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A very scary time for young men

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There are three types of sexual assault complaint: regret, revenge, and real. To the list, we can now add a fourth type of sexual assault complaint: political. For that, you don?t even need a judge or jury. In fact, you don?t even need any real evidence.

Frontpagemag reports.

Quote:President Trump lashed out at left-wingers this week, declaring that the out-of-control leftist-manufactured controversies raging around Judge Brett Kavanaugh?s nomination to the Supreme Court prove it is a ?very scary time for young men.?

It has been true for a while that men accused of sexual assault or sexual harassment on college campuses are tried by kangaroo courts. In fact, railroading students accused of such things was official policy in President Obama?s Department of Education. But now the same mob mentality has taken over the nation?s capital.End of quote.

Calling them kangaroo courts is being generous. More like witch hunts. Quote.

Quote:The idea of masculinity itself is under attack, as if being male were a disease. Being aggressive and pushing boundaries, that is, being manly, is treated as toxic behavior. Political lynchings of men, especially Caucasians and those to the right of center, have become increasingly commonplace. “White men are presumed guilty because they are white men, because they are supposedly in a position of privilege,” Ben Shapiro said recently.End of quote.

Identity politics is inherently racist. There?s no racist like an anti-racist. quote.

Quote:[…]As the absurd sex claims against Kavanaugh have been fizzling out, the Left has shifted the goalposts, accusing the would-be justice of being an abusive drunk on the basis of his otherwise banal, totally ordinary youthful experimentation with beverage alcohol. It?s not that left-wingers are opposed to the consumption of alcohol ? they just want to come up with any excuse they can to prevent Kavanaugh (or any other Trump nominee to the high court) from moving forward. Left-wingers have even claimed that Kavanaugh?s wholly justified righteous indignation at being accused with no credible evidence whatsoever of being a party to gang rape somehow shows he lacks the temperament to sit on the Supreme Court.End of quote.

Smoking a joint makes you cool. Having a drink makes you an abusive boor. Remember that, kids. Quote.

Quote:Whether Kavanaugh is confirmed or not, the hazy, still-uncorroborated allegations leveled at him by Christine Blasey Ford will have staying power. This is because the character-assassins of the Left hellbent on sabotaging Kavanaugh control the culture. They will continue to slander the judge till their dying days.End of quote.

Let?s not forget that the accusations were based on recovered memories. Ford may as well have had taken DMT and be claiming to have been raped by green aliens. That?s how unreliable recovered memories are. quote.

Quote:The Torquemada-style approach to sexual abuse claims has been in vogue for years and young men have become its frequent victims. False rape claims are already distressingly common but in the #MeToo era of the 24-hour news cycle they get sensationalized like never before.End of quote.

We are witnessing the weaponisation of sexual assault accusations. Quote.

Quote:[…]But nowadays the accusations spread at lightning speed and get amplified in social media, allowing the Left to ruin a man?s reputation in mere minutes.

Which brings us back to President Trump and his defense of Kavanaugh.

A reporter said, ?Your son, Mr. President, says that he fears more for his sons, at this point in the MeToo era, than his daughters. Do you agree that men are under attack??

?Well, it?s a tough thing going on,? Trump told reporters at the White House Tuesday.

[…]Well, I say that it?s a very scary time for young men in America, when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of.? This is a very, very ? this is a very difficult time.

What?s happening here has much more to do than even the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice. It really does. You could be somebody that was perfect your entire life, and somebody could accuse you of something. It doesn?t necessarily have to be a woman, as everybody say ? but somebody could accuse you of something, and you?re automatically guilty.

But in this realm, you are truly guilty until proven innocent. That?s one of the very, very bad things that?s taking place right now.End of quote.

In politics, they say always keep your hands clean. With the Left, that means leading a life of exemplary sainthood. Even if you manage to do that the Left will just lie and make up dirt. As Saul Alinsky loved to say, the ends always justify the means. quote.

Quote:As usual, President Trump is right.End of quote.

Photo of the Day

Never Give Up Hope

Ten years ago, on Jan. 12, 2007, Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby were found. Ben had been missing for a few days, but Shawn had been missing for more than four years. The discovery that the boys were alive and kept captive by Michael Devlin in Kirkwood made national news.

