Shane Kawenata Bradbrook

Gotcha! T.R.M. Funding Cut ? Still doesn?t get it.

Despite veteran Maori Trougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook, director of Te Reo Marama, taxpayer funded overseas jaunts coming to a spectacular end, he still doesn?t get it.

The repeaters in MSM including TV One?s Te Karere have picked up on this story (video), brought to you by WOBH. Incredibly, tougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook (what’s with the Keffiyeh around the neck, is the prick a terrorist?) seems to believe that he has a God given right to continue to receive taxpayer money when he has achieved nothing (aside from flying around the world non junkets numerous times a year). In his 6 monthly reports to the MOH, which cost the taxpayer $200,000, he had the cheek to include the travel as an output and meeting his group Te Reo Marama?s objectives. However, Shane Kawenata Bradbrook can?t seem to get his messages right because on one hand he says ?the MOH didn?t explain it to him? and then says that ?most of the overseas travel was paid for by someone else?. Not only that he professes to represent maori but couldn’t even utter one word in maori in Te Karere!

Sources close to the Maori Affairs Select Committee have suggested that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook was trying to be a ?special adviser? to the committee?s upcoming enquiry into the evil tobacco industry. Even WOBH has been approached to appear before and table these findings to the Committee.

Imagine a situation where all this troughing evidence was presented before the MPs on this committee, who then turn around to Shane Kawenata Bradbrook (as their special adviser) to ask why after near on a decade of troughing Maori smoking rates are still so incredibly high and after millions of dollars had gone to his organisation?

Naturally, WOBH has more evidence to demonstrate a complete breakdown in the relationship between the MOH and Shane Kawenata Bradbrook, following the damning audit report of his organisation Te Reo Marama and its fellow troughing trustee directors Sue Taylor of T&T Consulting, Marguerite McGuckin of Mid Central DHB, Leah Clark, Health Promotion Advisor, Regional Public Health Lower Hutt, and super trougher Heather Gifford from the Whakauae Research Services, Whanganui. We haven’t published those documents yet for two reasons, we wanted to see what the trougher’s reaction would be and we wanted to hold something back in case the repeaters took the story unattributed. Those documents, including meeting minutes between MOH and Te Reo Marama will now be published over the next few days to show that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook was lying when he said who funded his travel.

WOBH also understands that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook has been writing references for himself and distributing them to his disappearing friends asking them to sign their name to letters of support of him and Te Reo Marama. The man puts Rodney Hide?s audacity to shame. At least Rodney apologised and repaid the money. Will Shane Kawenata Bradbrook and his fellow trustee directors do the same?

I think I will now take up the invitation to attend the Maori Affairs Select Comittee and present my evidence in total over the utter and complete failure of Te Reo Marama and their excessive troughing.

Gotcha!- T.R.M. funding cut

Gotcha-TRMVeteran Maori Trougher Shane Kawenata Bradbrook taxpayer funded overseas jaunts have come to a spectacular end.

The Ministry of Health has cut his funding completely justifying the exposure of Te Reo Marama and its Director by this blog.

The repeaters at the HoS though fail once again to acknowledge where this story emanated from even though they talk about documents released under the OIA. Documents this blogger released. Clearly strong words are needed to be had with Shayne Currie and the other Editors at the HoS about acknowledgment of sources. No wonder the blogosphere calls these thieving scum repeaters.

Speaking of theiving scum Shane Kawenata Bradbrook continues to spin and lie. He reckons that the Ministry of Health never said anything to him about his excessive overseas travel. perhaps he might like to clarify that statement a bit before this blog publishes the minutes of review meetings between himself and the Ministry of Health that I obtained under the OIA. I won’t publish them just now though lest the repeaters at the HoS claim the work for their own.

The least the HoS could have done was say where the OIA documents came from. I suppose I could accept an invite to their Christmas party as a an apology. (Not holding my breath)

Meanwhile Shane Kawenata Bradbrook joins the Gotcha! Trophy wall. Back to hunting more troughers….oh and there is more to come on TRM but other Government departments are dragging the chain on OIA requests.

Exclusive: Te Reo Marama and Maori smoking – Troughing 101

This is a Whale Oil Beef Hooked Exclusive series and will be running for the next few days. The reason I can’t run this story in one post is simply because it is too big. I have obtained under the OIA a large box of papers about one organisation purporting to be at the forefront of stopping Maori smoking. The only problem is that the organisation isn’t. It isn’t in the forefront of anything other than the self promotion of its principal Shane Kawenata Bradbrook and is spending up large on the taxpayer with little observable results.

