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Face of the day


Restarting a new life has been hard for Ralph Simpson and his family, but they don’t miss their old life. CHRIS SKELTON / FAIRFAX NZ

Today’s face of the day is Kiwi solicitor Ralph Simpson, who has taken the road less travelled in order to help victims of sex trafficking in Thailand.

Just reading the witness statement you could feel the boy’s fear. He was under 15 and living on Thailand’s streets when he was brought back to an apartment where two Western men were waiting. There he became their plaything.

In those moments, reading those documents, Ralph Simpson felt angry.

“Those images do haunt you. You feel that nobody gives a damn. That this kid is utterly alone.”

…Eight years ago, Simpson was a partner at Bell Gully, one of the country’s biggest corporate law firms. He was successful, earning a large pay packet. He admits he was “cushy” when he first came across the term “sex trafficking”.

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