Shane Bradbrook

Trougher, desperate for attention, trying to re-write past again


Here we go again.

Poor old trougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook ? the trougher exposed on Whaleoil for living it up large around the world on the taxpayer, is crying to Maori media after another troughing group gets a slap from the Taxpayers Union.

This time it is taxpayer funded anti-tobacco group ASH getting a serve from the Taxpayers Union who say:

The Taxpayers? Union believes that questions need to asked about why a lobby group, working with the Maori Party on a political campaign around tobacco plain packaging, is largely taxpayer funded. ?This morning?s front page of the New Zealand Herald covers the latest efforts to build political pressure to introduce a plain packaging law.

Taxpayers? Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says, ?While civil servants operate under a duty of political neutrality, the Ministry of Health and others are awarding substantial sums of taxpayer money to health and environmental lobby groups to push particular political agendas.”

?It is wrong for special interest groups such as ASH to be using taxpayer money for political campaigns. ASH’s?factual inaccuracies about the impact of plain packaging on smoking consumption in Australia suggests that they are operating outside any of the usual public sector control requiring balanced and evidenced based public statements.?

According to ASH?s most recent annual return filed with the Charities Register, more than 90% of ASH?s funding comes from the taxpayer.

Mr Williams says, ?We all support funding for front line and addiction services such as Quitline. What we don?t support is funding to political organisations to operate campaigns with taxpayer money.”

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Doug Sellman teams up with discredited troughers

Professor J. Douglas Sellman

Professor J. Douglas Sellman

While on the topic of prohibitionist and supermarket hater Doug Sellman, his organisation Alcohol Action NZ is gearing up for a big fight with the Government over the report of the Ministerial Forum on Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship.

Travel and lifestyle blogger and pinko David Farrar commented on all the bans the forum recommended the other day, saying it was all a bit depressing, and that it will eventually end up with plain packaging for drinks and food.

Farrar?s post would have incensed Doug Sellman, who is now saying that Alcohol Action NZ is ?sponsoring an independent expert committee on alcohol advertising and sponsorship (IECAAS), which is monitoring the work of the Ministerial Forum?. From this an ?independent report? will be produced.?It?s worth a look to see who is on this so called ?expert committee? that will produce an ?independent report?.

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A visit to the Trophy room

The MSM recently wheeled out a ‘ victim ‘ of Whaleoil’s investigative journalism, Shane Bradbrook. As this may be the beginning of a trend by the MSM I tiptoed down to our basement yesterday to refresh my memory as to who Whaleoil has successfully victimised investigated over the years.

Gathering dust in the corner was a pair of sad looking clown shoes beside a half dead lemon tree in a pot and some empty Whiskey bottles. A print out of some late night drunken texts was taped to the tree.

The Clown of Campbell's Bay

The Clown of Campbell’s Bay

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Bleating Maori trougher having a sook


Shane Bradbrook is a trougher who I busted for his rubbish anti-smoking campaigns which were really an excuse to cart his troughing self around the world telling people how great he is at stopping indigenous people smoking…the only problem was he wasn’t oing anything of the sort….the reports I obtained under the OIA showed how ineffective he was and he got his funding cut.

Now he is bleating to his pals at Maori TV about how hard done he was.

Shane Bradbrook knows what it’s like to be attacked by Cameron Slater. Bradbrook and his M?ori anti-tobacco group were heavily criticised on the blogsite, WhaleOil.

?We lost contracts on it, we were questioned on our viability, credibility, despite us having a great record and meeting outcomes we were attacked constantly,? says Bradbroock. ?? Read more »

Face of the day

QUESTION: When is a victim of negative publicity in the Media not a victim?

ANSWER: When he is Cameron Slater

QUESTION: When is a victim of negative publicity in the Media a victim?

ANSWER: When the negative publicity is from


Today’s Face of the day is a victim according to Maori Television, a victim of posts on a Blog. Of course the accuracy and facts in the posts are not in dispute just their influence.

Shane Bradbrook

Shane Bradbrook


Shane Bradbrook was also a former victim of the blogger, Cameron Slater, also known as WhaleOil, over his work for anti-tobacco group Te Reo M?rama.

Shane Bradbrook knows what it’s like to be attacked by Cameron Slater. Bradbrook and his M?ori anti-tobacco group were heavily criticised on the blogsite, WhaleOil.

