Attack of the hammerhead.


Would you dare to?


A ‘tragic accident’? Did the shark just crash into him with its mouth open?

Radio New Zealand runs with a very strange headline:


A reader emails:

Possibly the coroners report is used in a poor way to produce this headline and it’s just a poor angle from Radio NZ.

While respecting coroner findings, I had long presumed that shark attacks were most probably always to be regarded as ‘accidents’.? I had also commonly regarded all such type of incidents as ‘tragic’. ? Read more »

Stopping sharks…. with a wetsuit!

Sports Talk: NRL round 1

Round one of the NRL season kicks off in just a few hours tonight, unfortunately it will merely be an afterthought because of the controversy surrounding the Cronulla Sharks. At this stage the outlook for the Sharks doesn’t look good. Up to 14 players may have used a sports supplement that contained a banned substance. Players were told on Tuesday they had 48 hours to accept a 6 month voluntary suspension if they had used the banned drug, knowingly or otherwise, or face a 2 year ban if investigated and found guilty by ASADA.

“Richard Redman is very experienced and what he would be advising the players would be that – if they were involved and if they know that they were involved – that they should come forward and receive a mitigation in that penalty,” Ings told Fox Sports.

“If they wait, they could get a two-year ban.

“Anti-doping is a very, very complicated area and Richard Redman, I’d say, would be the best-credentialed lawyer in the anti-doping space in Australia.”

Ings said there was a very clear process followed by ASADA in attempting to weed out drug cheats.

“What the players need to realize is that this is a house of cards and, if they are involved in doping, there’ll be someone who will break ranks and people who break ranks are going to get the credit and the reduced penalty,” said Ings.

He reiterated that ignorance was no defense amid speculation Cronulla players could sue the club if suspended, saying they had taken supplements provided by an employee of the club in good faith. Read more »

SPCA sides with the shark instead of dead man and cop

I wonder if the widow of the man attacked and killed by a shark this week has read the SST.

If so, she will have read these comments about the cop shooting the shark:

SPCA Auckland executive director Bob Kerridge said the outrage at the shooting was understandable. “I can understand the public concern about this and I share it.

“At least the shark was shot by a marksman a number of times, I presume it died fairly quickly. I hope it did.”

But most people understood the risks of swimming at sea, and killing a shark for its actions was unnecessary.? Read more »


A Shark killed Ralph Hotere?

According to the Herald it did:




The “decent journalists, trained and skilled” are at it again.

Watch out for Sharks when Christmas shopping

There are always the usual warnings about watching out for frauds and scams around Christmas…and yes warnings about sharks..though probably not these types of sharks:

A LARGE, 33.5-ton aquarium burst late yesterday in a busy shopping center on the pedestrian mall on Nanjing Road E., injuring 15 people, including customers and shop staff.

One male customer, in his 30s, was hit by falling glass and had broken bones in his leg. Others had cuts and bruises.

Three sharks raised inside the 7-meter-long, 3-meter-high aquarium, on the first floor of the Orient Shopping Center, died in the incident about 7:50pm.

Local police and work safety authorities said the cause of the accident was under investigation.

Eight of the injured were believed to be customers while the rest shop assistants and security staff. The aquarium was built about two years ago.

Several cosmetics counters along the aquarium on the inside of the center were damaged and water flooded the pedestrian street. Wreckage of the aquarium and the dead sharks, about 30 to 40 centimeters long, remained until staff picked them up.

“It just suddenly broke and fell off,” said an injured man, surnamed Li. He was hit by a falling metal frame.

Mocking Shark Week

Boing Boing has been mocking Shark Week on Discovery all week with their Cow Week series.

Now Youtube user melodysheep has autotuned lips from Shark Week:


Killer Cows

Cows kill more people than sharks.

Between 2003 and 2008, 108 people died from cattle-induced injuries across the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s 27 times the whopping four people killed in shark attacks in the United States during the same time period, according to the International Shark Attack File. Nearly all those cow-related fatalities were caused by blunt force trauma to the head or chest; a third of the victims were working in enclosed spaces with cattle.

Boing Boing?think there is a valid argument to have a Cow Week given the reputational bias against sharks in the media.

I found out yesterday that August 12 through August 16 is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. So I thought I’d provide a nice counterbalance here. From now through August 18 I will provide you with one example of cow-related killings every day.

Watch out for little Fonterra and Federated Farmers PR flacks as they run campaigns to counter this evidence through local schools with the handing out of free milk.?Tell the kids not to sip on the white kool aid and ponder the statistics on the killer nature of the cow.