Australia starts sliding under the jackboot of Islam

I’m starting to get the impression that Muslims are either snowflakes or aggressive interlopers…or possibly both.

It is clear that liberal elite luvvies think they are snowflakes that need protecting, but what is obvious now is that Australia is now sliding under the jackboot of Islam.

At least three of the nation?s leading universities are advising students to respect Muslims on campus by acknowledging followers of Islam are not permitted to shake hands with the opposite sex.

The information, which is ?designed to foster a greater understanding of ?Muslim identities??, is provided online for students at Adelaide?s Flinders University, Perth?s Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

The Australian revealed earlier this week a public school in Sydney?s west ? Hurstville Boys Campus of Georges River College ? had adopted an ?agreed protocol?? endorsed by the NSW Education Department permitting Muslim male students to decline to shake hands with females ?because of their faith. The practice has been denounced by many ?senior Islamic figures. ? Read more »


Freedom of Speech Under attack: In Australia it is now an offence to mock Islam

Before we look at what Australian activist?Blair Cottrell?did let’s have a look at some of our New Zealand activists and the offensive things they have done while pushing their agenda. The first one that springs to mind is the assault with a dildo on a New Zealand politician. ?The dildo was offensive and it was used to hit a politician. In contrast, Blair Cottrell did not physically assault anybody. Another New Zealand example is 50 activists who blocked a bank using sacks of coal and forced it to close down for the day preventing customers from doing their banking. Blair Cottrell did not close down the council building he was protesting in front of and he did not prevent anyone from entering the council building. Finally, do you remember the effigy of John Key that was burnt on a bonfire while people chanted “[email protected]#k John Key”? ?No one was charged with a criminal act when that was done. People called it freedom of speech and it was, whether we find it offensive or not.

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Dodgy Wog Anjem Choudary is also a hypocrite


Where there is a religious public figure there is always a hypocrite.

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary spent years chiding the West, calling for Sharia law in Britain and even claiming he wanted to move to ISIS-occupied Syria.

But, as a photo which emerged today shows, the notorious cleric was happy to enjoy the lifestyle provided by living in the UK.

The picture, taken while Choudary was on bail ahead of his terror trial, shows him purchasing a McDonald’s meal. ? Read more »

I can’t hardly wait to see what the liberal left say about this


When France banned the burqa the liberal left attacked calling it racist, intolerant and everything under the sun. They ran memes across the internet about how France was making, nay forcing, women to undress.

What the hell are they going to do or say about the latest burqa ban?

ISIS has outlawed the burka at their security centres in a northern Iraqi city, despite previously brutally enforcing a law requiring them to be worn.

The terror group have banned women entering the buildings in Mosul while wearing the full-face covering after a number of commanders were killed by veiled women. ? Read more »


Gay Pride Parade in Middle East city trouble free


Contrary to popular belief Tel Aviv is in the Middle East.

In my almost-30 years, I’ve never felt such freedom and seen so many different people gathered around the same values as during the celebration of Gay Pride in Tel Aviv. Joyful, colorful, powerful, sometimes a bit terrifying, but, for me, at certain moments, painfully touching. Although I knew what the day would be like, I wasn’t expecting to have such a visceral reaction to it.

More than 200,000 people, both locals and foreigners?and among them an estimated 35,000 tourists?make the city’s authority-funded Pride event the biggest of its kind in the Middle East.

Young and old, gay men, lesbians, straight people, trans women and men, gender benders, couples with children; all possible body types, different nationalities, ethnicities, and religions: there was room for everyone. And this year the huge street party’s theme was “Women for Change,” promoting women’s role in the LGBT+ community.

“Dear friends, we have been marching for years, and we will keep on marching in a search for equality,” veteran Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai told the crowd before the start of the march. “We will keep on walking the streets of Tel Aviv in the hope that pluralism, tolerance, and the liberal values of this city will spread throughout the country, Middle East, and the whole world,” said Huldai, who has run the city since 1998.

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Not could or would or might happen, but when

John Key thinks New Zealand is less vulnerable to terrorist attack and in many respects he is right.

New Zealand’s distance from the rest of the world – and its involvement in a controversial spying network – means it is less vulnerable to a terrorist attack than most countries, Prime Minister John Key says.

However, Key said there were no guarantees that New Zealand was “completely immune”, with the increasing sophistication of communications between terrorists making it difficult to track their movements.

Key told media in Vietnam that New Zealand’s relative geographical isolation helped to insulate it from terrorist threats such as those in Paris, the NZ Herald reported.

“I think every country in the world is potentially vulnerable, we’re probably less vulnerable than others.

“We have in this instance the advantage of distance, we’re a long way away, [but] i just couldn’t say to you we’re completely immune.”

