Fox or MSNBC.) As a result, America has developed a robust and successful Outrage Industry that makes money from calling political figures idiots, or even Nazis.

Sounds familiar. As I said, not just America. ? Read more »

Why it is important to be accurate as a pundit

The US elections taught me a great deal…they taught me to look at the math, and to remove emotion from punditry…unfortunately many, many pundits in the?US failed to learn that lesson and now they are being treated to ratings downgrades not unlike the so-called fiscal cliff.

You can still show bias…but you should call things as they are despite your bias…calling things as they are doesn’t make you a traitor to your cause. It makes you honest.

In the case of Hannity and a few others, the cliff and the fall off of the top after they called the election so wrong is real:

In a fitting coda to 2012, we?ve learned that the ratings for rock-ribbed conservative?Sean Hannity?cratered after Barack Obama won his second term, with viewers tuning out the Fox News Channel talk-show host in droves.

According to Nielsen numbers, Hannity lost around half of his audience in the weeks after the election, while his Fox News colleague Bill O?Reilly ? who steadfastly refuses to identify himself politically as a conservative ? retained around 70% of his audience.

So what happened to Hannity?

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Dan Hodges on Fox

Dan Hodges may be a ?pinko leftie?, but this is a very good piece about the perils of politically-partisan media outlets. it is important to make sure you peek outside of your bubble.

?[T]here were times in the campaign when I saw Karl Rove on Fox make quite a mature and compelling argument about how ? despite the evidence of the polls ? Romney was well placed to win. But then a few hours later I?d see Dick Morris making the same arguments in his cartoonish way. And as soon as I saw Dick Morris peddling the line, I knew for certain Rove was bluffing.

Perhaps most damaging of all was the way Fox prevented Romney and the Republicans from properly stress-testing their arguments. Time and again, a Romney surrogate would be taken apart on an issue like their economic policy or stance on abortion. But an hour later they?d be back in the Fox studio, being lobbed softballs and given a soft ride. And it lulled them and their campaign into thinking the earlier car-crash had been an aberration, just one more example of the venality of the MSM.

Obviously Fox are influential. They reach a wide audience, and are a major, well-resourced and professionally run national broadcast outlet. But I?m not so sure they?re as damaging to Democrats as Democrats fear, or as helpful to Republicans as Republicans like to think.

And as the GOP begins the process of sifting through the wreckage of its latest election defeat, it needs to learn a lesson. Just because you?re winning around Bill O?Reilly and Sean Hannity, it doesn?t mean you?re winning around America.

Apparently the world is waking

Chris Trotter thinks the world is waking…he posted a nice little video about all the “uprisings around the world including Occupy…

Now watch one of the leaders of Occupy Wall Street get torn apart bey Sean Hannity.

HANNITY: I have a suggestion for you. You are 29 years old. Stop wasting your time at ?Occupy Wall Street.? Here?s a novel concept, get up at 6:00 a.m., shovel some coffee down your throat.

Hit the pavement, find a job, get to work, stop whining, stop complaining, stop blaming and get your ? out of bed and get to work. How does that sound?

SCHULTZ: Give me a job. I will go to work.

HANNITY: If you pound the pavement and stop hanging out at the park, you might find one.

SCHULTZ: I am online all day ?

HANNITY: Go work as a cook, a dish washer, go work as a contractor. Go do something ?

SCHULTZ: More menial. Would that make you happier?

HANNITY: Listen, I did it in my life and guess what?

SCHULTZ: I have done it too.

HANNITY: Go get a job. That job is beneath you?

SCHULTZ: Definitely.

HANNITY: Hanging out with rapists, drug addicts, people having sex in public is more fun.

SCHULTZ: It?s more dignity in that than it is hanging out in this show with you.

HANNITY: OK, listen, I?m glad to say goodbye. See you later.