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Hard core grass root Labour are not happy

Phil Quin resigns from racist Labour

Phil Quin has resigned from labour and sent a letter to them to explain precisely why he has quit.

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Winston Peters, Maori TV and the stitch up


One thing certain about Winston Raymond Peters is that he never lets facts stand in the way of a good story.

Let’s take the recent case of the allegedly dodgy Maori trust Te Roopu Taurima O Manukau Trust.

Winston Peters raced out with a story in May, which by sheer coincidence happened to coincide with a so-called investigative report on Maori TV’s Native Affairs. All of this came about because a couple of fellas recently fired from the trust have decided to “get back” at the trust.

What better way to “get back” at the trust than to claim dodgy dealings and paint themselves as honest, caring whistle-blowers, and say that the only reason they were sacked was because when they tried to tell the CEO Malcolm Robson about misspending, Robson wasn’t interested.

As with all employment relations disputes where ex-employees think they’re in for a cash win-fall, the company has to play a straight bat. Robson, told Native Affairs in a statement that the employees were dismissed as a result of a pre-existing employment investigation involving “suspected breaches of employment conditions…” and that “there will be no comment on specific allegations or the individuals involved while the investigation is active.”

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Why don’t they just draft JT?

The Labour party debacle in Tamaki Makaurau continues.

The Labour Party has reopened nominations for Auckland Maori seat Tamaki Makaurau, following the party’s council dismissing disgraced candidate Shane Taurima from the process.

The Party blocked the former TVNZ manager from standing in the seat after revelations by 3 News Mr Taurima used the company’s resources to organise Labour Party meetings. Mr Taurima resigned from his position at TVNZ following the scandal.

The council says it “regrets any adverse impact” on Mr Taurima’s professional reputation as a result of not granting a waiver to contest the candidate’s selection.

“We retain a high regard for Shane’s abilities and believe he has a positive future with our party.”

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Trouble in Tamaki Makaurau?

It seems Labour’s “war room” is needed to be deployed on its own members.

Fresh of the back of the cock-up in Tamaki Makaurau, Labour Party members are openly bagging how totally gay their own party is.

Shane Te Pou, a Labour activist  is clearly not keen on Labour’s #manban and is unhappy with the dodgy dealings by Grant Robertson, Tim Barnett and the rest of the rainbow clan to get the likes of Kelly Ellis into Parliament high on the list.

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It’s all on in Labour, Tamihere comes out in support of Taurima

Labour’s factional fighting has broken out again, in public with John Tamihere going in to bat for Shane Taurima.

A former Labour MP for Tamaki Makaurau has accused the Labour Party president of abusing her power over the Shane Taurima case. It follows a request from the Tamaki Makaurau electorate committee for a review of the Labour national council decision not to let Mr Taurima stand.

John Tamihere told Morning Report that independent sources have confirmed party president Moira Coatsworth met with another broadcaster, Julian Wilcox.

“It’s OK for a president to shoulder tap a high profile candidate or nominee like a Wilcox, but where it goes a bit awry is when you use your authority and power to then skew the scrum completely by taking out a major adversary on the pretext of an error of judgement in his employment” he said.

Mr Tamihere went on to say he believed Mr Taurima had good grounds for a judicial review of the Labour Council decision.

In a statement, the electorate committee said it was disappointed with the decision, and wanted Labour’s council to review it. It said it continued to support Mr Taurima as a candidate and would be seeking further advice.

The decision was made after Mr Taurima was found to have used Television New Zealand resources for Labour Party campaigning.

A senior member on the electorate committee Shane Te Pou said there was a lot of hurt stemming from the decision to veto Mr Taurima’s candidacy.

He told Morning Report there there was lot of ill feeling on the electorate committee and a lot of patch-up work needed to be done. Mr Te Pou said it was time to move on and it was highly likely nominations for the seat would reopen.

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Tamihere: Labour like the Head Hunters

John Tamihere has been banned Pedro Gower at 3News has revealed. John Tamihere has described their processes as like joining the Head Hunters.

