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Council run brothels in Christchurch?

It appears Christchurch are going trial a 25 by 25 meter area for prostitutes to solicit for business.  Joelle Dally has more:

Christchurch city councillors Ali Jones and Pauline Cotter are spearheading the creation of a temporary site for street-based sex workers between Bealey Ave and Kilmore St.

Jones said the aim was to solve post-quake tensions between prostitutes and Manchester St residents north of Bealey Ave, and to make it safer for workers and their clients.

A preferred site had been identified out of five considered along that stretch of the street, she said.

Jones would not reveal the exact location as it was not yet confirmed, and consultation with the landowner, residents and businesses was still under way.

The temporary site would have facilities including toilets, lighting, security cameras and needle receptacles.

Why not a pie warmer with some sausage rolls and pizza slices, a douche dispenser and charging points for personal electronics?   Read more »

A question for Pam

So Pam Corkery’s ill conceived idea for a brothel for chicks has come to nought. I note that she said:

The ex-MP said she had multi-million backing for Pammys Spa Bar and Bordello but “lost her nerve”.

“It’s millions of dollars from a foreign investment fund,” Corkery told Sunday News. “That’s a far cry from the hands-on control I imagined.

Now colour me stupid, but surely Pam has read up on the law regarding international financing of brothels or indeed any part of the sex industry in New Zealand.

Prostitution Reform Act 2003

19 Application of Immigration Act 2009

(1) No visa may be granted under the Immigration Act 2009 to a person on the basis that the person—
(a) has provided, or intends to provide, commercial sexual services; or
(b) has acted, or intends to act, as an operator of a business of prostitution; or
(c) has invested, or intends to invest, in a business of prostitution.

(2) It is a condition of every temporary entry class visa granted under the Immigration Act 2009 that the holder of the visa may not, while in New Zealand,—
(a) provide commercial sexual services; or
(b) act as an operator of a New Zealand business of prostitution; or
(c) invest in a New Zealand business of prostitution.

Fairly clear cut I would say. Sounds like Pam’s statements are full of crap.