Sharon Armstrong

Did anyone else notice?

In reading the story of the stupidest woman in the world I noticed something. Did anyone else?

She can’t wait for the photos of her family to arrive, but knows it will be a bittersweet moment.

The former Maori Language Commission boss hopes to get an iPod on which to learn Te Reo.

How come the Maori Language Commission boss hopes to get an iPod on?which to learn Te Reo.

Who appointed her? I’m guessing it was Helen’s lot. Surely the head of?the Commission should be able to speak maori?

It was a sticker I tell you

Really! It was just a sticker, a sticker I tell you!

Family members warned former senior public servant Sharon Armstrong not to go overseas to meet a mystery man.

But Ms Armstrong, the former deputy chief executive of the Maori Language Commission, ignored their concerns and flew to Argentina last week to pick up something for the man she’d met on an internet site.

Before she could meet him in London she was arrested on April 13, her birthday, at Buenos Aires airport with 5kg of cocaine in a suitcase.