Looks like Serco was the author of its own destruction

Prisoner-on-prisoner assaults have dropped dramatically since Corrections took back control of Mt Eden Prison from Serco, according to a new Newshub report.

Under Serco, Mt Eden Prison was the country’s worst-performing prison.

The prison had been hit with controversies like fight clubs, drug use, and bribing of guards, but under Corrections there has been a turn around.

According to numbers obtained from Corrections, prisoner-on-prisoner assaults have dropped 55 per cent since the take over, while less severe assaults have decreased by seven per cent.

Not that I would disagree with Serco’s position of standing back and letting the scrotes sort each other out, but it did end up giving Labour an easy win. ?? Read more »

Davis fails to front with evidence, what a surprise

Yesterday Kelvin Davis performed yet another hit job on Serco, alleging that there were corrupt prison officers delivering contraband to the scumbags in jail.

Paul Henry challenged him to front, so did Judith Collins…but he has failed to deliver up evidence and now the problem is in?the?hands of Police.

Kelvin Davis “is playing a game” and risks attracting the attention of “violent” criminals, Corrections Minister Judith Collins has warned.

The Labour MP on Thursday alleged a small number of Corrections officers in Auckland are taking bribes and sneaking cigarettes to inmates. He provided Newshub with a recording of a conversation between himself and a family member on the outside, explaining how the smuggling operation runs.

Mr Davis promised to give all the evidence he had to Ms Collins.

“About six o’clock last night he sent through what he said was a transcript,” Ms Collins told Paul Henry on Friday morning.

“Yesterday I spoke to the Corrections chief executive Ray Smith, and Ray and I talked about this, and Ray decided to send this straight away to police because it’s evidence of bribery and corruption — well, it’s an allegation of it.”

Ms Collins appears to not have read the transcript Mr Davis gave her, saying she didn’t know what was in it.

She says Mr Davis hasn’t given her any names, nor the recording of the conversation he had with the whistleblower. ? Read more »

Why does Kelvin Davis behave so cowardly toward his people?


via ONE News

by Gavin

Having been silent and laying low over the real issue of Moko being beaten to death by his caregivers, he has found his voice again. Now the collective consciousness has moved on, up he pops with another prison crisis, this time it?s Corrections. This time, the dreadful crime of smokes being smuggled into prison by guards. Like that is anything new or newsworthy. Where does this guy get his life from?

Does he go to the cops with information for a prosecution? No he goes on TV and won?t reveal his sources, because, well you know none of these people in prisons would tell lies now, would they? Really Kelvin, is that the best you have to offer your people?

Wow, I?m so impressed. He only cares about his people once they committed the crimes, and then visits them in jail to get their stories to attempt to bash the government. He should hang his head in shame. My question to him is: Why don?t you give a toss about your people before they get to prison? Read more »

Impertinent questions

Cigarette stubbed out

Whaleoil reader Second time around writes

Kelvin Davis claims that it costs $500 to bribe a Serco guard to deliver two packets of tobacco to a loved one behind bars.

Collins is calling Davis’ bluff on this one.

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Oh look, something happened at a SERCO PRISON, Media Party are on it like white on rice

The Media party never miss an opportunity to put the boot into private companies, especially when they shill stories for the unions.

A wing of a Serco-run prison in Auckland has been on lockdown since drunk prisoners allegedly attacked guards over the weekend.

The incident comes after it was announced in April Serco would have to pay the government $8 million to cover the cost of Corrections stepping in to take over the management of the Mt Eden Corrections Facility in July last year.

A Serco spokeswoman on Thursday confirmed 42 of the 68 inmates in one wing at the Auckland South Corrections Facility, in Wiri, had been subject to a “controlled regime” since Monday.

“The regime was applied after two prisoners allegedly assaulted members of staff, and contraband homebrew was discovered in the wing on Saturday,” she said.

Under the lockdown, prisoners are unlocked for less time than normal with only 10 cells being opened at any one time. ? Read more »

Another prisoner dies at Mt Eden – will Corrections be as accountable as Serco?