Key said New Zealand’s place in the Five Eyes club – an intelligence alliance with the US, Canada, the UK and Australia – also helped to protect the country, but he warned that terrorists were becoming more aware about how to protect their communications from being intercepted.

“We have a responsibility to other New Zealanders to do the best we can to monitor any behaviour that we think is unusual or untoward [but] we can’t guarantee we get on top of all of that.

“These people are quite sophisticated in the way they communicate with each other, but we’re certainly a lower risk environment than many other parts of the world.”

Key said there had been no dramatic changes to New Zealand’s watchlist of potential threats to the country, while officials would continue to review the threat level to reflect changing risks.

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Brainwashing is a big part of Islam says Danish Psychologist

The Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels has studied the ideology of Islam and how it affects Muslims. He has concluded it creates monsters/psychopaths.?As a psychologist in a Danish youth prison, he had an opportunity study the mentality of Muslims as 70 percent of youth offenders in Denmark have a Muslim background. He was able to compare them with non-Muslim clients from the same age group with a similar social background. He came to the conclusion that Islam and Muslim culture have certain psychological mechanisms that harm people?s development and increase criminal behaviour.

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Judith Collins: New Zealanders will not countenance pockets of Sharia law or separatism.

Judith Collins’ column in?the Sunday Star-Times was hard to find online…it was buried well down the list of politics stories under other stories much older.

While Fairfax highlighted the mad ramblings of Andrea?Vance they buried the rather sensible words of Judith Collins.

I have heard the voices of New Zealanders added to the chorus of people from around the world who have been similarly affected and who personally want to do more to help, and who want their countries to do more to help.

And I have also heard the voices of those who are concerned our response to the refugee crisis be measured and thoughtful, and not a kneejerk reaction.

Well, we can and should do more. It is the right thing to do. But let me be clear, doing more will not be without cost. The brutal reality is that for every Aylan Kurdi, there is another victim of violence, hunger and displacement waiting to take his place. How are we to choose who is more or less deserving of our help in a time of need? But choose we must.

One of the reasons New Zealanders are not afraid to take in more refugees is we have created many communities where refugees have become an integral part of our social fabric. This is possible only because we support our refugees as best we can when they arrive here. We fund social work and counselling services, provide JobSeeker support and training, and help with housing and supplies.? All this costs money and places stress on our welfare agencies. ? ? Read more »


Answer six questions to find out if you are an Islamophobe



The word ‘ Islamophobia ‘ was made popular by the Islamic terrorist organisation Hamas which is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organisation of countless other Islamic terrorist groups including Al Qaeda. In America Hamas operate under different names one of which is CAIR ( the council on American-Islamic relations. )

After reading the six ways to spot an Islamophobe I can safely conclude that I am one. Number two is the one that best describes me. ‘ An ?Islamophobe? is more interested in the truth than the approval of their peers.‘ Call me a hater and a bigot all that you like, I do not need people’s approval to do the right thing. I can do what is easy or I can do what is right. For me it is that simple.


The Holy Land Foundation trial was the result of the largest bust in FBI history of an Islamic ?charity.? This organization was caught funneling about $12 million to Hamas.? These monies were to be used to enable Islamic jihadists to murder innocent civilians in the name of Islam.

During this FBI raid, a memo was unearthed.? This memo has become known as the ?Explanatory Memorandum.? In summary, the Muslim Brotherhood and a couple dozen of its front groups in America declared a ?Civilization Jihad.? ?In plain terms, the Muslim Brotherhood stated its intention to destroy the US from within, using our own culture, media, legal system, academia, law enforcement, you name it.? Unfortunately, most people cannot or will not look at this ? and consequently, the plan is moving forward like clockwork.? As author?Dr. Bill Warner?reminded me recently, ?You can wake a man who is sleeping, but you cannot wake a man who is pretending to be asleep.?

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ISIS chucks some more poofs off tall buildings and still the left says nothing [GRAPHIC IMAGES]

ISIS execution 1

While John Minto and his bunch of ne’er-do-wells like to protest against young female Israelis simply for being Jewish, ISIS is busily chucking poofs off tall buildings. And still the left remains silent.

They prefer instead to ignore the atrocities and wring their hands over whether or not soldiers?fighting the scumbags might get hurt.

Meanwhile people are dying simply because they are gay.

The Islamic State has released a series of horrifying photos showing blindfolded men tossed head-first off a building because, ISIS claimed, they were gay.

In photos obtained by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), ISIS militants are shown publicly executing the unidentified men for violating Sharia law.

A crowd of spectators, including children, was gathered below the 100-foot building in Mosul as the men were held by their ankles and then sent plunging to their deaths. The photos were believed to be recent.

The photos were released by ISIS on Wednesday via social media and in a report by the terror group entitled, ?Implementation of the Punishment of Those Who Have Committed Acts of Homosexuality? on the jihadist online forum Shumoukh Al-Islam, according to the research group. ? Read more »