On top of that WOBH has obtained an 88 page audit report (the full report and extracts will be published in subsequent posts) of the performance of Te Reo Marama which damning to say the least. Despite this the previous government kept on funding Te Reo Marama and its egregious troughing from the public purse for an additional two years.

This post serves as a preface if you will to the coming posts on Te Reo Marama and the huge wastage of public monies that have simply been used to enrich the life of Shane Kawenata Bradbrook. One other thing should be noted, whenever Shane Kawenata Bradbrook or Te Reo Marama comes under the microscope Shane Kawenata Bradbrook resorts to threats and intimidation, this blogger is used to such threats and will not be stopped from telling this story. Shane Kawenata Bradbrook also likes to say that he is mates with Pita Sharples and Tariana Turi and so “can’t be touched”. Well we will see about that shall we?

Just by way of example Te Reo Marama was established to combat Maori Smoking yet somehow Shane Kawenata Bradbrook saw fit to expend some $77,000 on international travel in the space of just three years. These figures are obtained from the OIA documents. Not only that over the past nine years under Labour Shane Kawenata Bradbrook has visited Chicago, USA in June 2000, Helsinki, Finland in August 2003, Hawaii, USA in November 2005, New York in April 2006, Washington DC in July 2006, Cairns, Australia in November 2006, Bangkok, Thailand in July 2007, Hawai again in Oct 2007, Broome, Australia in Nov 2007, Hawaii again!!! in May 2008, and Melbourne and Tuvalu in the same month, Durban South Africa in Nov 2008, Mumbai, India in March 2009, Perth, Australia in May 2009 and finally Darwin just recently in October 2009.

He has been quite the gad-about going to all those amazing places all in the name of stopping Maori smoking. All paid for by the taxpayer. Not only that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook claims all sorts of positions that there is no evidence to suggest he even holds such as being on the Executive Committee of the World Conference on Tobacco or Health. Even a Google search cannot find any evidence of such a claim.

Clearly Shane Kawenata Bradbrook thinks travelling to New York, Helsinki, India and other exotic places? must come before the good of the people. Speaking of the people let’s look at some of the statistics that Shane Kawenata Bradbrook is supposed to be trying to affect.

46% of Maori are regular smokers compared to 21% of non-Maori
The median age of Maori smoking initiation is 11.6 years
Maori of all age groups have higher smoking rates than non-Maori
Maori smoking prevalence is 50% in low socio-economic areas compared to 26% in high socio-economic areas
Maori women have the highest smoking prevalence of any ethnic group at 49%
The smoking rate of Maori females aged 25-29 is almost 4x that of non-Maori females in this age group
73% of Maori smokers use Roll your own
50% of Maori youth have smoking mothers and 48% smoking fathers

But wait there?s more…

Mortality rate for cancers overall for Maori was 77% higher than that for non-Maori during the years 2000-2004
Lung cancer is responsible for over 31% of Maori cancer deaths compared with 17% for non-Maori cancer deaths
Cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke) death rates were 2.3x higher for Maori during 2000-2004.

Source: data from the New Zealand tobacco use survey as listed in the Ministry of Health Report on Maori smoking for the Maori Affairs Select Committee 12 June 2009.

It is clear as the nose on my face that millions of dollars of taxpayers money are being wasted on organisations like Te Reo Marama and the likes of blatant fraudsters like? Shane Kawenata Bradbrook. This blog over the next few days will expose just how wasteful that spending is and has become with a particular focus on Te Reo Marama.

Tomorrow: Troughing 102 – How to keep your funding despite a damning audit report.

Idiot Teachers fool with the Interweb

I have a friend in Wellington who has drawn a blank in dealing with her child’s school and her childs home room teacher in particular.

This eager bunny of  teacher has decided to publish a blog of her class complete with photos, and first names of the kids in the class. Quite apart from the awful formatting and the security implications of such a fool enterprise the school has failed to see the error of their ways.

The school won’t see reason from the many parents who have complained. Since it is all about who you know and not what you know it seems it has fallen to this blogger to educate in the cruelest way possible these dimwitted teachers as to the perils of the internet.

But first some emails;

From: FoW [Friend of Whaleoil]
Sent: Monday, 25 May 2009 8:48 a.m.
To: Fool [email protected]
Subject: Room8 – Blog

Morning Louise,

I support your decision to have a class blog, however being a Blog/ Website Designer myself, i would like to express the following Internet Safety concerns;

1. I do not believe any ‘individual and/ or named photos’ of any child, be present on this site

2. No Personal information to be posted about any Room8 student

3. What sort of ‘content’ guidelines, do you propose?

4. Does this Blog comply with the ERO policy?

5. How will you moderate the site comments and content?

6. The ‘h k cafe’ sidebar promotes playing, downloading and visiting several game sites that contain Malware

I look forward to your reply & thankyou in advance for your time

Not bad, friendly, not obstructive from mother of Child expressing concern.

