Sheep Shagging

It is not ok to call Welsh people “sheep shaggers”

Apparently it is not ok to call Welsh people sheep shaggers, some wags reckon it is racist, which is bollocks because everyone knows that name is reserved for Australians.

A man who was fined for racism after he branded Welsh people ?sheep s******s? claims he was using a term for people living in the countryside.? Read more »

Chopper’s coming

Chopper?tries to make sense of the?“sheep loving”?in New Zealand.

The Aussies are going to love this

This will give Australians some cheer after dithering over who will lead them. Apparently there are sheep-shaggers in New Zealand.

A 34-year-old Methven man has been charged with doing an indecent act with a sheep.

The labourer appeared in the Ashburton District Court and has been granted interim name suppression.

He was caught with the sheep last month, spotted by a woman out jogging.

Oh dear, rustling sheep is bad enough but buggering them as well is just plain rude.