E tu Part 3: Are Unions friends or enemies of Labour?


The dwindling union membership of private sector workers has meant that the two biggest private sector unions, the EPMU and the SFWU have merged.

Both the EPMU and the SFWU were affiliates of the Labour Party, and there was a strong anti-Government feeling at [yesterday]’s launch, fuelled by acting leader Annette King.

“Ministers like Minister Jonathan Coleman say unions are our political enemy… they should be our political allies,” she said.

“We were born out of the union movement and when you have organised labour and a strong political movement in parliament, you’ve got a far better country.”

Lets stop and consider whether the union movement is actually good for Labour. ? Read more »


E tu Part 2: Jonathan Coleman comes good


The launch of the new E Tu union showed us that at least one member of the National Cabinet actually gets it.

Both the EPMU and the SFWU were affiliates of the Labour Party, and there was a strong anti-Government feeling at today’s launch, fuelled by acting leader Annette King.
“Ministers like Minister Jonathan Coleman say unions are our political enemy… they should be our political allies,” she said.

Yes Annette, Jonathan Coleman is right. The unions are the political enemy, they have absolutely failed to provide you with candidates who can win seats from National, or the money required to win elections. They demand Labour oppose all sorts of things that the New Zealand voter does not care enough about to change their vote on, handicapping Labour as much as they do when they send people like Sue Moroney or Carol Beaumont to Parliament to represent their interests.? Read more »


E tu Part 1: Where have all the union members gone?


Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

The Service & Food Workers Union and the EPMU have amalgamated to form a new mega union with 50,000 members.
The 2014 Union membership stats show that the two unions had the following membership:
SFWU 21,346
EPMU 33,203
Yet in 2010 the two unions had:
SFWU 22,447
EPMU 39,371
In four years the combined unions lost 7000 members. Why?
What has happened to make unions less relevant?

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This is a whole new reason to go on strike – see if you can spot it

Service and Food Workers Union Industry Leader Jill Ovens said the union gave written notice of the strike this morning after guards working for the security company ACM had left for their daily run.

At 10am, 28 guards will return their trucks to the company?s East Tamaki base and walk off the job.

The guards? collective agreement expired in April and after months of negotiations, the union and the company failed to reach agreement at mediation last Friday.

“Guards have wanted crew leaders to get more of an increase in their pay to recognise the high level of responsibility they carry,” Ms Ovens said.

“They are exposed to huge dangers as they pick up millions of dollars from banks and large retail stores. In Australia, the same company?s guards carry guns, but here in New Zealand they have to rely on the crew leader to keep them safe.” Read more »


The Uber-Union is coming

Two of Labour’s strongest affiliate unions are joining together to create a super union…well a bigger union than the hollow shells they are now.

What is funny is watching left-wingers use the same justifications for the super-city to create their Uber-union

The old adage of strength in numbers is the main driver behind the proposed merger between two of New Zealand’s larger unions.

In July, the potential combination of the Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU) with the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU) will be put to the vote at a national conference and if it gets the thumbs up there, the memberships of both groups will then get to have their say.

The merger could result in a more than 50,000 strong union being established, which would make it the second biggest group behind the Council of Trade Unions. The current membership of the SFWU is about 21,000, while the EPMU numbers sit around 32,000.

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And they wonder why they’ve been outsourced

The SWFU is now undertaking an illegal industrial action at Auckland Hospital after their members walked off the job after learning they have been outsourced.

Unionised food workers have walked off the job today at Auckland City Hospital in protest against a contracting-out decision they say will cost jobs and be bad for patients.

The Auckland, Counties Manukau and Waitemata district health boards announced today they had agreed to a proposal to increase the involvement of the Compass Group from next December in food preparation and delivery at public hospitals and clinics. The scheme is expected to save $80 million to $90 million over 15 years.

Auckland DHB said Compass already provided 44 per cent of patient meals in New Zealand, including those served at Waitemata and Counties DHBs. Of the three DHBs, Auckland, whose food services are currently provided in-house, will impose the most changes.

Its chief executive Ailsa Claire said there would be no kitchen closures and all DHB food service staff would be offered the opportunity to transfer their employment to Compass on their existing terms and conditions.

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Rules are for other people (Another union parking mess)

Via the tipline

SFWU vehicle illegally parked across road from parliament at?6.00 pm yesterday.

No driver in car, legal park behind and plenty around corner.


I?keep getting more of these than any other type of organisations. ?When Whaleoil was running its bad parking awareness campaign last year, it was obvious how many times union vehicles were being pinged.

But they are such?important people on?important business. ?It justifies it all.


Now we know why MPs are members of unions, so they can get multiple votes

When moderates complain about Labour, they’re told they?can join and have their?say.

But will it be an equal say?

No. Because unionists and special interest groups, the very people corroding the party, get more than one vote.


No wonder things just keep getting worse. Talk about a failed attempt at democracy! ? Read more »

How long before union muscle tries to destroy the franchise industry?

The Washington Post has an article outlining how the union movement in the US is marshalling its forces to attack franchise operators.

Those slimy SFWU scumbags will want the same for New Zealand.

The franchising industry in NZ worth about $20b. Unions wanting to unionise entire franchise systems?would destroy much of that value.

Learn from the US, what happens there eventually comes here.

Franchising, one of the great American business success stories, is increasingly and unfairly under attack. Lawmakers need to pay attention and ask some questions.

More than 770,000 franchise businesses operate in 100 different business categories in the U.S., including restaurants, hotels, business services, retail stores, real estate agencies and automotive centers. These businesses employ 8.5 million workers and contribute more than $494 billion to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, or 3.1 percent of total private sector GDP.

Unfortunately, franchising is the target of a well-financed, national campaign by the Service Employees International Union. The SEIU has launched a multi-pronged assault at the local, state and national levels of government.

The SEIU wants to undermine franchise contracts so it can more easily unionize entire franchise systems. The union and its affiliates want government officials to designate entire franchise systems as a single unit rather than the collection of separate, small business owners they actually are.

The reason is simple: It is much more difficult for unions to organize employees of thousands of independent small businesses than to unionize a single, large entity.

The effort is a desperate, special-interest ploy to replenish the union?s dwindling coffers and declining private-sector membership. The policy advanced by SEIU is meritless and stands in sharp contrast to years of federal and state legal and regulatory precedent. ?? Read more »

The Prince of Bel-Air

We met his princeness yesterday on the front page of a Fairfax paper complaining about how hard he has it getting by. ?Of course, as per our usual Pimp the Poor investigations, he was putting it all on.

Worse, he was a ringer for the unions. ? Any remorse? ?Any explanation? ?Nope, here is the Prince last night:



He’s still pushing his article, even thought we all know he isn’t even on minimum wage. ? As for working like an animal, I have never had seven weeks off in a row, let alone on holiday in another country like his princeness. ? Read more »