self-drive car

Why autonomous cars rock

Andrew Sullivan

Check this video of a blind man going through a drive thru in his self-drive car, His autonomous car gives him freedom. something public transport will never do:

Steve Mahan is 95 percent blind. And yet he was able to get into a car and drive a pre-programmed  route from his California home to a Taco Bell restaurant. Mahan was driving a Google autonomous car.  For people like Mahan, who are visually impaired, this technology is liberating in a pretty fundamental way. It gives him the freedom of mobility, and the ability to be independent. While it will take a few more years for these vehicles to be widely available to the public, the video [above] gives us a glimpse of what the future will be like.

This is exactly why adherence to 19th century transport technology is not only a waste of public money but just plain silly:

Why drive to a train station, park, pay for a ticket, wait, hop on a train, sit for a while, then hop back in a car or other train when you get close to your destination, when you can just take a nap while your self-driving car carries you safely—and directly—to your destination?

Len Brown and other public transport adherents need to get out more. But Len already knows this…he hardly ever takes the train, preferring the convenience of his car.