?We lost contracts on it, we were questioned on our viability, credibility, despite us having a great record and meeting outcomes we were attacked constantly,? says Bradbroock.

Shane Bradbrook’s group had been operating for over 10 years, brought to its knees and subsequent closure by the attacks on the WhaleOil blogsite.

-Maori Television

Now that you have read Shane’s view perhaps you would like to see what was actually said on Whaleoil?

You can see everything here.

The Troughers Very Merry Christmas

Doug Sellman, Janet Hoek, Shane Bradbrook, Boyd Swinburn from the troughers dance troupe enjoying a Christmas knees up with Tony Ryall.

Tenderwatch – Establishing more Bro-rocracy

tobacco control tender

Maori troughers at the ready....get set...


Well, well well, what have we found here. It seems the MOH is wanting to hand out potentially hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to ?investigate Maori tobacco control?. Hang on a minute, isn?t that a job for the MOH. Oh silly me, of course not. Let?s fire out a government tender and dole out taxpayer money by the trough-full to people who never have and who will never be able to measure any success or reduction in the number of Maori smoking rates. But hey, we need to look as though we?re doing something.

But wait, isn?t the Maori Affairs Select Committee holding an inquiry into the tobacco industry and trying to come up with new innovative solutions? The answer to this is yes, but the MOH knows far better than the MPs on this Select Committee and, at the end of the day we (the poor taxpayer via MoH) will be the ones who have to control this, so lets get in early. Plus it will help us in our relationship with Auntie Turia and Honest Hone for sure.

So what?s all the fuss about? Have a look at the Services specification. Wow, haven?t we seen this before???

  1. Facilitate another series of hui to ?scope out the Terms of Reference of the Maori Tobacco Control Steering Group? Read that as travel to exotic locations to discuss tobacco issues, such as Hawaii, New York etc
  2. Set up a Steering Group of Maori tobacco control leaders and/or tobacco control sector leaders. Let me guess, veteran trougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook?
  3. Support the Steering Group with secretariat and project management services. We can really cream it here, bro, all the cuzzies can score a “job”.
  4. Undertake sector scoping exercise… including a stocktake of Maori tobacco control services and a needs analysis of the Maori tobacco control sector. Mmm isn?t that the role of the MOH, or are they incompetent?
  5. Build effective network including face to face communication that?s supported at national, regional and district levels. Chooooice, free travel around the country to see the whaaanau…sweet azzz bro.
  6. Develop strategic plan…which will enable informed decision making by the MOH. Shit bro, that?s a bit of work, never mind our white cuzzies in the Smokefree Coalition will do that for us, for a little bit of kai and some brown envelopes.

But they must have to deliver something for the hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars about to be doled out. Let?s take a look…

Key outcomes

Oh how choice is this bro? Here?s what we have to deliver…

  1. Raise awareness of Smokefree lifestyles. Sweet azz…that’s so easy bro
  2. Bash a few mokupuna who have been caught smoking out the back of the Marae and say we?ve prevented the uptake of smoking among Maori youth
  3. Travel on the taxpayer around the country, waving tinorangitanga flags, have some koreo and kai with the distant whaaaaanau and charge it all to the government. Maybe they could give us those cool azz credit cards like Parekura used to have?
  4. Bring a Maori voice to inform public debate about Smokefree Aotearoa ? We?ll get Shane Kawenata Bradbrook to do that ? he?s an expert bro
  5. Build on our knowledge of how to trough the $57 million the government throws at trying to stop people from smoking, and we should be able to wrangle some choooooice business class seats to exotic destinations like Shane does.

Only problem, cuzzies is that this contract is only for a year, azz if bro… but (smirk), bro don?t worry about that cos Auntie Turia will look after us…

But wait, there?s more, and this is the really, really good bit. We can set the price for all our extensive and hard work we haven?t even done yet! Cool one bro. Shit, if Shane can get $250,000 per year, we must be able to get a bit more than that?

Let?s get into the trough. Whoooho

(P.S. Don?t tell Ryall or Key about this and we?ll say it?s all part of Auntie Turia?s Whanau Ora policy and hide it in there).

It's called cold turkey

The hand-wringiners are out in force.

Stop Smoking Cold TurkeyA comprehensive cessation programme must be available to prisoners if smoking is banned in jails, the Rethinking Crime and Punishment group says.

The Government is reportedly looking at making prisons smokefree from next year, with Corrections Minister Judith Collins expected to make an announcement early this week.