The Labour Party faithful have queued up to get into their party conference in Auckland this evening.

All members are welcome except one – the prodigal son, John Tamihere – who has not been allowed to return.

“It’s a bit like joining the Head Hunters,” he says, “as I’m trying to walk through, trying to get my membership, they are all there beating you – it’s a bit like a gang, a gang initiation”.

Yes, that’s right. Mr Tamihere compares the Labour Party to the Head Hunters, Auckland’s most feared gang. That’s because while he’s paid his membership fees and wants to be an MP again, his colourful past – including a Serious Fraud Office investigation – means that membership is yet to be approved by the party hierarchy.

He says he is being blocked by forces from within.

“No one wants you back if you are deemed to be a threat, so what you’ve got to do is water your threats down and kill them off – that’s politics,” he says.

Lynn Prentice from the hate speech blog, The Standard, is allowed in as media. Martyn Bradbury is also allowed in, other media too…but not the editor of Truth and now not John Tamihere.

Labour do allow other unsavoury characters in though…like Shane Te Pou:

3 News tried to talk to Labour Party member Shane Te Pou about Mr Tamihere, but found the door closed. Mr Te Pou was a key figure in the Bill Liu citizenship controversy – a series of events currently under investigation by the Auditor-General. But while Mr Te Pou is allowed into the conference, Mr Tamihere isn’t.

Mr Tamihere did actually back under-fire Labour leader David Shearer, but today Mr Shearer couldn’t bring himself to back Mr Tamihere.

“I’m not going to give a personal view,” he says.

Labour don’t believe in freedom of the press and now they are banning people from joining the party, precisely the types of people they should be encouraging. It is obvious now that the only media allowed are those sympathetic to the Labour cause. If those media respected media freedom they would boycott the conference.

Shane Te Pou and David Shearer

There has been much talk about Labour fundraiser and go to man Shane Te Pou in discussing the untoward activities of Shane Jones, Bill Liu and Dover Samuels.

It seems that Shane Te Pou assisted David Shearer in the Mt Albert by-election.

Shane Te Pou was certainly asked to help in the Mt Albert by-election by Labour organiser Jenny Michie. I’ve found the whole message from the now deleted grassroots Labour site… thanks google cache.

Some good questions


David Farrar raises some very good questions for Shane Jones to answer…if he can:

  1. Who was this official who told him this? It wasn’t by some chance Daniel Phillips was it, the brother of Shane Te Pou – the Labour fundraiser who got paid $5,000 to help get Liu citizenship
  2. Does having citizenship in any way impact whether or not one can be extradited to China over the fraud charges laid against him?
  3. If one truly believes you face execution and persecution in your home country, don’t you apply for asylum not citizenship?
  4. But if one applied for asylum, wouldn’t that actually require some substantiation of the claims that he was Falun Gong and fearing for his life, with adjudication by an independent tribunal, rather than Ministerial discretion as with citizenship?
  5. Has Jones or Liu or anyone at all ever produced a shred of evidence that he actually faced anything in China except a fraud trial?
  6. Does anyone seriously think Liu would have been granted citizenship if he had not donated to various Labour MPs, who advocated so strongly on his behalf?
  7. Is anyone else curious about why Liu paid Labour Party fundraiser Shane Te Pou $5,000 to fill in a citizenship form for him? That’s a lot of money for filling in a form.
  8. Is the more likely explanation that he paid Te Pou the $5,000, so Te Pou could use his political influence to get him citizenship.
  9. Is it a coincidence that Te Pou immediately introduced him to then Internal Affairs Minister Rick Barker
  10. Is it also a coincidence that a donation to Dover Samuels election campaign was made from an unknown Chinese entity using the address of Daniel Philips, who is Shane Te Pou’s brother and worked for Shane Jones

I agree with David, and since Shane Jones also welcomes and inquiry, let’s be having one then.