search and seizure

Nicky Wagner needs to explain herself

Nicky Wagner as Customs Minister issued a press release on Friday regarding?Customs and Excise Act amendments.

Buried in the middle of her release is mention of the contentious issue regarding accessing private computing devices at the border.

?The Government has agreed in principle that Customs needs to meet a statutory threshold before examining electronic devices.? We have asked Customs to do further work on what this would look like in practice and report back prior to introduction of the Bill.? The Government has also agreed in principle that, once the threshold is met, a person should have to assist Customs with the examination if asked.?

Which seems rather too broad for my liking, especially since Customs documents show that cabinet wanted a very, very broad definition?and?search?and?seizure regime in place.

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If you’re dodgy, don’t own a smartphone




Timothy B. Lee at Ars Technica reveals

The [US] courts have traditionally allowed the police to inspect any items a suspect is carrying when they arrest him or her. But in the past, the information the police could obtain in this fashion was fairly limited. The advent of the smartphone has changed all that. ? Read more »