The Corrections Department is concerned taxpayers could be liable for legal action from prison officers exposed to inmates’ second-hand smoke and also the potential threat of lawsuits from nonsmoking prisoners, bunking with prisoners who do smoke.

Corrections Association president Beven Hanlon told Radio New Zealand prisoners did not like change.

“People coming off nicotine can be very unpredictable, can be very anxious, aggressive and we’re going to have a large part of our prison population going through that and we’re (prison officers) going to have to manage them,” he said.

You can’t get a more comprehensive cessation programme than cold-turkey. Once the crim enters the doors of the prison, they stop smoking, and they stop for the entire stretch. My bet is that troughers like Shane Bradbrook will be lining up to line their own pocket to provide smoking cessation programmes to criminals in jail. They are not needed. Cold Turkey will stop them smoking for sure.

Implementation is simple too. Announce a date when smoking ceases, enforce it, end of implementation? programme.

Maori must be thick

I will be called a racist for saying this but I don’t care. I have come to the conclusion that Maori are thick. Dumber than your average bear. Stupid. Dumb and Dumber rolled in one. Dumber than a sack of hammers.

Exhibit 1: Tau Henare, whinging and moaning about Phillip Morris. Fuck’s sake man take some personal responsibility and man up. You deserved the kicking you got on Facebook too. Only Maori would be the best in the world at quitting being quitters.

Exhibit 2: Foreshore and Seabed. Only Maori could take venality and pimp it out.I say in the Gisborne theatre last election and listened to Derek Fox explain just exactly what it was that maori wanted. The right to go to court like everyone else, and Helen Clark got scared and legislated that away. National offered to listen and provide a solution, and did exactly as they promised. Now Maori have decided that national’s solution isn’t good enough, that IWI really does mean I Want It, all. Well they can get fucked. My patience with Maori is at an end. They are venal, corrupt, lying, lazy useless fuckers. If I was National I would give them exactly what Derek Fox explained, the right to go to court and nothing more. Fuck them.

Exhibit 3: Veteran troughers who manufacture puff pieces about “strategies” to stop maori smoking that repeaters dutifully repeat. FFS Shane Bradbrook is a legendary rorter of tapayers money and it sounds like he has done it again. Time for some more OIA’s. “Developed a strategy“, pah!

The strategy will prohibit tobacco from events under control of the iwi’s governing body, including the annual general meeting, kapa haka, and various celebrations, tournaments and festivals.

The timeframe indicated by the strategy is within two years, although the exact date is yet to be set.

Four years is the suggested time for persuading the iwi’s whanau and hapu to follow suit and ban tobacco from their marae, cemeteries, sacred places, ancestral mountains and rivers.

The bans on tobacco possession will be preceded by prohibitions on smoking.

These moves will be coupled with greater promotion of smoke-free homes and vehicles, and greater encouragement for smokers to make more attempts to quit.

Four Years! To do what should take fucking five minutes, only a trougher would develop a stragety that enables him to cream it for 4 years when the description consists of no more than a sentence here or there. Dear taxpayer this is what you undoubtedly will have paid for:

The Ban:

* Not just a smoking ban.

* Tobacco to be prohibited from events under direct control of the iwi’s governing body.

* The iwi will encourage members to ban tobacco from their marae and other places.

Whoopie, fucking group hug and a big fuck yeah we’re cool high fives and hand signs!

Actually I take it all back it isn’t Maori that are thick, It is National and white middle class liberal pany-waist New Zealanders, can’t even tell when the Maori is up with with their dog as well.

Maori? They is cunning eh boy?

They don't like it up 'em

Shane Kawenata BradbrookI attended the Maori Affairs select committee today to give my submission on Smoking. There surely can’t be a more ridiculous proceeding than watching troughers line up one after the other begging to stay at the trough.

I can tell you it was an eye opener. The three submitters before gave submissions that were frankly ridiculous.

There was a couple of submitters who’s great idea to stop Maori smoking was straight out the Eugenics/Nazi handbook. If only the other submitters and some of the committee were smart enough to notice. He rambled on first about how much he was missing all his dead whanau killed by the evil tobacco companies who targeted them, then forced the cigarette into their mouths, then forced them to flick the bic to light it. Then he gave his great idea, a software database the records all of the whanu, hapu, and iwi members and their parents and their parent’s parents. Then record all those who smoke and then they would be able to trace the bloodlines to identify new mokopuna who’s bloodline suggested that they would smoke. Pure unadulterated bullshit. The most unbelievable aspect of his submission was that he was able to muddle along for about 30 minutes un-interrupted.

