CAIR attempts to “Mansplain” Muslim modesty



CAIR are an extremely well funded organisation that wages legal Jihad to impose Sharia law and values on Western countries. After every Islamic terrorist attack you can count on one of their representatives to be front and centre, expressing concern that the massacre of infidels may lead to the average Muslim on the street being subjected to mean stares.

After we published the above photo on Whaleoil I went looking for photos of modest Muslim men with the intention of ?pixelating??parts of their body that would have to be covered if they were Muslim women in Iran. ?Instead I found this article by CAIR ?entitled, UNDERSTANDING MODESTY ? A LOOK AT MUSLIM MEN. In it the writer does his best to mansplain?a mentality that subjugates women and is insulting to men, viewing them as primitive animals with no self control.

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Offensive sexist and racist photo & headline on Left wing blog

I am sooooooo offended. Its’s sexissssssst and raaacissst. My feelings have been hurt, someone call the Human Rights Commission quick.

If positions were reversed and this below photo and headline had appeared first on Whaleoil, it would have been all Lefties to the pumps to pour petrol on the fire.

PHOTO-The Daily Blog

PHOTO-The Daily Blog

This photo of three well known female politicians was mocked in an offensive way as the professional women were compared to monkeys.The headline read..Hear no poverty, see no poverty, speak no poverty: We have lost what it means to be a Kiwi.
This headline is a clear reference to the three monkeys and the saying hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.



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Progressive feminist ideology tanks movie or was it the sexism and racism?

New Ghostbusters movie

New Ghostbusters movie

Both my children are eagerly looking forward to the new Ghostbusters movie. ?I really enjoyed the original so went on to YouTube to look at the trailer. One of the main characters is an actress I really like, Melissa McCarthy so I had high hopes that it would be good.



What I soon discovered was that this movie trailer was incredibly unpopular. I have never seen so many dislikes before.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.45.24 AM

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Thoughtful Mother’s Day gift or Sexist?



I don’t know about you but someone else ordering the food for the family and cooking it seems like a lovely Mother’s day gift for a Mother who does the food ordering and cooking for the family.If a family has a father that does the food ordering and cooking for the family, then a voucher like this would make an equally appropriate Father’s day gift. Being an old fashioned feminist I obviously lack the ‘offence’ gene that so many politically correct genders ( there are multiple now ) seem to have.

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The misogyny of the left

Paula Bennett has been attacked on social media and the other day she highlighted one instance when the media jumped all over her.

Fair enough, but this case is so much worse than what John Lehmann ever said.

Meet Phillip Reweti Bear. He’s a protestor, meat worker and thinks that “scabs” should die.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.47.33 AM

He also has a message for Paula Bennett.

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Hey Shelley, if you don’t like it don’t watch it

There seems, in recent years, to have developed a penchant for people to wail about things they don’t like because they are offended on behalf of other people.

This affliction is prevalent in the chattering classes, especially columnists.

Shelley Bridgeman is the latest afflicted, with a series of columns that are nothing but whinging. Her latest?is a classic example.

“This is a bit sexist, isn’t it?” asked my then twelve-year-old as we watched an episode from series one of TV3’s The Bachelor. I replied that while on the surface it certainly could appear that having twenty-odd women vie publically for the attention of one man was indeed sexist, even misogynistic, an awareness of the bigger picture afforded a more benign view of the situation. ? Read more »

Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police now endorse Sexism

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have worked hard to be a place of equality for all Canadians. A leak to Ezra Levant of from the RCMP has revealed that this month they are going to announce a change. A new uniform for policewomen is going to be unveiled and it will be the sharia-compliant head covering for women, the hijab.

Canada is not the first Western country to let Sharia law creep into its police force or military or prison security. Our nearest neighbour Australia, for example, has it in their navy. It can also be found in America and Britain.

Australian Navy Captain Mona Shindy

Australian Navy Captain Mona Shindy

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Is Minecraft sexist?

My Open Letter To Notch: Why Minecraft Is Sexist And Needs To Be Banned Screenshot

My Open Letter To Notch: Why Minecraft Is Sexist And Needs To Be Banned

I came across this rabid feminist blogger on Facebook. I say rabid because she is suing some poor guy for daring to save her from drowning. Even weirder is her belief that vegemite is racist ( I am not kidding ) She describes herself as?a fab social justice activist working for? she says that Feminism F:ing rules!

What really caught my eye though was her attack on the game Minecraft. I am familiar with this game and what she said did not seem right so I contacted a 17 year old who plays Minecraft and asked her to respond to Cassidy Boon’s tirade. I will refer to her as Gamer X.

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Sexist crime and punishment

Spotted on the Trademe Message board today.

Graham Lowe gets caned for commenting on Adern’s physical appearance, while Hilary Barry threatens violence and is congratulated.

-screenshot facebook

-screenshot facebook

Both comments are petty and deserve not much more than rolled eyes and shoulder shrugs, however if the women of this world want to be taken seriously and respected for values beyond their physical appearance, they might like to admonish Barry for the pathetic promise to deliver violence.
The fact that Adern thanks her for the threat shows perfect hypocrisy.

-screenshot facebook

-screenshot facebook

Anybody who kicks me in the shin should expect to be punched in the face.
But then women are allowed to be violent and men are not.

-Trader boxapaul. Trademe message board.

Another lecture on ethics from the ethically challenged St. Brian Gaynor

You have to wonder how Brain Gaynor keeps his column in a shabby tabloid rag each week.

But there he is once again banging on about something that other people and companies should do but one that he himself isn’t doing.

Brian Gaynor is a weapons grade hypocrite.

The election of directors will be one of the most important issues during the upcoming annual meeting season.

Should our listed companies have more women directors? What is the appropriate mix of executive and non-executive directors? Should the chief executive be a director? Are New Zealand companies doing enough to find and develop new directors?

The Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI), whose members hold an average 10 per cent of the largest 200 ASX companies, launched a major initiative last week that “aims to lift the representation of women on the boards of ASX companies to at least 30 per cent of all directors by the end of 2017”.


[O]ne of the biggest issues facing New Zealand business is the recruitment and development of new directors.

The 16 companies in this survey have appointed only eight new directors in the past 12 months. This is a very low number, particularly as 72 new directors have been appointed to ASX 100 companies in the 12 months prior to the survey.

A number of observations can be made about these eight new NZX company directors including; ?? Read more »