Get the fire hose out

I think these tools are going to find out Americans aren’t so accommodating to their shenanigans.

An Auckland Greenpeace activist who boarded an oil rig in the middle of the Pacific Ocean today says he is determined to stay there to protest Shell’s plan to drill for oil in the Arctic.

Johno Smith scaled the 38,000 tonne Arctic-bound oil rig around 7am Honolulu time with five other Greenpeace climbers.

Speaking via satellite phone tonight on board the Polar Pioneer – located 720 miles north-west of Hawaii – he said he planned to be there “for the long haul”.

“We can stay up here for as long as possible to get a message through to Shell and make more people aware of what is currently happening.

“They’ve decided to go and start drilling for oil in the Arctic and we believe that it is one of the most pristine, and one of last pristine spots in the world and it can’t afford to have an oil spill.”

The 32-year-old said apart from cold weather conditions, he and the other climbers were coping well.

The multi-national team had set up camp on the underside of the main deck and had enough supplies to last several days.

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Possible “Ice Gas” bonanza for NZ

The other day I highlighted what Japan was doing in exploration for hydrates or “ice gas”.

We are nowhere near peak oil as we discover new sources of energy.

At the Advantage New Zealand Petroleum Summit yesterday, the boss of Shell also covered this energy source.

New Zealand’s next energy game changer could be the “super resource” of gas hydrates, says Shell New Zealand chairman Rob Jager.

Speaking to the Advantage New Zealand Petroleum Summit yesterday, he said “ice gas” beneath the sea off the coasts were recognised internationally as having significant potential as a future energy resource.

“One [government study] explains this resource could possibly be about 10 times as big as the giant Maui gas field when it was first found,” Jager said. “GNS science says we have some of the biggest deposits of ice gas in the world, with the potential to meet all New Zealand’s needs and create a gas export for decades.” ?? Read more »

Greenpeace blackmailers get gutless Lego to cave in


Greenpeace, like most left wing organisations, like to use blackmail to achieve their ends.

They sail around the world using oil products for their own ships, but have recently mounted a campaign to get Lego to cease producing toys in conjunction with Shell.

The sanctimonious hypocrites insist that kids shouldn’t play with Lego with Shell logos on them.

Like a lot of other companies who are blackmailed and threatened by activists like this, Lego caved. This won’t solve the problem, now Greenpeace will be emboldened to attack and destroy the brand of others.

Danish toymaker Lego has announced it won’t renew its long-standing contract with Shell following a viral Greenpeace campaign. ? Read more »

Do the Greens now support trucking?

The Greens have released billboards depicting workers cleaning up after the Rena grounding in 2011.


Back in 2007 the Greens were strongly supporting coastal shipping as an alternative to trucks:

“Coastal shipping is a key part of the alternatives-to-roads strategy. The more freight we can get on to ships the better.”

That was when Sue Bradford was still a Green MP.? Read more »


Ad Agency Demise Not Helped by Greenpeace Links

Ad agency?Publicis Mojo has gone tits up?owing a shed load of dosh to a raft of creditors.

What?s not specifically mentioned is that among its client base was Greenpeace as well as Nestle. I?d like to see how that worked for them considering?Greenpeace was savaging Nestle?claiming the palm oil they used in Nestle?s Kit Kat brand was destroying Indonesian rainforests.

So, on one hand you had Publicis Mojo running the account for Nestle, blowing Ad-agency smoke up the skirts of Nestle?s marketing bosses, while on the other hand they were helping Greenpeace attack them.? Read more »

Shilling for Shell when it suits her

hat tip Motella Blog

Lucy Lawless got herself arrested today protesting against Shell.

Like most Greenpeace activists she is a hypocrite.

She wasn’t averse to taking their money in the past: