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If UK figures can be believed there are over 59,300 men who want sex with children in NZ

Graham Capill, convicted sex offender and former leader of Christian Heritage party

Graham Capill, convicted sex offender and former leader of Christian Heritage party

A recent study in the UK of?by the National Crime Agency suggests that 1 in 35 men want child sex. If we extrapolate those figures for New Zealand based on the?latest census data that means that there are 59,388 potential kiddy fiddlers running around out there.

Up to 750,000 men living in Britain may have an interest in having sex with children, the Government has been warned.

A shocking analysis by the National Crime Agency reveals that about one in 35 adult males poses a potential risk of being a child abuser or of seeking out child sex images online.

Horrifically, as many as 250,000 men may be sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children ? defined as those under 12 ? according to the findings disclosed exclusively to The Mail on Sunday.

Phil Gormley, the deputy director general of the National Crime Agency (NCA), said: ?We are starting to get a real sense of the scale.?

He also warned that paedophiles are so numerous that ?the reality is that we are all living not far away from one?.

Calling for an urgent new approach to safeguard children from potential abusers before they strike, he said: ?If all we have is arrest and incarceration that will not help them come forward.? ? Read more »

The story nobody is covering: The failure and death of the Conservative Party


We all know that National is mostly just Helen’s Labour Party policies with a few pet projects on the side. ?Smacking is still outlawed. ?A few power stations were half sold. ?And some gay people can now get married.

This leaves a fair chunk of National support with no real place to go. ?Most are devout believers in a Christian God. ?They love traditional ideas around family and the moral and value systems that brings with it.

The rise and fall of a number of “right of National” conservative or religious parties over the decades clearly show there is a 3-6% support for a party that is interested in pulling National to the right. ?And good grief, doesn’t National need a coalition partner like that now, with both Dunne and the Maori Party having abandoned their support for sensible RMA reform.

Why do conservative parties in New Zealand fail to get off the ground? ?Sadly, it’s because of the nutcase factor. ? Read more »

Government crushes Winston’s pedo exposure bill

Parliament today refused leave for the Member for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters to introduce a Bill to remove the right of paedophile?s to name suppression when the victim wants their attacker named.

A host of National MPs objected to the Bill being introduced.

Mr Peters says he is disappointed the government is content to allow paedophiles to hide behind a cloak of secrecy.

“This is often imposed on the basis it protects the victim,” he says. “But in cases where the victim wants exposure of the crime and not secrecy our Bill will remove the subjudice rule, name suppression, and the legal cone of silence.”

The New Zealand First Leader sought leave for the Bill, Criminal Procedure (Removing Paedophile Name Suppression) Amendment Bill, to be introduced and debated on the next members? day. Read more »

Face of the day

Today’s face of the day is Alicia Gali, a beautiful Australian woman who accepted a Managerial position in Dubai.

What happened to her was terrible. Sharia law in Muslim countries is applied to Christians and all other infidels. Believe it or not Alicia was imprisoned for the crime of being violently gang raped in the hotel where she worked by fellow employees who had spiked her drink making her unconscious. What makes this story even worse is that her employers trapped her in the country by holding on to her passport and the Australian Embassy did not help her leave either. Unable to leave the country, she was forced by the extreme pain from her broken ribs to go to the local hospital. From there her fate was sealed as they lied to her and in Arabic wrote a ‘ confession of her crimes ‘ that they made her sign.

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And we still want Islamic immigrants?

When you read the article at the NZ Herald about the 11 year old rape victim in Afghanistan being disowned by her family for dishonouring them then you really do have to wonder why we entertain letting Islamic immigrants into NZ.

All around the world we see the perils of such immigration where enclaves and no-go zones are formed and shariah law imposed.

We do not tolerate the subjucation of women in New Zealand yet we remain silent with increasing numbers of burqa clad females strolling our cities, subjugated by stone age belief systems….in New Zealand.

This wouldn’t be an issue but for the fact that Islamic migrants in particular tend to not want to integrate into our society, instead they want to apply their belief systems upon us.

It is time to have a re-think….otherwise we will be importing beliefs like this into NZ…at least if we did continue down this path then Tania Billingsley would actually have a real rape culture to deal with…unfortunately for her though they will simply tell her to shut up and put her burqa back on or face stoning.

An Afghan cleric has been jailed for 20 years for raping an 11-year old girl, after the child confronted her attacker in court despite fierce family opposition.

Activists said the girl appeared in court after being taken to a women’s shelter for safety from some members of her own family, who had threatened to kill her for bringing “dishonour” on them.

The sentence, passed by a court in Kabul on Saturday, came just weeks after five men were hanged for the gang-rape of four adult women and was hailed as a victory by activists. ? Read more »

Another registered sicko teacher convicted for sex crimes has finally been struck off

The Labour party opposed charter schools on the basis that there was no requirement for compulsory registration of teachers at them.

They claimed that registration was there to protect children.

Yet every week a registered teacher is before the courts for crimes against children that registration was supposed to protect them from.

An Auckland teacher who chatted online about sexually violating a schoolgirl and bringing her along to a group sex session to “let everyone have a go at a young girl” has been de-registered.

Neale Howe was convicted after an October 2013 arrest for making an objectionable publication under the Films Videos and Publications Classifications Act 1993.

He was caught after he chatted on an online dating website to a woman who was organising a group sex event.

His graphic and sexually explicit conversations — most of which are too graphic to publish — were outlined in a police summary of facts included in a Teachers Council decision.

Over several conversations, the teacher boasted about being in a sexual relationship with a girl, saying he was currently having sex with a 15-year-old.? Read more »

About political songs

Some wise advice from a music blogger at Fairfax…see MSM have blogs too.

Funny works, nasty backfires.

The band?@Peace?really screwed up. You only have to click on that Wiki link to see how they’re going to be remembered. They released?a song threatening to kill John Key?- and then went into a swift panic, explaining that it was really all about mobilising young voters. The rallying cry included reference to sleeping with Key’s daughter. It wasn’t (quite) a statement of rape – but it’s a blunt and nasty use of the term, it’s a leading statement – “one of these days I’m going to f*** your daughter”. It could be very easily construed as a threat, an act of violence.

Musicians and writers love to claim that freedom of speech is so important – the band’s frontman Tom Scott has asked us to respect his right to express his disappointment in the leader of the country.

But he’s only killed one thing here – the credibility of the left; this just makes it far too easy for the right and any right supporters to (further) paint the left as a bunch of crackpots – conspiracy theorists, loons.

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Face of the day

I am a strong woman and I believe in freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means that both sides of every issue get to be discussed. It does not mean that discussion is shut down because one side labels the others speech as ‘ Rape culture ‘ or dismisses it because it was written by a man and the issue is only relevant in their opinion to women.

Jan Logie

Jan Logie

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Does Julian Assange subscribe to a rape culture?

The Standard and other various left wing people out there have been attacking the government and Murray McCully in particular over an alleged “rape Culture” in New Zealand and protecting the rights of victims to speak out about the “crimes” that were visited upon them.

It’s funny you know, because when you do a bit of research around this issue you find all sorts of interesting contradictions.

Take the case of Julian Assange…superficially it is similar to the Malaysian diplomat case. Assange is charged with actual rape, where as the Malaysian diplomat is charged with intent to rape. Assange’s charges are much more severe. Both are being sought for extradition to the country where the alleged crimes occurred. One used diplomatic protection to run, the other just ran and is hiding in another country’s embassy to avoid facing his accusers in court.

Now this is where it gets different. In New Zealand a foreigner appears to have picked up a “rape culture”…where as Julian Assange is portrayed as the victim of a vendetta and trumped up charges.

Lynn Prentice was particularly vociferous over the Assange case.

You will be interested to see the scorn with which Lprent – and other?commenters – pour on the alleged victim – and the stern defence of?where the burden of proof lies.

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They have dud judges in Australia too

It is a real worry when you get judges with these sorts of thoughts, even more worrying when they say them out loud.

A Sydney judge has compared incest and paedophilia to homosexuality, saying the community may no longer see sexual contact between siblings and between adults and children as ?unnatural? or ?taboo?.

District Court Judge Garry Neilson said just as gay sex was socially unacceptable and criminal in the 1950s and 1960s but is now widely accepted, ?a jury might find nothing untoward in the advance of a brother towards his sister once she had sexually matured, had sexual relationships with other men and was now ?available?, not having [a] sexual partner?.

He also said the ?only reason? that incest is still a crime is because of the high risk of genetic abnormalities in children born from consanguineous relationships ?but even that falls away to an extent [because] there is such ease of contraception and readily access to abortion?.

Judge Neilson made the extraordinary and bizarre comments in the case of a 58-year-old man, known for legal reasons as MRM, who is charged with repeatedly raping his younger sister in the family?s western Sydney home in 1981.

The man had earlier pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting his sister when she was 10 or 11 years old in 1973 or 1974 after police recorded a telephone conversation between the siblings in July 2011 in which he admitted to having sexual contact with her when she was ?a kid?.

But he has pleaded not guilty to the charge of sexual intercourse without consent, with an alternative charge of incest, regarding the 1981 events. ?? Read more »