Shawn was kidnapped while riding his bike to a friend?s house near Richwoods, Missouri. Shawn had taken this path many times before but this time, Shawn passed by Mike Devlin who bumped him with his truck. Devlin initially seemed concerned for Shawn?s safety, but moments later put him into the back of his truck and told him ?You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.?

Shawn Hornbeck?had several chances to escape while he was held by a kidnapper for four years. He went out riding his bike at age 11 in 2002 and never came back. Shawn had multiple chances to make contact with the authorities, but he did not. He even had access to the Internet. He was discovered by police in the home of his captor and returned to his family at age 15. His case has been the source of much speculation, and many believe he suffers from Stockholm Syndrome.

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He was registered, so he thought he’d grab her by the pussy

Teacher Registration is supposed to protect the kids. That is what Chris Hipkins tells us, that is why Labour opposes Charter Schools.

Yet, almost every week we see stories like this.

An Auckland teacher has had his registration cancelled after he put his hand up a colleague’s skirt and commented?on the size of her breasts.

However, the New Zealand Teachers’ Disciplinary Tribunal said?if Wayne Mackay re-applied for registration, he should be treated with positive consideration, but only if the Teachers’ Council believed he was rehabilitated.

In 2012, Mackay was accused of putting his hand up his colleague’s skirt?and touching her genitals while he was employed at Pakuranga College.

The case was heard in November 2016 after Mackay delayed it through legal action.

The tribunal found Mackay guilty, according to a?decision released on Monday. ? Read more »

Perhaps he could be double-bunked with Phillip Smith

This guy is not?just a scribble-face but he is also a sick, perverted nutter.

A repeat sexual offender who violated his teenage cellmate in prison may be kept behind bars indefinitely.

Stephen Mark Gotty forced the 19-year-old to engage in oral sex while they were bunking together, telling the young man he was “his b….?now”.

Gotty was due to be sentenced at the Auckland District Court on Tuesday, but his case has now been transferred to the High Court, which will consider Crown prosecutor Nick Williams’ application for preventive detention.

A pre-sentence report assessed Gotty as having a significant likelihood of reoffending, with a “very high” risk of harm to others. ? Read more »

Photo of the Day

This is Christopher Wilder scouting his next victim at the Seventeen Magazine pagent at the very time that he was the subject of a nationwide manhunt. The legs in the foreground were those of Michelle Korfman, who was one of the contestants. She disappeared right after this event and her skeletal remains were found a month later in the mountains near Los Angeles. His M.O. was to approach women wherever they congregated. He approached them in shopping malls, strip-malls, on the street in residential neighborhoods, and in one instance, at a Seventeen Magazine beauty pageant in Las Vegas, where he posed as a photographer.

This is Christopher Wilder scouting his next victim at the Seventeen Magazine pageant at the very time that he was the subject of a nationwide manhunt. The legs in the foreground were those of Michelle Korfman, who was one of the contestants. She disappeared right after this event and her skeletal remains were found a month later in the mountains near Los Angeles. His M.O. was to approach women wherever they congregated. He approached them in shopping malls, strip-malls, on the street in residential neighbourhoods, and in one instance, at a Seventeen Magazine beauty pageant in Las Vegas, where he posed as a photographer.

The Beauty Queen Killer

Christopher Wilder was rich. His friends described him as charming and gallant. He lived a playboy life in South Florida, living well and racing sports cars. He was particularly fond of beautiful young women. In the nineteen eighties he was still in his thirties and living in Boynton Beach in Florida.

Cross-country road trips often conjure images of the wind in your hair as you drive a classic Mustang with the music blaring. Add to this rape, torture and murder and you?d come close to describing Christopher Wilder?s 1984 killing spree across the United States. Also known as The Beauty Queen Killer, Wilder was born in 1945 in Sydney, Australia. Having lived through a rather traumatic childhood where Wilder came close to death not once, but twice, he showed signs of sexual deviance at a young age.

By aged seventeen somewhat innocent window peeking had developed into gang rape. Having plead guilty to this crime, during his year of probation, he received the controversial electroconvulsive therapy. This treatment, thought to correct unwanted mental conditions, involves small electric shocks being passed through the brain to trigger a seizure. Although it was meant to help, this treatment seemed to further fuel Wilder?s disturbing fantasies ? especially those about having complete power over a woman.