From: Idiot Teacher [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, 25 May 2009 1:03 p.m.
To: ‘FoW’
Cc: ‘Fool TeacherX’ [The Teacher]
Subject: RE: Room8 – Blog

Hi FoW,

Thank you for sharing your concerns. I will respond on behalf of Louise as I am the teacher in charge of IT.

1. We will not be posting any named individual photos of the children and will not be including any last names on the posts.
2. No personal information about the children will be posted – just samples of work we are doing and the occasional post from the children about school events.
3. As this is new to us we are just developing our content guidelines – if you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you.
4. The blogs as they are currently being set up and common throughout many schools with no issues to date.
5. Any comments that are posted on the site go straight to the teacher’s email address and then we choose if we want to publish them or not.
6. Regarding the “H K Café” side bar. I have to admit we don’t know that much about it. We thought we were taking all appropriate measures to ensure that a visitor wouldn’t be directed to inappropriate sites. It is an area that you may have more expertise then we do and would therefore appreciate any guidance that you can provide. If you could pop up to school and show me that would be even better.

Thanks again for your comments. If you are able to provide any advice or support to ensure that our blogs are successful we would really appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Idiot Teacher

Right, nice attempt to answer despite apparent lack of understanding of issues. Nice asking for help

From: FoW
Sent: Thursday, 28 May 2009 10:45 a.m.
To: ‘Idiot Teacher’
Subject: RE: Room8 – Blog

Hi Dana,

1. Great, however i suggest not even 1st names are posted either (in content nor images)… perhaps ‘our reading group’ (or similar generic) is significantly more acceptable for students of this age group.

2. Okay, however the students should post under a ‘generic’ blogger user such as ‘room8’ or by subject group perhaps? not their names

3. I would recommend that all content be as general and non child specific as you can, and always posted as a group effort

4. Yes, Blogs are common throughout schools, i look after a few, however i disagree with your ‘no issues to date’ comment

5. Agreed, the only way to truely Moderate comments on a blog

6. Just remove the sidebars, bit boring i know, but this inturn removes other website tracking, logging & potential spam of your Blog / email

The last thing i wish, is to appear as the Party Pooper… and am happy to donate my time and expertise in anything you need.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to do a module on Internet Bullying & Identity Protection…the unfortunate reality of true Internet usage. As what you teach them now will hopefully (yeah right, maybe, haha) prevent a few hassles in a year or two when they all want their own Blog on Facebook or Bebo.

Look forward to speaking with you further


Nice an polite response from mother suggesting some helpful tips.

From: Idiot Teacher [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, 5 June 2009 11:22 a.m.
To: ‘FoW’
Subject: RE: Room8 – Blog

Hi FoW,

Thanks for the further advice. We were just curious about the other issues that schools were having, as we have not heard of any. Could you please let us know?



Well Duh! First indication that trouble lies ahead. how on earth can anyone not know about problems ont he internet with stalkers and kiddy fiddlers. Where have these idiots been, up Michael Jacksons arse?

from FoW
to Idiot Teacher <[email protected]>,
date Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 1:19 PM
subject RE: Room8 – Blog

Good Morning Dana,

I have left my reply to this email, until i studied the Room8 Blog progress, as your last reply appeared to carry no real merit of true ICT comprehension.

It is MOST disturbing that you have indeed ignored ALL of general internet/blog protocol, for this age group …let alone the most serious consideration of all;
Children are named outright! Individually Photographed!

Sure No Surnames, but hey …Yay! to Caleb, or how about the class clown who has a monogrammed beanie on, Rhys is running so fast that his hair is blowing in the wind! need i go further? Predators Paradise!

I now formally request the Blog to be removed even disabled, until a parent/ principal conference of Room8 be called, or you actually take advice onboard

Other parents are in support of this email, also included in the BCC of this email is one of the most influential bloggers in the country

Thankyou in advance & i look forward to our meeting

Patience has run out. The handy suggestions have been ignored and even after the subtle threat to bring it to the attention of the country’s most notorious blogger they still ahven’t changed the site.

Welcome, Teachers of Pauatahanui Primary School to a lesson in how to draw attention to yourself on the internet in a really bad way.

There is more to come on this. We will keep you posted.