A prisoner has died at Mt Eden Prison in Auckland in an apparent suicide this week.

Acting prison director Dennis Goodin has confirmed the man died on Monday morning.

The man is understood to have been in solitary confinement, in a cell known by inmates as “the pound”, when he died. Read more »

2015 – Our losers (I claim two as scalps)


A jury couldn’t convict him on charges of perjury and perverting the course of justice, but Cairns said it himself: “Reputationally, I’m completely scorched, burnt completely”. He’s vowing to fight on and redeem himself, but in many respects, the damage has already been done. The marathon trial in London’s Southwark Crown Court featured a prosecution witness list that read like a who’s who of New Zealand cricket: Daniel Vettori, Brendon McCullum, Chris Harris, Lou Vincent, Shane Bond, Kyle Mills and Andre Adams. Despite the not guilty verdicts, Cairns’ status as a cricketing great has taken a hit.


The private prison operator has managed to see out the year without its contract to run Auckland’s Mt Eden prison being torn up – just. A full-blown scandal erupted after footage emerged online of prisoners allegedly taking part in organised fights clubs. Further serious allegations emerged about the behaviour of inmates at the prison and a full independent investigation was ordered. Serco bosses were called in for a “please explain” with the Corrections Minister, who hasn’t fared well either, and not long after the Corrections department took over the day-to-day management of the facility. But whether Serco gets the boot is a question that will remain unanswered until 2016.

The Corrections union, Labour and the Media worked hand in hand to put Serco at the kerb using the same style of politics they have denounced Dirty Politics to be. ?Brutal, and efficient. ?Serco were dumped. ? Read more »


2015 – looking back on political disasters


Winston Peters won the Northland by-election by more than 4000 votes, wiping out National’s Mark Osborne and seizing a seat that had been true blue for decades. The NZ First leader hailed the victory as evidence provincial voters won’t tolerate being ignored by an arrogant, big city government.

It meant National had one less seat in parliament and the government was forced to rely on support from both ACT and United Future to pass legislation.

It was a big boost for NZ First and if Peters retains the seat in 2017 the party will be exempt from the five per cent MMP threshold for list MPs.


Bizarre incidents in an Auckland cafe threatened to harm Prime Minister John Key’s image and popularity. It was revealed he persistently pulled waitress Amanda Bailey’s ponytail against her wishes, and opposition MPs accused him of sexual harassment.

Key admitted he had been “very, very silly” and that he had apologised. Bailey took no action and an attempt by serial litigant Graham McCready to bring a case against Key was thrown out. The scandal eventually blew over.

It has and it hasn’t. ?The Media Party are still hitting Key with sexually charged negative stories trying to build a narrative that individually none of them are much, but collectively they form a pattern.? Read more »


Serco Crusher is on the job

Newly-reinstated Corrections Minister Judith Collins says the under fire private prison operator Serco must “front up” over the fiasco at the Mt Eden jail.

In a direct message to the private prison management Ms Collins says as the minister in charge she will be expecting a different result in the future.

“What happened in Mt Eden was totally unacceptable and it won’t be happening again as far as I’m concerned,” Ms Collins told Paul Henry.

Describing her reappointment to the tough portfolio as her “dream job” Ms Collins said she would be looking at reports and meeting with prison management to discuss troubled Auckland correctional facility.

Serco have one chance to get this right. ?They can either go on a rather public Mea Cupla / charm campaign and make Collins look like the winner she is, or she’s going to turf them out for being useless. ?Either way, Collins will chalk up a win. ? Read more »


Oh look, Labour putting pressure on a prison issue. Must be Serco then

via Daily Mail

via Daily Mail

Labour really are nothing but the parliamentary wing of the unions. ? The Corrections Association has been after Serco with the help of the Media Party, but mostly through the never-ending assistance of Kelvin Davis who keeps pushing the issue into the headlines. ? Read more »