That apparently stimulated his fantasies, for unlike before this treatment, he now imagined shocking girls while having sex with them. Therapists noted his need to dominate women and his desire to turn them into slaves for his pleasure. He wanted to hold a woman captive against her will.

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Is fear he?ll never work again sufficient reason for name suppression in sexual assault case?

What a cry-baby.

A professional who has been convicted of indecent assault is seeking permanent name suppression.

For the moment, he has been allowed to keep both his name and occupation secret.

The man was sentenced in the Auckland District Court last year on two charges of indecent assault with intent to offend. ? Read more »

This was clearly due to the lack of cross-dressing toilets

Newshub reports:

Dunedin police are looking for a man who seriously attacked another man sexually while dressed as a woman.

The attack happened around 5:30am on Sunday morning following the All Blacks test match against Wales.

The offender was dressed as a woman and was carrying a jacket and a handbag. He is described as medium to athletic build and is believed to be Maori or Polynesian.

The attacker and the victim were walking from the Octagon along George St to where the attack took place – near the Captain Cook Hotel and the Rob Roy Dairy. Police are asking for help in identifying the attacker. ? Read more »

“Don’t touch me” wristbands; the latest in Swedish crime prevention


You know how we have joked on here about the lycra force field protecting cyclists or, as we more humorously call them, road maggots? Well, it looks like the Swedish police have taken our humour seriously and decided to protect Swedish women with rubber wristbands emblazoned with the words “don’t touch me.” This news story is so bad you would assume that it was satire but, unfortunately, it isn’t. This is a serious police initiative to try to cut down on the many sexual assaults in Sweden. I can’t help but wonder if the words “don’t touch me” are in Swedish or in Arabic. Either way, the only way they would be effective at stopping a sexual assault would be if they were used like a docking ring on the assailant.

Sweden?s police chief unveiled the force?s latest weapon in the fight against sexual assault: wristbands reading ?Don?t touch me?.

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Depraved boy-buggerer has appeal thrown out. Oh, and he used to be registered

Some people really need to spend some time contemplating a good length of sturdy hemp, and a wobbly stool placed in their cell.

A “depraved” former teacher jailed for 20 years for raping runaway teenage boys has had an appeal against his conviction thrown out.

Graeme Andrew Joblin, 56, groomed vulnerable young boys he met while busking in Christchurch city centre.

He plied them with alcohol and drugs before taking advantage of them by raping and indecently attacking them.

In 2012, he was jailed for 20 years at Christchurch District Court, with a minimum non-parole term of seven years, after being found guilty by jury on 23 charges. ? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

'Madam Mayhem': Joyce McKinney, former Miss Wyoming, who became obsessed with the Mormon Kirk Anderson.

‘Madam Mayhem’: Joyce McKinney, former Miss Wyoming, who became obsessed with the Mormon Kirk Anderson. “For Kirk, I would have skied down in the nude with a carnation up my nose…”

?‘Madam Mayhem’

A Tawdry Tale?

The Surreal Life of Joyce McKinney

The story of Joyce McKinney and the Manacled Mormon sounds like a Quentin Tarantino film or an episode of South Park. It?s almost unbelievable that the story actually happened; that it wasn?t something that was made up by the National Enquirer or the Globe like all those Big Foot sightings or Bat Boy. They say that truth is stranger than fiction and it is certainly true in this bizarre story of one beauty queen?s obsessive love for a Mormon missionary. In McKinney?s version she was?just trying to save the man she loved from the mind-bending control of a religious cult.

A brief affair with a religious man in the 1970s, led the former Miss Wyoming Pageant winner to embark on a cross-continent journey involving kidnapping at gunpoint, sexual assault and solicitations for tabloid and movie offers. Joyce McKinney dated Kirk Anderson for a brief period of time when she was 25 years old, an affair Anderson ended quickly over religious beliefs. Anderson was so wracked with guilt that he actually moved to England, which didn?t deter the obsessive McKinney at all.

After hiring a Private Investigator to track her lover down, McKinney crossed the pond, had an accomplice kidnap him at gunpoint and take him to the home she was renting, where she proceeded to chain him to a bed and rape him for days. Anderson only escaped his chains after agreeing to marry McKinney. Instead, he reported his ordeal to the cops. Though arrested, McKinney jumped bail and wound up in Canada. She tried to sell her story in Atlanta, and ultimately couldn?t resist following Anderson to Utah, where she was arrested.

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