The next person to submit thought it brilliant to reinvent myths fairy-tales “Maori History” and re-tell the tales of Maui, Tane Mahuta etc but with a no smoking message. Like Maui couldn’t have fished up the North Island if he was a smoker because he wouldn’t have been fit enough. But that wasn’t all, they then wanted to put all that to music, hip-hop or whatever and design a kapa haka dance. Yeah that’ll work. Again from this submitter there was much wailing again about the evil white man’s smoke stick. Again they rambled past their 15 minutes uninterrupted.

Next up was veteran trougher Teresa Taylor. Who with her daughter presumably, the other half of T& T Consulting told us all about her mothers 15 siblings who were murdered by the tobacco companies. Much blame, finger pointing and grievance claiming. And all with the “support” of Shane Bradbrook, Te Reo Marama master trougher who kept patting her back as she recall the tragedy of 15 uncles and aunties dying and how she missed them all so terribly. As I wiped a tear from my eye i got my box of documents ready.

Then the guy immediately before, well half-man really, he had a body like a half sucked throatie, told us that his parents and grandparents smoking, now dead, had caused him to have itchy eyes, blood noses, skin irritations etc. I wondered if he had ever heard of hayfever and migraines.

Now it was my turn, I was called. “Cam, bro, your turn, get up here” from Tau Henare. The room went cold, the air crackled. Death-stares came out. Shane Bradbrook and Teresa Taylor shifted from the back of the seating to right up behind my chair. I started my submission and not 2 minutes into it Metiria Turei interrupts me mid sentence and tries to call time. I shit you not. then she negotiated with Tau Henare and they gave me 8 minutes more. Fuck me dead. I couldn’t believe it. It seems if you are Maori you can waffle on with idiotic ideas and If you are a white Mofo telling the truth about the 40 troughers sitting behind you the think it is ok to be rude,and interrupt. Well fuck them I thought and carried on. Next time I was interrupted it was by some Labour moll doing the same thing. I think BK was asleep beside her. Same nonsense, give 2 more minutes, I was up to 12 minutes. Then cut off. It seems like they don’t like hearing the truth. The whole way through my submission Shane Bradbrook was cursing me under his breathe, audible to me only. When I challenged the troughers and the committee to tell me exactly how many smokers there are, they scoffed at my claim there were no statistics fresher than 2005. There isn’t, it was a safe bet.

Loud complaining started when I said that everyone who has submitted before me in the course of this committee or will submit after are nothing but troughers asking for more money to stop smoking. The simple facts are that money won’t work, the only people being helped by all the money are the troughers and their immediate families. In 2004 when this Industry began under Labour there were 700,000 smokers, on one of the troughers websites in their 2009 strategic plan, a plan I might add contained only one number, quoted that there were 700,000 smokers. Well they are the experts, that is what they get all the funding for so it must be right. So, for the grand total of $168,712,369 we have not many any progress. We have essentially thrown money away and the troughers have gleefully picked it up.

I’m told that today was the first time media had attended, and they unattended as soon as I finished and went outside, only to be accosted by a woman. Who was more than a little ticked off with me. The louder she talked the softer I talked. Eventually she gave up. The media packed up as soon as I did and left as soon as I did, seems they weren’t interested in anyone else’s submissions.

This whole process is a farce, every single submitter except me had a vested interest, they are either knee deep in the trough, in charge of the trough or in more than one instance doing both. The whole Tobacco industry is nothing but a huge fraud perpetrated in New Zealand. They have no KPI’s, they measure nothing, is it any wonder we are chucking $55 million a year at this and going nowhere. They were basically asking for more of everything. Well I say fuck them. Show us some results. They can’t and they know it.

I learned one thing for sure, this is just another grievance drive for Maori who are intent on blaming everyone but themselves, but who is say we don’t deserve it, we have bred this dependence and feeling of grievance. It’s our own fault and for sure no one on that Select Committee is going to upset the troughers.

My respect for Metiria Turei evaporated to nothing today by her petty politics in a Select Committee process against a submitter who wasn’t on her team and wasn’t brown.

They sure didn’t like it up them.